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    Returning player - leveling the same?

    I've been gone for years but thought I might come back - I always loved LOTRO and the community. Have they made any changes to the core leveling experience? Maybe faster leveling or changes to make it easier to get around? Or is it still kind of a slog to get new characters or alts through Moria and all the content?

    Also if you have any opinions on the state of the game I'm all ears

    Thanks all. Or should I say Annon allen! to get back into the lore I love...

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    The game is more solo friendly now and doesn't seem as hard as it used to be when it was a sub only game.

    Out leveling regions before you finish all the quests there is pretty much the norm.

    and They added fast travel inside Moria so it's not such a pain as it used to be. But your safe in still saying it's a slog to get through it.

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    Great - thank you

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    I don't know how long you've been away from the game but if you are a very old player, then you will be happy to hear that there are less quests during leveling that require a fellowship to complete. The epic story used to have you do 6-man instances, those can now be soloed. So, you are not stuck anywhere. And finally you can also now buy an item in the cash shop that will instantly make your character level 105. So if you want to skip directly to current content that would also be an option.

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    I frequently play new alts and level them up. 0-35 is pretty quick, still fun though. You can if you want to slow it down pick up the stone of the tortoise to enjoy the content near the same level to do all the deeds and such.

    I'd say around 60 is when it properly slows down, Lothlorien and Mirkwood/Great River are still fairly slow but enjoyable.

    If you want to level quickly and are returning, pick up the shield of the hammerhand and the token of the hornburg (or get the collection editions of the expansions). They give you 25% bonus experience. With the three items (earing from Mordor, Shield from Rohan, and token from Helms Deep), you get 75% XP gain. Basically running around with an xp booster on all the time. Add in the 25% from holding moors items/annuminas and you will slash through the content.

    Personally, I like doing a bit of everything till I'm 1 or 2 levels above the next region content and then moving on.



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