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    ((Club Eclair)) The Battles of Moria

    To: Daffodilia Wildfeet
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire - Addernotch Station


    I have just returned to the 21st Hall from battling orcs at the Deep Way and The Way if the Smiths and found the place a shambles. It seems some orcs went around those places and came straight at the 21st Hall.

    Fortunately, there was a squad here to meet them. Amio , Alphred, Thalachon, Fraori, and Bohunc were here. The orcs caught them by surprise and were able to force them out of the 21st Hall. But, like with us at the Way of the Smiths a couple of days earlier, the dwarfs and Eclairians charged right back into the fight before the orcs could rest and build up their defenses and retook the room place.

    It has been a long week of hard battling. The Orcs have launched seven full-on attacks against three Dwarfen strongholds this week. Three waves each went after the Way of the Smiths and the Deep Way – one of them nearly succeeding as I mentioned. Then there was this sneak attack on the 21st Hall. Nobody can guarantee that they are done, either. Wili has set out watches and guards to warn us iffen the orcs march another large army in that our direction. Meanwhile, dwarfs are about rebuilding the damage done in the last attack.

    I am wondering iffen the attacks on the Deep Way and Way of the Smiths had been diversions to draw folks away from the 21st Hall. Their first attack ws so easily driven off that there was reason to think it was merely a probe aiming at figuring out what we had defending the place. Their next attacks were tougher, but we still had reason to believe that they were not sending their best or their brightest. Granted, their forces were not so weak that they stood no chance. Their near success at capturing the Way of the Smiths shows that fact true enough. But even that was more due to a tactical blunder on our part where we allowed ourselves to get split into two groups than on account of the fact that the orcan army was just too overwhelming.

    Iffen you want to know what happened at the Way of the Smiths, the orcs were coming at us from all directions. At one point they herded a dragon into the space below the Supervisor's Platform. Me and Sagla and most of us went down to take care of it, while Medloth stayed behind to protect Stóthkell. Well, a second force charged into the Forges at that point and Stóthkell could see that he and Medloth alone could not hold them off so Stóthkell ordered a full retreat. We fled from the Forges, but we gave the orcs no time to rest or build up their defenses. We took a few deep breaths and set ourselves and charged right back in - quickly clearing the orcs out of the forges and then defending it against waves of future attacks.

    No doubt the near victory heartened the orcs. The next day, they launched another wave of attacks against the Deep Way and Way of the Smiths. But, Galdhron had just arrived, and Roy and Thorfaniel and Alphred were in the area to reinforce the dwarfs. Mayhaps this was just a diversion to keep folks away from the 21st Hall while another group assaulted it. But Alphred returned to the 21st Hall directly and was there to meet that attack as well.

    Of the seven battles we have fought to date, Alphred has been in five of them, as has Roy. It might be a hazard being near each of them since the orcs are seeming almost to attack wherever they are standing.

    I have seen but two fights myself.

    I should report that Bosi is worried that there are just too many orcs for the dwarfs to handle, so he will be asking us to go talk to the elfs of Lothlorien and see iffen we cannot come back with some help. This is just rumour . . . I have not heard anything from him officially or directly. However, I know that Amio and Alphred and Thalachon have all talked to him and they are all reporting the same thing.

    I was wondering how he was going to get us to the east gate as the bridge has been destroyed . . . which I hope I had mentioned in an earlier report. But, I have talked to dwarfs here who say they found a passage to the First Hall and even have sent some dwarfs there to greet anybody who might enter the mines from that direction. I will be sure to have them tell me the route before we go. Won't want folks getting lost.

    I can't forget that Bosi's son Bori is in the hands of the orcs as well. It was explicitly reported that Mazog's new Dol Guldur sorcerer insisted on keeping Bori alive for some reason. So long as Bori is alive, Bosi, no doubt, is harboring thoughts about how to rescue him. I can't but doubt that his interest in summoning help from the elfs is aimed at securing a better chance at rescuing.

