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    Having played many MMOs since EQ in '99, I know the feeling of frustration. I think the OP is just done, bored of the game yet doesn't want to admit it because he/she loves the game. Sometimes walking away is the best thing, perhaps return in a year or more and see how it feels then.
    And sometimes there's a third... even deeper level... and that one is the same as the top surface one.
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    [Reference to Thumper's mother's advice]

    Quote Originally Posted by 007Squanto View Post
    Okay. The reference is to the 1942 Disney movie Bambi, and possibly to the book from which it was adapted (which I haven't read).

    Thumper is a young rabbit who likes to mouth off, and when he's said something snarky, one of the other animals says to him, "Remember what your mother told you?"

    And Thumper mumbles, " 'If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.' "

    I'm not saying we should never criticize anything. But as was pointed out upthread, the problem with the game "losing its awe" is not with the game, but with the player, who can never go back to being the person he was when he first started playing.
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