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    Eryn Lasgalen
    A lot of them but probably Rivendell was first.
    O Elvenking! … Merry be the Greenwood while the world is yet young and merry be all your folk!

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    If it's an elf faction, I am kindred.

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    What faction do you have the most reputation with?

    Elf and Dwarf (that last was a disappointment, story wise). Gondor and Hobbit in the works.
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    "What faction do you have the most reputation with?"
    All that go above kindred.

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    Mathematically, with the factions with tiers up to Celebrated (Gorgoroth, MT and Host of the West iirc) - but if you count how much rep I've gathered along these years with my main, it has to be the Iron Garrison factions, Guards and Miners. I keep helping people doing Moria instances, and I always enter Dar Narbugud when I can. So not only I have a good amount of crystals for alts, I end giving all the reputation gathered to others. I don't dare to make a calculation, but so much... As I guess many others have had there.

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    Main Captain is at maximum reputation with every faction in the game except Ale Association.

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    I've got every single one maxed, but if you'd go by numbers alone I think my woodworker's guild takes the top

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    Thumbs up What faction do you have the most reputation with?

    Dwarves' faction. I started with them because you also get the port to Erebor instantly if you choose them: very useful.

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    At max in 55 factions, working in the last 4 (mordor/northern mirkwood).

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    Probably the Inn League because I go way beyond the max....
    Kindred or higher in most others, except, of course, the Ale Association.

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    I think I picked Flowers, & picked Flowers, & picked Flowers, ...until my Pickers were Numb! ...Is there a Flower pickers League? Cuz I must be Kindred by now.

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    I wish I could still get rep with Fushaum Bal. (( Stupid Black Book..

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    Of course the Mathom Society, Foodies unite.

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    I have the most rep with the Men of Bree. I max it on all characters 20+ since it's 50 LP and the rep items are 19 marks in camp xD

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    Middle Earth, Arda

    Thumbs up What faction do you have the most reputation with?

    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post
    ... Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    Minas Tirith & North Ithilien factions because they are among the longest & i loved their special pets, cosmetics, house decorations & flowery portraits.

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    As a dirt salesman of high renown, my reputation goes beyond the realms of Middle Earth alone.
    When Life Gives You Rotten Lemons, Your Lemonade Will Taste Horrible !

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    Can't forget about that Red Sky Clan.

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    I have max rep with most, though not all, factions. That includes MT, Wastes, and Gorgoroth with their extra tiers.

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    I have the most rep with Host of the West because of the extra tiers
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