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    Club Eclair II: Into Moria

    Folks who want to listen in on our chattering or even join the adventure can contact us in-game by accessing the user channel club-eclair. Specifically: /joinchannel club-eclair. Feel free to say hullo, ask questions, or chat. As roleplayers, we use *say* and *emote* for our IC conversations, but use the channel for OOC chatter. Mostly. Not always.

    Where we are at: June 8
    Level cap = 60 (62)

    While the official level cap remains at 60, a participant can be of level 61 or 62.

    We will be mustering at Mithechad in southeastern Mirkwood and patrolling to help the elfs that are camped there. I (Alphred, Hedgerow) will be missing until June 23.

    Where we are going:

    Weekend of June 26-28: We will have a last patrol out of Mithechad. At that point, will be informed that the forces of villainy have sent a large force to kick the elfs out of Mirkwood.

    July: By the first of July, everybody will need to be on (at least) Chapter 14 of Book IX of Volume II of the epic quests: [64] Chapter 14: Thangúlhad Endangered.

    In-Character: We have been summoned to help defend Thangulhad. There, we are caught in a fort under siege. Over the next couple of weeks, the orcs will send wave after wave of attackers against Thangulhad. (We will run through the skirmish for a couple of weeks to make sure that everybody gets a chance to advance the quest.).

    When we feel that the orcs have been defeated, they will retreat back into Dol Guldur castle. We will move immediate on to the [65] Breaching the Necromancer's Gate - Skirmish and [65] Assault on the Ringwraiths' Lair - Skirmish as we press the battle against the Necromancer. This will be a war. Each day will have us wandering through the halls and grounds of Dol Guldur clearing out the enemies, battling from street to streed for control of the walled city. Again, we will likely run each skirmish at least twice - slowly advancing into the heart of Dol Guldur.

    Chapters 17 and 18 are again epic story solo quests so . . . as we are engaged in our battles, Broin will send word for Erikin to come to him at Thangulhad. In-character, Erikin will go through the solo instances while the rest of us go through out of character. In-character, the players are continuing the street-to-street fighting in Dol Guldur while wondering where Erikin ran off to. Erikin will return just as the rest of the group are about to try to break into the castle itself.

    Upon Erikin's return, we will penetrate the Tower of Dol Guldur itself. [65] The Battle in the Tower - Skirmish.

    This will end the Epic story proper. We will then begin to work our way through the epilogues.


    Club Eclair

    Club Éclair is starting a whole new adventure - a sequel to our Volume I adventure which can be found here:

    (In-game, you can contact us using the user channel club-eclair. That is: /joinchannel club-éclair)

    Prologue begins 9:00 AM, Saturday, August 18 at Gondomon for a march to Moria. Adventuring in Moria begins 9:00 AM, Saturday, September 8 at Echad Dunann in Eregion.

    There, our group of adventurers will gather to help the dwarves reclaim their homeland in Moria.

    The Dwarves of Moria have entered the city, but encountered no end of troubles and difficulties. So, they have called for help. And help has come.

    Some of us would have walked from the Blue Mountains. (The march from the Blue Mountains starts at Gondomon, at 9:00 AM on August 18 with a second group starting 8:30 PM August 20.) Others would have joined the march along the way. Still others will be joining on the day the group enters Moria, ready to begin the adventure.

    On this first day of adventure, the group will enter Moria and spend the day wandering about near the entrance, getting their first taste of the mines.

    But, on September 15, they will leave daylight and fresh air behind, heading deep into the darkness in the hopes of reaching the Dwarven settlement of Dolven View . . . somewhere in the darkness.


    Club Éclair is a slow-leveling adventuring club. Our intention is to roleplay our way through Lord of the Rings Online from the entrance of Moria to the defeat of The Lieutenant at Dol Guldur. Along the way we will experience the adventures and the scenery that make up Moria, Lothlorian, and Mirkwood.

    We are not a kinship. We belong to several different kinships.

    Club Éclair has two hard and fast rules.