    In fact, Bosi, judging from what I have heard, wants to send all of us . . . the whole Eclairian herd. I haven't heard why and I fear what would happen iffen all of us were off in Lothlorien when the orcs launch another attack. Indeed, iffen I were an orc, I would be looking to the fact that the Eclairians have marched away as a good time to launch another attack. There is but some hope that the orcs, having suffered so many defeats, do not have the heart for yet another fight at the moment, even if it seems easy. Bosi assures us that his dwarfs will be able to take on any Orcan army.

    Bosi wants to send us on account of some who are of high status among the elfs know us and have likely spoken well of us. I don't know what opportunity Elrond might have had to mention us, but there is some slight possibility that our reputation has travelled to Lothlorien before us. Though I do not know how, with the mountains passes being blocked. Mayhaps elfs have secret ways of talking to each other, like them Palantir stones we saw about as we battled the Witch King.

    Well, at the moment, I am packing up for another trip. I should be . . . .

    I gotta run! Wili just sounded an alarm! There's another orc army marching up through Zelem-melek. They'll be here in minutes. Gotta get ready.

    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow,.

    Summon the Eclairians! Muster at the Mile Stone! The orcs are attacking!

    Sat, Oct. 19, 9:00 AM: The orcs launch their biggest attack ever - this one targeting the heart of the Dwarf incursion at the 21st Hall. Eclairians are being summoned to fend it off. After the victory, Bosi is going to send us to Lothlorien to see iffen the elfs can offer up reinforcements. The skirmish should actually take less than an hour. Erikin has asked for a skirmish at Tier II to try out the higher difficulties. So, after the regular skirmish, we will see if folks might want to muster for a Tier II skirmish to see how we do.

    OOCly - talking to Bosi means a trip to the Chamber of the Crossroads, which is a bit much to do in-character. Therefore, we will simply assume that Bosi has sent instructions for us to talk to the elfs and people can quickly go talk to him after the skirmish as time allows.

    Mon. Oct 21 and Sat. Oct. 26: Muster at the 21st Hall for a march to Lothlorien - or at least out of the east gate of Moria. It will take us a few weeks to reach the Lothlorien elfs as we march from quest hub to quest hub doing favors for the local hubbites as we go - mostly involving landscape patrols.

    NOTE: Book 6, Chapter 2, sends us back into Moria to complete the Orc and Goblin Moria slayer deeds. (Not the advanced slayer deeds, just the basic deeds.) I will assume that everybody has done that and we will be able to skip right through that chapter. The elfs are going to be sending us right back into Moria, so we should not get too used to sunshine and fresh air.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II - we will be spending 2019 working our way through the Moria Instances (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria

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    ((Club Eclair)) Leaving for Lothlorien


    I wanted to let you know that we are travelling again - heading into new and unexplored lands. We are heading to Lothlorien, one of the elfen kingdoms. It's one of three that I know about; Rivendell, Lothlorien, and that group Bilbo Baggins ran into in Mirkwood - I forget iffen they had a name.

    You can go ahead and continue to send your posts here to the 21st Hall in Moria. We are travelling for the dwarfs, and they will know how to get the post to me. Besides, I expect that we will be back here in a few weeks or so. We are going to try to get the elfs to help the dwarfs fight the orcs and will be returning with whatever help the elfs are willing to offer - if any. I have come to understand that the elfs and dwarfs do not get along well, pretty much as Baggins described in his stories. But, they face a common threat and they would be well served to face it together.

    The dwarfs need help, too. I don't know iffen I mentioned, but one of the dwarfs here named of Bori decided that he was going to attack the Orcan leader directly and charged off with a half-dozen friends. Only one made it back, and he told a story of the Orc leader taking orders from a Dol Guldur sorcerer. Anyways, they captured Bori and his wonderful axe and then tried to drive the dwarfs out of Moria.

    There have been at least a dozen full-on attacks. And, in each one, the orcs sent better and stronger troops then they had sent before. In their recent attacks, they sent their forces direct to the heart of the Dwarf occupation here, a place called the 21st Hall.

    I had only just arrived from battling the orcan assaults on a couple of the strongholds at the Deep Way and Way of the Smiths. Those were the first assaults and relatively easy to drive off. After we had been there a few days, some other Eclairians showed up and I came back to the 21st Hall. I thought I was going to get some rest, but I was mistaken.

    We were sitting about talking when the orcs attacked. It was me, Amio, Thalachon, Bohunc, and Fraori. It was a fierce attack, too - the fiercest attack I had witnessed. We struggled against them and knew that we were in for a hard fight right off. They drove us back and, ultimately, drove us out of the 21st Hall entirely. But we did not give them time to enjoy their victory. We charged back in and drove them off. But we were more determined then before and were able to hold our own against them. In the end, they went away.

    Though, it turned out, they regrouped and came back yet again. But, by the time they attacked, others returned from the Way of the Smiths and the Deep Way who were here to meet the attack. The orcs weren't able to surprise them since the first attack caused the dwarfs to be on alert, and them orcs were driven off.

    Then, the drums stopped.

    The dwarfs are thinking that the orcs are not up to attacking again for a while until they think of a better strategy, or they are looking to get more reinforcements for themselfs. That might be difficult. We know of some battling going on far to the south of here and the Moria and White Hand orcs are being expected to contribute soldiers to those fights. They may not have enough left to push out the dwarfs.

    I think that this is why Bosi is willing to spare us for a bit to go get some help from the elfs.

    He's sending all of us - the whole Eclairian force. That might not be the smartest move since it leaves them vulnerable to orcan attacks without us here to help. But, Bosi is thinking that the Eclairians are known as a group and we may have some sway among the elfs. Indeed, some of us are elfs - Thalachon, Galdhron, and Thorfaniel. They are going along, to becertain.

    Though some of the dwarfs - Erikin, for instance - are not liking the idea of asking for elfen help too much.

    Anyways, the dangers seem to have passed and I am fine. It will be nice to step out into the open air and sunshine again. I have not seen the sun in so long I have forgotten what it looks like. Once I leave, it will be difficult to turn and come back into the mines to carry on the fight - even with elfen help - assuming they will help.

    I keep thinking - once we leave, I will be on the far side of the Misty Mountains. Who would have thought when I left Little Delving that I would some day step into the lands beyond the Misty Mountains - just as Bilbo Baggins had done. I am thinking that, some day, I may even see the Lonely Mountain myself. It is out there somewhere.

    I will write and let you know about the elfs once we meet.


    Alphred Troute

    We are on Volume II, Book VI, Chapter 1. However, it is no longer the case that one must be caught up on the epic story to travel with us. We will be doing landscape and instance work for a bit.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II - we will be spending 2019 working our way through the Moria Instances (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria

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    Erikin, Diary Entries 123-125 ((The battle for Khazad-dûm))

    Dear diary,

    The axe, we only had it for a short time. Now the orcs have it, and they have Bori too. And the orcs have started to attack the Iron Garrison in full force. How could this happen?

    Well, Bori had found out where Mazog's headquarter is, a place called Zabadgathol in the far reaches of the Redhorn Lodes, between the Redhorn Lodes and the Second Hall. He sent some scouts and I went with them. We should have been warned, the orcs were talking about a new ally and we found some coffers filled with valuable relics and jewels. On them were runes showing the letters D.G. and Bori thought the treasure was coming from Dol Guldur, a dark place in a dark forest. And whoever rules Dol Guldur is paying the orcs for their services.

    So Bori didn't want to waste any more time. He hand-picked a group of capable and reliable warriors, took Zigilburk and started his assault on Zabagathol before this alliance could get stronger and whatever their plans are would come to fruition. He didn't ask us to go with him. I don't know why, maybe he couldn't find us in the hurry he was in or something made him think we would not approve of his plan, or that wielding the axe would make him invincible. Or whatever, it is as it is. And I am not sure if it would have made any difference if we were there. Sweina, the one survivor who made it back, reported that Bori was very confident. "We will not sneak up to the orcs this time. We will attack openly, and the orcs will fall under the bite of Zigilburk. This is what the axe was made for! This is why it came back from the darkness!"

    Everything went fine in the beginning. Bori led them into several small skirmishes which they comfortably won. Victory seemed imminent. They made it to the doors of Zabadgathol, knocked and challenged Mazog to come out. He did and brought his personal guard with him. The dwarves fought valiantly and defeated his troops. A glorious fight, as Sweina, the survivor, said.

    They would have surely won. But then everything went wrong, as a man suddenly appeared, walking down the steps leading up to the door. A sorcerer of sorts, clad in a red and golden robe, a spellbook chained to his belt. And by means of some dark magics Bori and his squad were suddenly unable to move. He questioned him if he was Bosi, the leader of the dwarves, and Bori told him he was his son. Mazog wanted to slay them on the spot, but the sorcerer stepped in and told him not to. "We can put him to better use", he said. Maybe wants to keep him as a hostage or exchange him for something he wants.

    So, the good thing is that there are hopes that Bori is still alive. The sorcerer told Sweina to leave and bring word of what happened to Bosi, Bori's father. On his way out, he was mocked and insulted by the orcs who had lined up left and right.

    Bosi is devastated. He said all dwarves rejoiced when Broin returned and with him the great axe. Everything seemed possible. But now... He didn't know what to do. We left him to cope with his loss and returned to the Twenty-first Hall. We have to find a way to rescue Bori somehow. And get the axe back aswell. We didn't have it for long... it came out of the darkness, only to be taken by the orcs a few days later.

    And then the drums started.

    Low at first, you could barely hear them, coming from far away, or far below, reverberating through the stone. But they grew louder over time. These must be the drums mentioned in the Book of Mazarbul. The orcs are preparing for war. Everybody was getting nervous, the normally cheerful and sanguine attitude of the dwarves of the Moria expedition became apprehensive and subdued. I overheard talk that it might be better to get out while we still can. But most of them are willing to stay and fight. And so will we. But I must admit that I am nervous too. We all are.

    So far, the orcs have left the dwarves more or less alone, minding their own business. They may have seen the Iron Garrison as just a small bother, as they prep for a much bigger battle, one against the elves. At least, that's what some papers say we found. It was us who started almost every fight and attacked them, be it in the hidden treasury, the Grand Stairs, the great Forges, we even invaded one of their main barracks and slew Mazog's right hand! But now, after Bori's attack on Zabadgathol, they are roused. We don't know how many they are, or how strong they are, or where they will strike first. It is good that we have prepared for this. Bosi is a wise dwarf. They are coming.

    New entry:

    Dear diary,

    The orcs have launched two massive attacks, but we have managed to throw them back, at least for the moment.

    The first blow fell in the Deep-way. We were stationed at Dolven View at the time, not too far from it, and when the alarm was sounded, we all rushed over to help defend it. The Deep-way is a passage between Durin's Vault and the Water-works, a strategic shortcut to get faster from one place to the other. The Iron Garrison knows of its significance and had fortified it with a lot of barricades made of beer kegs and wooden planks. Even Brogur was present. He had come here along with many warriors and now rallied us: "We will hold the Deep-way and stand against the orcs as long as we must!", he shouted to encourage everyone.

    And then they came. The were two tunnels leading into the Deep-way, and the orcs breached both entrances and came storming in, wave after wave. There were barricades set up in each tunnel, and they were manned by capable warriors. They did their best to fend off the orcs, but at times there were just too many and then they sounded their horn. Then we ran over to either the northern or the southern tunnel to assist in the defense.

    The orcs had brought wargs with them, and a few trolls, and there were defilers in their ranks. The battle got quite hectic, as we had to rush back and forth between the two frontlines. But everybody stood firm. At the end of the battle there was a loud rumble, as one of the walls in the central chamber, from where Brogur directed his troops, collapsed. Looks as if the orcs had been digging a secret tunnel! And in they poured, and among them the leader of this assualt. "Long live Mazog, son of Bolg!", he shouted and then we had to protect Brogur at all cost. The battle was fierce, but he finally fell and the last of the orcs lay dead on the floor. The flow of the battle ebbed away and there was a sudden quietness.

    But we, and the dwarves of the Iron Garrison who had fought by our side, were just too tired to cheer. We had thrown back the orcs, at least for now. But it was too early to celebrate, this may have been just the first of a series of attacks. We had won a battle, but the war was far from over. It wonder if it ever will be.

    And the second attack was launched soon enough. We had returned to the Dolven View and hardly found time to eat and rest a bit, when another alarm sounded. This time, the Heart of Fire, the great forge that was recently discovered, was under attack. We quickly raced down into the Silvertine Lodes and arrived just in time. Apparently the orcs got wind of the forge and had dug tunnels behind the walls to break in and claim it for their own. It was another tough battle and at the end a massive troll burst through the main door, but we have seen much worse and fought them off. Medloth turned into a big angry bear and off they ran, ha! Stothkell promised us that he'll make sure to properly repair the door, fill up the tunnels and seal the walls again so that no orcs can sneak up on them like this again.

    New entry:

    Dear diary,

    The orcs have launched another attack, their biggest one yet. And this time they attacked the heart of the Moria expedition, the Twenty-first Hall itself.

    We knew about it beforehand. Scouts reported massive forces of orcs marching towards the center of Khazad-dûm. Bosi was concerned, if we lose the Twenty-first Hall, we lose Moria, he said. Here too a lot of barricades had been set up. Still, it was a wide open space, easily accessible from different directions. Everybody was tense. The drums were getting louder. And closer. And then the attack began!

    Wili, who commanded the Iron Garrison, held a short, inspiring speech in front of his warriors and then they all an off and manned the barricades. The first horn sounded from the east, and as we rushed over, a dwarf came running towards us, shouting that their post was already overrun. A large host of orcs came charging down the stairs, and we engaged them in combat. Thor stood in the middle, shouting loudly and drawing their attention. He wore the thickest armor and actually seemed to enjoy the fight, while the dwarves of the Iron Garrison, Bohalin and I cut down the orcs with our axes. Galdhron commanded one of his many animal pets, a small bear, and laid down funny circles, and Hroik used his stone tricks, and Hedge shouted and cried and encouraged us all.

    We defeated the first wave easily enough, when more orcs came rushing in. Some carried pots of fire to set the Hall aflame, there were archers standing in the back, a frontline of capable warriors, several defilers and lieutenants, but we resisted fiercely until they were either dead or had retreated.

    Then a horn rang from the west, a guard shouting in panic: "We were overrun! The enemy is too strong!" The orcs had brought a few trolls this time. It was tough, but we also prevailed this time. By now, everybody was exhausted and sweating. Two outer positions had fallen and the Hall was just too big to defend on all sides. Several good dwarves had fallen, or were still engaged in a lone and heroic battle somewhere.

    Wili ordered us to retreat to the Chamber of Mazarbul. Just like Balin's ill-fated expedition, we were forced to make our final stand in the very same chamber! Were we also going to perish here? Had anybody written a book? Were where Bosi and Brogur, had their positions also been overrun by now? And, as Bosi was not here, who was going to write the final words? Maybe Hedge should have done it.

    But there was no time for it, as the door flew open and a massive, armoured troll, accompanied by a horde or orcs and wargs stormed into the chamber. We fiercely fought for our lives, as we have often done before, and before too long the troll and his escort fell. We anticipated and got ready for the next wave, but... it never came... There was a sudden silence. Silence? Hedge was the first to notice.

    The drums had stopped.

    It seems this was the final assault, at least for now. Wili also thinks this victory might be short-lived. The orcs are endless in numbers, they will regroup and strike again, and the expedition is ultimately doomed to fail. The Iron Garrison is just not strong enough to hold on to Khazad-dûm. That seems to be the general consensus now.

    But Bosi had come up with an idea. If the orcs have found an ally, why should the Iron Garrison not do the same? "We must seek help of our own. We need the assistance of the elves of the Golden Wood. There is a woman of great power, the Lady Galadriel", he said. He wants an audience with her. But he is also afraid, because some say she is a dangerous woman. She also may refuse to talk to him, for the friendship of old between the dwarves of Khazad-dûm and the elves of Lothlorien has suffered after they had accidentally awoken Durin's Bane.

    So he gave us a new mission. Go to the Golden Wood and find out if we can get the help of the elves. The dwarves have found a way around the destroyed bridge of Khazad-dûm and the eastern exit.

    It will certainly be nice to be outside again. But I don't like the idea too much, I don't want to go there. I heard they live in the trees and I'd rather stay with my kin. And if we all go, we should try to be back as quickly as possible. I hope there will still be any dwarves left when we return.
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    ((Club Eclair)) Sitting in Sunshine


    I am writing to you under the light of an late afternoon sun. There is a cool breeze coming down out of the mountains to our west, rustling the leaves in the trees as it passes by. Nearby, there is a nice lake, not so grand as Evendim but quite cold with water that falls from snow-covered mountains to the north. Take the falls that come into Little Delving behind our house and make it twenty times bigger and twenty times higher and you can imagine the sight. We camp miles away, yet I can still hear the roar. It is odd - I can see the reflections of the stars even in daylight - and even as clouds pass overhead.

    I am on the far side of the Misty Mountains. We passed wholly under them - from one side to the other. This is the side where Mad Bilbo Baggins found that bearfolk. Off to the East, somewhere, is the Lonely Mountain. I wonder if I might visit there. I wonder, if I did, whether they will recognize the name Bilbo Baggins.

    I am at a camp built just outside of Moria - a camp filled with dwarfs with a smattering of elfs. The elf’s here say we need to travel further East to find somebody who might be able to answer the dwarfs’ plea for help. Meanwhile, Galdhron is advising us the we should make ourself useful so as to earn some favor. There are orcs about, what have come from Moria and have I’ll intent towards the elfs. We are intending on a patrol a bit later to try to drive off some of the orcs.

    There has already been one patrol. We stepped out of Moria at near midnight. We stumbled to find ourselfs a place of rest. I got here with Fraori, Amio, Bohunc, Thorfaniel, and Medloth. We also stopped along the way to pick up the dwarf, Svanr. He's a dwarf we met earlier on our patrols about Nud-melek - a part of Moria - and who we knew wanted to see the outside. We had left him at the broken bridge when we thought there was no way across. Once we learned there was a way across, we opted to pick him up and take him with us.

    I am feeling a bit out of sorts on account of I thought that all of us knew Svanr and, once I thought back on the trip, it seems Amio and Svanr might not have met. Amio was confused about us bringing him with us. I should have introduced him - but I was so certain at the time we all knew him that I did not think to do so. It was only later that I remembered that Amio had gone for quite some time and might not have been with us when we first met Svanr. I feel bad about that. I need to make sure to talk to Amio when I next see him and apologize.

    The mapping group, lead by Sagla and Thorcundo, with Erikin, Bohimli, Galdhron, Hedgerow, and Roy, came out near dawn. Roy stayed at the camp with us and helped with setting up the camp, but the others decided to go right off on a patrol for the dwarfs - since the day had truly just begun when they arrive. Those that came with me were all still sleeping. They sought to drive the orcs off of the mountain where the orcs are trying to open a pass through to the west so they can stream over. In that, they were successful and returned in time for supper. But, during the night, we could hear the orcs up on the mountain rejoining their work to open the pass.

    So, now it is our turn to persuade the orcs to abandon their project. Once I get done with this letter, I will send out a call for volunteers. We’ll sweep the area of orcs, and hope that this will earn us some favor with the elfs. There are about four elfs camped here who can send word of our deeds to Lothlorien. Though we would take the patrol even if there were no elfs. We've made a name for ourselfs being helpful and that wouldn't stop once we left Moria.

    We’re not so busy that I couldn’t spend the morning testing the quality of the fishing in the lake. I caught over a dozen fish, fixed one up for lunch, prepared others for keeping, and sold the remainder to the dwarfs. The fishing here is quite good. About what I have become accustomed to in this part of the world. Sitting on the bank with a fishing pole, a waterfall in the distance, sunshine above, relaxing in the grass under a tree, was enough like home that I missed Little Delving something fierce. But, I gotta help our neighbors. That's what you always told me, father. A good hobbit is neighborly, and - though they are far away - these dwarfs of Moria are as much our neighbors as any in Little Delving.

    Well, I suppose I should get ready for that patrol.

    Take care, father. And hug the girls.

    Love, Alphred Troute
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II - we will be spending 2019 working our way through the Moria Instances (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria

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    ((Club Eclair II)) Approaching the Elfs

    To: Daffodilia Wildfeet
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire – Addernotch Station


    I am writing to let you know that we are about to head off to see about visiting with the elfs of Laurella, who live just a ways east of here – to see iffen they care to help the dwarfs of Moria.

    We’ve been patrolling the lands about the east gate of Moria for a few days now. It is plum full of orcs. Where they are coming from, I do not know. I am still thinking that they must have their own secret passages into and out of Moria as they are not using Durin’s Threshold or the First Hall to pass in and out. It Is an awful big city – sitting underneath three whole mountains as I understand it – and in the years the orcs have lived here they certainly had time to make their own ways to the surface.

    I did find a cave south of here. It had some treasure in it what was pointed to by riddles what were posted all over Moria. After all this time, it is a surprise that the riddling remained intact. It started way in the Silvertine Lodes a year ago and I was able to follow the riddles all the way to this cave with the treasure in it. But, one thing for certain, the orcs are not using that cave to get in and out of Moria. There wouldn’t be any treasure there iffen that had been the case.

    Anyways, iffen the dwarfs and elfs are going to be working together they are going to need cleared up roadways connecting them, so I figure the work we have been doing here for the past several weeks has been worthwhile. We’ve resolved to go out on lone last patrol to clear out the last of the orcs along the wilderness – other than those who will certainly come wandering in out of whatever orc holes they have built. Then we will pack up and head off to the next place.

    The camp they are sending us to, as I hear it, is just this side of a river called Nimrodal which is the boundary of the Elf lands of Lothlorien. It’s a full fledged army camp, as I hear tell – built for the fighting of orcs. I guess all they needed was a few more reinforcements to tilt the balance. No doubt they will have chores for us once we get there.

    The advantage is that, once we get there, the elfs that are with us – Galdhron, Thalachon, and Thorfaniel – can start to have talks with whomever the elfs send to talk for them. Galdhron, as I know, has already been having chats with them. Because of our patrols along the road, it has been clear enough that Galdhron has been able to get through to the elfs, though it has always been him alone at this point. He has come back and told us that the elfs are looking for proof of our good intentions – for which we are continuing our own efforts to clear the road as I have mentioned.

    I suppose once we get there it will be a matter of sitting and waiting and talking until the elfs decide to talk with us. Then there will be more talking until the elfs decide to help. Then, we can return to Moria. I am wondering if it is okay to hope that these talks go on a while – but that would be bad. The dwarfs are in need of help and I do not think that waiting will do them good. We need to get back. Sooner or later the orcs are going to attack again. When they do, if we are not there, the dwarfs may have problems. Of course, they confidently say otherwise. At the same time, they never cease to find things for us to do.

    It is hard enjoying the sunshine and the breeze and the green, growing things knowing that I will have to leave it shortly. I am trying not to enjoy it too much so that I will not miss it so much when I return to the mines. But I am failing.

    And I am so anxious to meet the elfs.

    I will let you know what they are like when I can.

    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow

    We will be mustering at the dwarf camp outside of Moria again. After making sure that our last dwarf chores are done, we will be packing and heading off to another camp on the bounds of Lothlorien.

    I suspect we will only need one week to convince the elfs to provide help. Then, it will be back into the mines. At which point, Hedgerow will sadly wave goodbye to the sunshine and trees – assuming that there is sunshine and trees – and, once more, return to the darkness.

    Upon our return, we will be spending at least 3 months in the Foundations of Stone. There are three fellowship instances there, though we will try to split them up some. There is also a raid, but I do not know yet if it will fit in the story better now or later. If it does, we may be in Moria longer than 3 months. Either way, it won’t be anything like the year that we were in it previously.

    Then . . . back to Lothlorien. The epic story will take us into the heart of Lothlorien. I am thinking that, this time, we may stay a few months and work on the Lothlorien quests and deeds, before returning to Moria.

    Then . . . back to Moria for Book 8 of the epic quest chain. This centers around the Chamber of the Crossroads – an area we already know. There will be no more new areas to map, just instances to run.

    It is at some time around here that we will raise the level cap to 58 for a bit and work on our Level 58 class quests. This will require returning to the instances for the class quests – and finish off any other instances and raids we haven’t finished yet. This time, when we leave Moria, we will never be seeing it again. We’ll be done.

    What we will be seeing instead is Mirkwood.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II - we will be spending 2019 working our way through the Moria Instances (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria

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    ((Club Eclair II)) Meeting the Elfs


    Well, it’s back into the hole. The elfs are sending us back into Moria.

    Seems that the elfs already had a group in Moria what were working on something else. They mentioned some other party coming out of Moria a while back – no news on who they were, but bringing distressing news that the elfs decided to investigate. As it appears, when the dwarfs entered from the west and began to set up their efforts to retake the mines, the elfs came in from the east. Just like the elfs what go through the Shire on their way west, the elfs in Moria haven’t made themselves known. Come to think of it, I saw some elfs about . . . but, with Thorfaniel and Galdhron and Tharachon about in our own party, one or two other elfs was not really worth much of a notice.

    Well, we got no information about this other party and their distressing news, but the elfs are sending us to a place called the Shadowed Refuge to talk to the elfs there. I am of no mind as to how our work there will tie in with helping the dwarfs. But, we will be in Moria, and it is near to certain that whatever is an enemy of one is an enemy of the other.

    As far as writing to me, that won't change. The dwarfs are moving folks down there as well and will be able to forward all posts from the 21st Hall - which remains open and unattacked since we left. We must have given the dwarfs a true bloody nose to have them stop all attacks.

    It was nice being out and about in the sunshine, even if it did not last as long as I would have liked. The fishing was good. We formed a bit of an army for passing down the road and clearing it of nefarious orcs. Me, Thalachon, Thorfaniel, Fraori, Bohunc, and Medloth went down and actually got to step foot into the elf lands. It was just a foot, mind you - something of a meeting on the front porch. We never got to look inside. Thalachon did most of the talking and introduced us to the elfs.

    The elfs live in tall, tall trees on platforms that they call "fleets", I think. You'd have to imagine a tree the height of a Shire hill with a long, tall trunk and branches that spread about way up into the sky on which they build these fleets. They drop a rope ladder down through a hole and you climb it to get up to the platform on which they stand. Bohunc truly did not like being so far up, and Fraori wasn't too interested in talking with the elfs anyway. Thalachon introduced us and spoke with the elfs, mostly in their own language, so I did not understand much.

    They had us do some chores while Haldir, the person what runs this particular outpost, sent some sort of message into the elf lands to hear what was to be done with us. It did not take them long at all. By the time we had cleaned up some orc droppings, retrieved some arrows, and went on a patrol to raid a nearby orc camp, they were ready with the news already mentioned that we are to return to Moria and seek elfs at the Shadowed Refuge.

    Then, the six of us all bundled ourselfs up with arrows and to deliver back at the dwarf camp nearest Moria.

    Thalachon is quite the fast runner and made the run much faster than the rest of us. Medloth, I bet, was upset what she couldn't run as a bear while carrying an armload of arrows. Nobody can defeat a warden in a foot race, but I held back to make sure everybody was okay, though I would have needed to drop my arrows iffen anybody needed help.

    We got chased by a couple of orcs, but we were able to outrun them and made it to the camp with just a couple of bruises.

    Now, we are getting set to return to Moria. Back into the dark. But, we are going to a part of Moria we have naught seen before . . . the deepest, darkest, bottomest parts of the mines. And the elfs are talking about a great menace down there.

    Not to worry, I still have my friends about me. I will write to you and let me know how it goes.


    Alphred Troute

    Week of Nov 16-18, this will mostly be a walk unbroken by quests and such. We will march through Moria and head south, through Nud-melek, and on to the Shadowed Refuge. There will be some quests to turn in there. If we have time, we will take a bit of a look around the landscape to get our bearings and help Hedgerow add some details to his map.

    Then, for the next several months, we will be adventuring in the 16th Hall. This is one of those large instances we will need to complete several times in order for everybody to complete their slayer deeds and qualify for the black goat (Moria metadeed). It might even take us to the end of the year. Per suggestions, we may break our visits into the instance up with a couple of landscape patrols - just for variety.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II - we will be spending 2019 working our way through the Moria Instances (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria


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