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    [Character Selection Menu] Different ways to sort characters on list

    In character selection screen, they only appear in alphabetic order. But what if the most-played alts are on page 2 or 3? What if you want to see your main on the very top of first page?

    How about adding a way to custom-sort the order in which characters appear on the menu? Such as:

    - Counter-alphabetically (from Z to A)

    - Lowest to highest level

    -Highest to lowest level (this would hide low alts on next pages)

    -Drag-and-drop custom option, where player can move character tabs in a desired order.

    It sounds like a little thing, but I recall this coming up multiple times in beta when the selection screens got their revamps. And it would make a big difference, by allowing players to choose who they want to see on first page.

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    It would be wonderful to be able to have my mains on the first page of the character select screen, then my levelling toons, and then my storage & crafting alts at the end. Even having the characters sorted by how recently they were logged would be fantastic. Currently I don’t want to create any more characters with names starting at the beginning of the alphabet because I don’t want my main knocked off the first page

    Please, SSG! It’s only a small thing but I’m sure it would make a big difference to a lot of players!

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    Why isn't this a thing yet? Let us manually order our characters


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    As someone whose main is at the bottom of the alphabet, very much /signed.
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    /agreed 1234567890
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    /signed , i would love for this to be a thing.

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    In one of the previous threads requesting this I seem to recall (my memory may not be what it should be though) that they used to have the option to specify the order, but they removed it because it was buggy and they couldn't figure out how to fix it.

    I'd love to see "Most frequently played" at the top and no need for any more options than that. But given that the server list doesn't even do that -- the server you play on every day may be three scrolls down past ones you played once seven years ago -- and we know it's storing the date most recently used (since they're showing it) so it's obvious they could sort on that -- I don't know how likely it is they could do a most-frequently-played, or if they even have the data to do it with.

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    Would love to be able to sort my main on top and have alts come after.




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