    Rule 1: Walk-and-talk roleplay. During our group adventure, we are in-character. We are adventurers. We walk and talk and interact with the environment as adventurers on an adventure, whether one is a hobbit from the Shire with a love of making maps, an elf who is trying to repair relationships between elves and dwarves, or a ruffian from Bree who has heard stories of great wealth and treasure – or a dwarf intent on reclaiming this once magnificent city.

    Rule 2: Respect the level cap. The level cap at the start is 50. It will go up to 51 on September 8 the instant the group enters Moria itself. This is so that players can fully utilize the LI system invented for Moria. However, as we go deeper and deeper into Moria, our challenges will become greater and greater. Eventually, we will enter a pattern of adventuring at five levels below the level of the content. This means, for example, that we will not raise the level cap above 51 until we have adventured through the Redhorn Lodes (a Level 56 region).

    Other than this, Club Éclair does not care what you do with your character. If you want to run off and participate in festivals, help friends in skirmishes, or . . . whatever . . . it does not matter. So long as when you return to the adventure you are ready to pick up the story where it left off and still respect the level cap.

    Similarly, players are free to adopt their own personal rules. For example, my characters will be playing under a set of “full immersion” rules that aim to make the experience as immersive as possible. This includes playing in first person mode, all radars and similar aids tools turned off, no teleportation, limited supplies, and a constant consumption of food. (I want to get my 3D system fixed before entering Moria as well.)

    We use an XP Disabler to fix our experience at the level cap.

    People make mistakes, and a player may accidentally go over the level cap - forgetting to re-equip the disabler before turning in that quest that puts one over the cap. We will forgive such a mistake and allow a character who is at cap + 1 level – but this is to be avoided, please. Cap + 2 will be prohibited.

    We will likely continue the pattern established in Club Éclair of having a Saturday session at 9:00 AM (for the convenience of European members), and Monday evening at 8:30 PM. People are invited to – encouraged to – really strongly encouraged to – pretty please - set up other times for adventure at your convenience. If a group of west Pacific players want to set up a convenient time, then please do so.

    Also, there is no need to worry about missing a session – or several sessions – or disappearing for a month or so. Home and family come first.


    You have to be able to enter Moria. That’s about it. This means completing Volume II, Book I, at least up to the point where the Watcher has been driven off. We will assume that this has already been done, the dwarves have entered Moria, and they are asking for help.

    From this point on, we will roughly follow the epic quest line. However, along the way we will take up other quests that are available to us, go out on patrols, and participate in other adventures. For example, after spending a week at Durin’s Threshold (all of the time that will be required to do the Durin’s Threshold quests and a little exploring), we will move on to Dolven View and camp there for a few weeks, then Deep Descent, and so on. Our adventure will end at Barad Guldur raid to slay The Lieutenant of Dol Guldur. (Then, we will likely adventure through the Epilogues.)

    Many of us are completionists. This means that we intend to complete all of the deeds and quests available in these regions and work them into the story. We will be making extra patrols at off-times (to complete slayer and exploration deeds). This will include the instance deeds.


    “I am going on an adventure.”

    The purpose of Club Éclair is to enjoy an adventure – to enter and explore Moria as an adventurer in the company of other adventurers. If you think this will be fun, you are invited, encouraged, to come along.

    (NOTE: Until August 18, Club Éclair Volume I is going through the Level 50 instances – Helegrod and The Rift. You are invited to come along.)
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
    Club Eclair - The Bearclaws. A newer Club Eclair group that is currently at level 16 in Breeland. (Trebble)

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    ((Into Moria)) Preparations

    My Liege

    I have arrived at Gondomon as you have requested.

    Upon my arrival I checked with the provisioner to make sure that the local merchants and suppliers will be properly equipped for those who will be arriving. We are bringing in additional supplies of food (and drink), weapons, mounts, armour, weapons, and consumables. I have no doubt that those who heed the call to reinforce our kin at Khazud Dum will find all they need before setting out.

    I will be spending a good amount of the money you gave me to see to these affairs. However, I expect to make a good portion of it back - even after providing the suppliers and provisioners with a proper profit.

    If the adventurers discover themselves short of food, I am certain our hobbit friends will be able to provide for them as we pass through the Shire.

    Speaking of which, I would recommend sending a post to Thane Palladin Took informing him to expect a few dwarf caravans to be passing through the Shire, and please be precise as to the date. Shire folk value punctuality. Being on time is one of the things that marks a proper hobbit from the less reputable sort.

    Also, you may wish to send a post to Daffodilia Wildfeet in the Shire as well. She is Chief of the Bounders of the Shire at Addernotch Station and can see to it that our passasge through the Shire goes on with the least disturbance.

    The last time a dwarf caravan travelled through the Shire, there was a uproar over a band of our ponies that got loose in an orchard near Hobbiton. I would recommend we make a promise to stick strictly to the road and to keep our mounts under control. I would also argue against sending out forraging parties. The hobbits will provide us with what food we need, and are hospitable folk if not provoked.

    Elsewise, we can expect a whithering assault of stern looks and waggling fingers.

    Returning your attention back to Gondomon, my one concern is for places to sleep. Bolli, the Captain of the Guard, is denying visitors access to the rooms and hallways of the fort - reserving access for defenders and supplies in case of a siege. No stranger is to be given access, as giving access to a stranger risks giving access to the enemy.

    With Dourfolk around, even another dwarf is not always to be trusted.

    There is, indeed a disturbance in Rath Taraig - the goblin infested hills to the south. Though it seems unlikely, I would almost say that the enemy of Khazad Dum have heard about this expedition and are seeking to end it at the start. There are mumblings that we can expect an attack on this fort before the expedition even starts.

    Travellers should be made aware that those same forces may see fit to attack travellers on the road as well. I will talk with Bolli about increasing the patrols along the roadways. No doubt, he will ask for reinforcements from Thorin's Hall. No doubt, they will be denied. I have assured Bolli that any adventurers who make it to Gondomon will be happy to help defend it from any threat, and will have what it takes to see to its defense as well. These won't be mewling kittens who answer the call to help reclaim our lost city.

    I will continue to make preparations for the first of the expeditions.

    In the mean time, I remain . . .

    At Your Service

    I was thinking that Club Eclair II could start out with a Gondomon skirmish - before we start the long task of marching to Moria.

    The purpose for the three week march to Moria is to give the players a chance to get to know each other and to continue to work on their characters. Some new players - particularly Gift of the Valar characters - may want the time to finish up some quests and deeds.

    Personally . . . I am getting anxious to get into Moria. I am imagining the day (September 8) when Hedgerow Shrewburrow wakes up at Echad Dunann and gathers around the fire with the Volume II adventurers. We banter as we enjoy a smoke and a bite to eat. Old friends are reunited and new friends are introduced. Then the moment comes. The group begins the final leg of its journey up to Moria . . . past the graves of the fallen dwarfs . . . through the doorway . . . and into the cave. There, they help with a few chores as they adapt to life underground.

    Then, September 15. Day and night no longer matter. There is no such thing. The adventurers gather once more. Somebody shouts for Hedgerow, who is standing outside enjoying his last glimpse of open sky (until such time as the group emerges on the far end of Moria). He puts away his pipe, enters the cave, and the adventurers move on to Dolven View . . . somewhere in the darkness.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
    Club Eclair - The Bearclaws. A newer Club Eclair group that is currently at level 16 in Breeland. (Trebble)

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    Postcard to Hedgerow

    Scribbled on backside:

    Dear Master Hedgerow,

    Thank you for your letter. I am happy to hear you made it safely back to Bree and enjoy your time there.

    I am not in Moria yet, I am camped about Eregion. There were some Dunlendings about, still cutting down trees in that lumber camp and I persuaded them to stop. I am by myself these days, but they must have understood that I am a mighty dwarf warrior they better not argue with, ha!

    I spoke with a couple of Elves and looked for more clues to the whereabouts of that other company, but there is no trace of them. They must be over the hills (or mountains) and far away by now. If they are still alive, but I hope so!

    I will slowly make my way up to the Hollin Gate. I was so eager to get there, and now it feels I am not in a particular rush. But I’ll get there eventually. I hope to find Thorcundo, Hroik and Bohunc there, maybe even Jaytull, or did he go to Bree with you?

    And I hope to see Bosi and Brogur again. They should still remember me, I think. I will ask them if their offer to join the Iron Garrison still stands and then do whatever tasks they have for me. We will explore and conquer and bash some orc heads! Find Mithril even, or Balin! He may have established a nice and well-secured stronghold inside.

    Good luck with your ponies,
    Your friend Erikin

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    ((Into Moria)) Disconcerting Rumours

    Hullo Erikin.

    Have you gotten to Moria yet?

    I got your post card saying that you hadn't arrived yet. You're still mayhaps the best sketcher as I have ever seen. I hope this letter can find you iffen you are still about Eregion.

    We’ve had some anxious news go through here. Seems there’s a message getting sent up to Thorin’s Hall saying that the Moria dwarfs are having some difficulty, and they’re asking for help. Those who might want to help the dwarfs have been asked to assemble at Gondomon to organize a relief expedition to help out.

    I’d have to say that it doesn’t seem to be meeting with much success given the other troubles that are coming out of the south. There’s stories of all sorts of mischief on the other side of the mountains, and fear that it may spill over to this side. Here in Bree, there’s a villain named of Bill Ferny causing trouble. There’s rumours he’s kept his contacts with Saruman and the like in spite of our efforts to weaken their influence in these parts. At least that’s the rumour.

    Anyway, I have some fear that the help may be limited. Certainly not that of sending a whole army as what Dain sent to the Lonely Mountain to help Thorin Oakenshield. I suspect you know that story. I know it from Mad Bilbo Baggins in the Shire and I trust it is more or less accurate, as much of Mr. Baggins’ stories seem to have had more merit to them than I originally thought.

    Iffen these are but rumours and things are fine down there, then mayhaps you would consider paying a visit to the Library and the School at Tham Mirdain off in the southwest corner of Eregion. Iffen you remember that place near Echad Mirobel, it’s where the forges were where Amarthiel had them two halfs of that ring reforged.

    Anyways, iffen you could rescue some more of them books and maps what were being held captive by the orcs in that area – assuming any are left – and send them to me here in Bree, I would be quite grateful. I’ll copy them out like I did some of the others and then send the originals off to Elrond, I promise.

    And, yeah, it’s true. I haven’t gotten to the Shire yet. I am still here in Bree.

    I know that it was all I talked about when we adventured together as to how I was going to go to the Shire and start that pony farm that would be the best pony farm any Shireling could ever imagine. But now that it is the next thing on my list to do, it don’t seem all that appealing. I like my ponies and all. They’re all up at Hengstacer’s pony farm and he rents them out to stable keepers about the lands and I collect a percentage of the fees. I go up there to visit them and make sure they’re being well cared for, as they seem to be. But I look around at Hengstacer’s pony farm thinking that I could have the likes for myself in the Shire and it looks so . . . boring.

    Up at dawn. Feed the ponies. Muck out their stables. (I’d hire some tweens to do that with the treasures we found on our adventures.) Visit with somebody or other what might come by wanting to buy one of my new foals. Wander about the ranch with my pipe in hand. Sit on the fence and watch the ponies frolic. Mayhaps head over to the Brandywine for some fishing. I’d once thought that such would be the best sort of life that a hobbit can imagine. Now, I imagine myself giving a heavy sigh and saying, “Do I have to?”

    So, here I sit, in Bree.

    Oh, I did have a bit of an adventure. Nearly like old times. Sagla came up to the Pony and mentioned some villains off east of town in the mountains. We managed to round up Roy and Liatri and off we went. Seems a platoon of orcs had set up a home in some ruins up northwest of Weathertop. It were a long walk. When we got there, we assaulted the fort. It weren’t too difficult to handle – not with Sagla and Liatri among our company. They bested the orcs in short order. We tore down their banners and the rest ran off. So, one last adventure together.

    Then, we sat about the fire with them folks what were camped up there watching the orcs and told them stories of our adventures for a bit. We had an early supper, leaving just enough daylight for me to get back to Bree for the night.

    Anyways, I hope this letter finds you well and in good spirits.

    And, please, let me know iffen there are any troubles down in Moria. Don’t go getting yourself eaten now. We’ve been through quite a few adventures and it would be horrible iffen you ended up getting yourself eaten without me. I’d feel bad. Mayhaps not as bad as if you and I got eaten together, but I would still prefer that you not get eaten either way.

    Your friend,
    Hedgerow Shewburrow

    Club Éclair II: Into Moria starts in less than 3 weeks.

    In the mean time, the Monday group is still working on preparing to battle the once-dead dragon – the one mission it was not able to do as a part of the regular story. Specifically, the Monday group will be battling the Giants wing tonight, July 30, and then try to slay the once-dead dragon on August 6 – and perhaps make another attempt on August 13 if required or desired.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
    Club Eclair - The Bearclaws. A newer Club Eclair group that is currently at level 16 in Breeland. (Trebble)

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    Postcard to Hedgerow

    Scribbled on backside:

    Dear Master Hedgerow,

    I have made it into Moria and enlisted in the Iron Garrison. I appears many Dwarves have already entered our old kingom and established a few camps further in. I think there might be 100, maybe even 200.

    Haven't heard of any problems, but the call to Thorin's Hall may have been to send more supplies. It is a great undertaking and we can need everything the other kingdoms can send.

    I myself haven't made it far in yet, as the new recruits first have to help forge weapons. Haven't talked to Bosi and Brogur, as they are with groups who went deeper. No sign of Balin as of now either. But there is a great sense of enthusiasm everywhere, and I heard the other dwarves at the forge shout out in excitement how sweet it is to once again hear the ringing of hammers in the great halls of Khazad-dûm.

    I have also paid tribute to those dwarves which have fallen to that evil creature at the lake, at their graves outside. No sign of that monster either. In fact, I haven't even seen a single orc yet, but there is talk of them.

    The camps are ok, with wooden beds and enough to eat, and every camp is led by a master expeditioner. They are establishing supply routes to move along food and water (even ale) and tools and so forth. I think they may soon send me further in. Ha, I hope I don't get lost, since there are no proper maps the likes you made them!

    So, as you see, so far there are no problems, except maybe for the annoying bugs which are everywhere. But there is also not too much adventure. Not yet, at least. There is a lot of dust and rubble, but that was to be expected after the place had been abandoned for so long.

    Are you back in the Shire now? If yot and you're still in Bree with some others of our group say hello from me and let them know that I am fine.

    Your friend,

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    ((Club Eclair II)): Friends and Neighbors


    I can tell you that the call that has come through here has been for more than supplies. Somebody up at Thorin's Hall is calling for adventurers to come to the fortress of Gondomon. The intent is that they march to Moria to aid the garrison there.

    So, it's a call for people - and people what know how to battle in particular.

    And, it makes me think, why are you new recruits put immediately to work forging weapons iffen there isn't a need for weapons somewhere within? I mean, iffen I move into a new home, my first thought is to getting a bucket of soapy water and start cleaning, not getting weapons forged. Not unless there was some fierceness in the place what made need of weapons.

    There's some about here, of course, who are thinking that they're not going to walk all the way to Gondomon just to walk back again. They're staying here, thinking they will join the group as it comes through, and save wear and tear on their feet. And others . . . kinda like you and Thorcundo . . . have headed straight to Moria. Indeed, I am not quite certain how many folks will be meeting in Gondomon - might not be very many.

    That what has me worried. What iffen you dwarfs send out a call for help to defend your home and nobody shows up. Particularly after all that you folks did for us in the Shire. It has me thinking it would be like having one's own home catch fire and a neighbor rushes over to give what help he can, even at risk to himself. Then, when the neighbor's house catches fire, one sits on the porch with a glass of lemonade and a marsh mallow on a stick.

    It's just not proper.

    Iffen there is trouble that way and the dwarfs are in need of help, I would want you to let me know for certain. I may not be much of a battler, but I like to think I did some good in our battles against the Balrog and the Once-Dead Dragon and the other villains we faced. Even if it was just offering the help of my maps to keep people from getting lost.

    Of course, for all I know, the dwarfs of Thorin's Hall is organizing a whole army and there won't be any need of aid. I'll see that as they pass through, for they will almost certainly come through Bree on their way east.

    Oh, and I haven't yet made it back to the Shire. I just can't think of what I would do when I get there. There are pleanty of hobbit who can enjoy an evening with their pipe in one hand and a good book in the other, their feet soaking up the warmth of a nearby fire as the reading candles light up the room. Heck, that used to be a fine evening for me. I'd leave work promptly at sunset, head over to the Bird and Baby for a fine meal, head home, and read for an hour or two 'fore going to bed and preparing for another day of clerking. And that was a good life.

    Well, except for talking to the hobbitfolk who came in to talk to the Mayor. There were silly petitions and such, but the news of a wolf what went through a farmer's hen house and slaughtered all the hens, and vile brigands drawing daggers on decent hobbitfolk minding their own business demanding coin, and goblins stealing sheep up in the Greenfields.

    I told you about being neighborly. I've always been disturbed at hearing other folks' troubles and enjoying a nice evening meal and good book while they face menace and threat by themselves.

    Which is why, iffen there's trouble in Moria, I'd have you tell me.

    But, either way, I remain

    Your friend

    Hedgerow Shewburrow

    Club Éclair II: Into Moria will start on August 18.

    I'll have a character at Gondomon at 9:00 AM on Saturday the 18th packing up and preparing for a walk to Moria.

    And a second character at Gondomon at 8:30 PM on Monday the 20th to make the trip as well.

    Folks should consider themselves free to . . . encouraged to . . . make whatever arrangements are convenient to them and suits their interests. Iffen you think the walk will be long and boring, there's no demand that you don't just meet us at Echad Dunann on Sept. 8 or Durin's Threshold on Sept 15. I'd like the company, of course, but the purpose of these first three weeks is mostly to get folks acquainted and the like.

    There would be no violation if on Aug. 18, a small handful of dwarfs who went on ahead gather at Echad Dunann rather than Gondomon for some adventuring, while they wait for the reinforcements to arrive. Mayhaps folks can finish up unfinished chores in Eregion, or visit the Library or School, or tell stories of the Eagle egg or do some skirmish and siege trainings.

    For new folks, I don't think Club Éclair should be considered so much as supplying roleplay sessions, but roleplay opportunities. Folks should feel free to get together when they please.

    But, formally, my folks will be:

    August 18-20: Hiking from Gondomon to Bree
    August 21-24: Hanging around Bree
    August 25-27: Hiking from Bree to Rivendell
    August 28-31: Hanging around Rivendell
    Sept. 01-03: Hiking from Rivendell to Echad Dunann
    Sept. 04-07: Hanging around Echad Dunann (likely visiting the Library and School).
    Sept. 08-14: Entering Durin's Threshold and adventuring about that area.
    Sept. 15-17: Migrating from Durin's Threshold to Dolvin View.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
    Club Eclair - The Bearclaws. A newer Club Eclair group that is currently at level 16 in Breeland. (Trebble)

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    To Dwalin, Master of Thorin’s Hall

    Lord Dwalin,

    Word has reached us in Othrikar that Khazad-dum has been retaken, and that you are sending a company to aid those who have already entered the mountain. To that end, I am sending my nephew, Felsan, to Bree. Please inform your company that he will await them there.

    Felsan is a good, stout lad, if a bit odd. He would rather be outside than underground. Says he prefers the “fresh air.” Why he doesn’t like a good stone roof over his head is beyond me. He is none too eager to join the expedition to Khazad-dum, but I insisted that he go. Perhaps time in that great city will make a proper dwarf out of him.

    At your service,
    Grinak Stonefist

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    To Master Hedgerow Shewbarrow
    c/o Bounder Daffodilia Wildfeet, Addernotch Station

    I have much to tell and little time for it, as I must ride forthwith to reach your host.

    After our defeat of the Balrog Thaurlach in the depths of The Rift, I settled back for some much-needed rest and recuperation in The Shire.

    The itch to travel was once again upon me in no time, and hearing Erikin and others speak of Moria had me wondering what grand halls lay beyond the Doors of Durin. I knew of your desire for an expedition in the near future, but I went ahead on my own to see for myself in the meantime. I was ill-prepared for what I found.

    I departed Echad Dunann 4 weeks ago, to mine ores and collect gems for my jewelcrafting trade. With practice I can now craft some interesting items, even some that seem to enhance my special weapon I received from this area not long ago. But more importantly, my mining led me to the very Doors and into the threshold just inside them. I wanted to pay my respects to Durin's folk as long as I was there, and expected a dressy feastday affair with endless food and ale, so I left my fancy armor and weapons at Echad Dunann and entered the Doors for many a celebration.

    But ... there is much amiss in Moria. The dwarves at the outer camp talked of many evil creatures who have taken over large parts of the city. They informed me that I ought not to travel unprotected in my finery, but thinking myself somewhat invincible after all we have seen and vanquished I did not heed their warning. I began idly strolling into the cavernous path to the inner Halls, and within minutes was set upon by large bands of goblins and assorted other vileness! I barely made it back to the dwarven camp at the Doors and they helped drive them back into the darkness. My fine outfit was in tatters, but at least I barely survived. I will never be without my Rift armor and sturdy weapon again, that is certain.

    I knew that I had to get word to you about these circumstances, and try to meet up with whatever host you have assembled to return there in force.

    So I will send this letter on ahead of myself, not knowing if it will reach you before I can find you. Either way, I hear you will be leaving Gondomon soon and I will attempt to cross your path as you ride forth.

    It looks like our restful days in The Shire are over, and once again there is much to do to help save our lands.


    Jaytull, wandering Minstrel
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    To Moria!

    Tubli quickly addressed his missive to the nearest Treasure Field Base Camp, sealed it and sent it on its way. If he was fast enough, he could still make the caravan from Gondamon. To Moria!

    To: Master Halthor Goldeneye, Hunt-master and Senior Cave-claw Trainer

    Master Halthor,

    This letter is to inform you that effective immediately, I have opted to exercise my option to vacate my position as Treasure Hunter, as per paragraph 67, section F, line 34 of my contract. Please let Master Segar know that I have taken the Black-beak Cave-claw with me. And the Tan-back, the Green-back and the Pink-beak. And the Green-beak.

    At your service,

    Tubli, Son of Tubbi, of the Longbeards

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    Nov 2011

    Postcard to Hedgerow

    Scribbled on backside:

    Dear Master Hedgerow,

    Thank you for your kind message. Yes, there are goblins here and I by now have come across quite a few.

    I was sent to investigate the whereabouts of two missing dwarves, both of them rather good-hearted miners and no warriors. Well, say what, just a short way down a northern passage, I found one of them being bullied by a single goblin. He was trembling and didn't know how to defend himself, so I stepped in an bullied the goblin instead. Goblin ran off into the darkness, shouting that Moria belongs to the goblins now and they will always rule these halls.

    I found the other one searching for treasure in a more remote chamber and helped him browse through the rubble for a while, but we didn't find anything. He was pretty stubborn and remained behind, saying there must be something there. I can already see the greed taking a hold of my kin... This might even get worse if we are to find any treasures, or Mithril even.

    A bit further in, the tunnel behind Durin's steps leads downwards, but it is well lit by crystals and there are guards along the way, telling you to be careful and where to go. I doubt this will be the case the further in you go. Close to the road, the goblins had set up a camp. It appears to have been just an observation post from where they want to keep track of the Iron Garrison's movements. One of the guards who was watching them said he noticed many a goblin coming and going, as if to relay information to other goblin posts. Looks as if they are rather well organized. They were pretty weak and only a few, so I decided I can take them on by myself. I did and shut down this camp. As those who survived my axes ran off, they too were shouting that "the rest of our tribes will hear of your incursion".

    There are not only goblins to worry about, as I have seen all sorts of odd creatures who dwell in these caverns. Small beetles crawling around, sheep-sized cave-claws with sharp beaks, and flat roaches with wicked fangs, as long as a pony. Even got surprised by a big spider which had been hiding in the shadows while looking at some dusty books in an old library. Was not your normal spider though, it was white and glowed in the dark.

    I have now made my way to the Dolven-view, the first major outpost the dwarves have established. Seems this was a nice trading post or market in the old days. The dwarves have brought beds and goats and lit fires. There are even healers and traders, everything you'd wish for. But also goblins. There is a quite big encampment of them on a plaza below and you can hear them clamoring and screaming all day long. Or all night long. I have lost track of time, I never know if it is day or night outside.

    We are watching the camp and try to come up with a plan what to do about it. It surely is a threat to the Iron Garrison and has to be razed to secure these halls. But there seem to be rather many and also at least one big Uruk-orc patrolling around.

    So you see, we ran into some problems, but I think nothing the Iron Garrison can't handle. There are some ominous signs though and I have a feeling that we may run into more trouble the deeper we go. So the more aid Thorin's Hall can send, the better.

    Your friend,
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    ((Club Eclair II)) Declared Intentions

    To: Daffodilia Wildfeet
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire, Addernotch Station


    I am leaving Bree.

    But I’m not coming home.

    I am heading to Moria to help the dwarfs.

    I’ve heard stories of an expedition going to Moria to help out the dwarfs there. And I got a post from Jaytull just the other day saying something about a particularly vicious brand of goblins that chased Jaytull out of the darker corners of the mine. And just today I got a post from Erikin telling of goblins. He sent a sketch of Moria and, mayhaps he did not intend it, but it did not show greatness and grandeur. It showed rough-hewed and dimly lit tunnels much like what we met at Goblin Town.

    I wouldn’t want a friend of mine to be in Goblin Town alone.

    There’s other dwarfs about but, for some reason, Erikin was out patrolling on his lonesome, according to the post. Are they so short-handed?

    Well, help is on the way.

    Jaytull's post more than anything that resolved me to go to Moria and help out. Erikin, of course, thinks proudly that the dwarfs can handle anything and mayhaps wouldn't ask for help no matter the need. Jaytull knows better. He lost one of his best fineries to the goblins, according to his post.

    Dwarves have been entering Bree from the Blue Mountains. A couple of days ago, Jaytull arrived with Thirdal, Thorcundo, and Alphred in tow – and another hobbit I didn’t recognized and haven’t met yet, so I haven’t got a name. He seem’d a bit . . . well . . . not fully fit for adventuring, and I worry he may have bitten off more than he can chew. Which is hard for a hobbit to do . . . since they can chew quite a bit . . . but he might have anyways. Alphred is always saying how I am unfit for adventure and should have stayed back in the Shire. But, I help. I'm not going to tell this young hobbit he's not fit for adventure. Not me.

    This morning, just as I was heading out about town with Thorfaniel, who I have visited often in the past few days, I saw another pack of dwarfs marching up to the Pony. I didn’t recognize most of them . . . except Fraori. But if Fraori is here then they must be heading to Moria.

    Thorfaniel and I were late for a training session modelled after the Library of Tham Mirdain. We’ve had three or four practices there – once with another trainee name of Phad. They give out fine prizes for those who get through the training, and it is not hard.

    Anyways . . . Fraori entered town with five other dwarfs and a hobbit.

    Oh! The hobbit was Kestril! It was good to see her again and I can’t wait to say hullo. We’re back from our training session . . . Thorfaniel and I . . . but the dwarfs went straight to bed and are sound asleep so as I must wait for them to wake to say my hullos.

    Anyway, that makes 9 dwarfs and 4 hobbits entering Bree that I know of what might have an interest in heading off to Moria. Plus me and Thorfaniel. Gad, Thorfaniel will be the only one of us above four feet tall. She can dress up like Gandalf with the 14 of us little folk dressed up as Thorin Oakenshield’s dwarfs and Bilbo Baggins.

    Imagine us walking into Rivendell so dressed, and Bilbo seeing us from some balcony. He’d likely faint right over.

    Anyways, we’ll give a few more days for more folks to show up. