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    Torn between Captains and Wardens, and Men and High Elves

    I have a warden who is level 34 but kinda got bored from him for some reason (mainly because mobs died before I could build my 2nd gambit) so I mained a cappie. I currently have a 38 Man Captain and I really enjoy him, I tanked 3mans pretty easily, I find the DPS quite well (what's with people crying that caps are one of the worst dps, 2nd only to guard), of course nothing too much but it is sufficent, I didn't try healing a lot but it probably is fine though.
    So actually nothing is wrong with my cappy. But when I see a warden, the icon catches my eye, then the cool shield, then the spear, the javelin. It all looks cool, especially when you're a captain that is stuck with a 2h only. I also find the "lore" of the wardens nice, protects places, travels fast. An agile melee fighter that is not a coward (I'm looking at you, burgs!) but gameplay-wise, as far as I know they are in a very ###### spot right now, they can't properly tank, their DPS is not top notch, and of course no buffs/debuffs. Cappy shines at all of these mentioned except the DPS (which, still I think is good but im only level 38 yet). So I'm torn between the "cool" class and the "practical" class.
    And as for the races; Everytime I see a High Elf, I'm like "woah this guy is tall, he sure looks huge on that horse and his animation is very cool" so I want to load up a High Elf but I really do not like the rather "feminine" posture, physique and voices of the male elves and high elves. And yet I find them somewhat cool. Do you see how torn I am right now The race of Man is fine, your character looks like a man, sounds like a man, all is nice.. until a high elf comes near me and I look 1,5 meters tall. On horseback it only get worse. But the running and especially the walking animations of High Elves look a bit weird.

    So should I stick to my "practical" way of Man Cappy, or go for the "cool" idea of a Warden as a man of high elf. See I can't say if the Man or the High Elf is "cool" really, really torn.
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    Keep your Captain and roll a High Elf Warden? High Elves do get a racial run speed boost and a racial out of combat revive, and I believe a small light damage boost? (so not bad for a Captain or a Warden) but in the end im pretty sure race doesnt really matter for class choice (except of course which rase can be which class). Outside of the meta, It really just boils down to personal choice. I personally got my High Elf Captain farther than I did my Man Captain, where as my Man Warden got farther than my new High Elf Warden has, mainly because I like running with one Main toon which for me is a Hunter, and a "main" Alt which is for me my High Elf Captain. This is why I said keep one and reroll the other, if you really want a High Elf and/or a Warden. I will warn you though, the High Elf intro is... meh... Its a little longer than the others and kinda boring. Might be cool the first time you run it but it gets old quick (like the rest of the intros, amiright? High Elves do get a racial run speed boost and a racial out of combat revive, and I believe a small light damage boost? (so not bad for a Captain or a Warden)



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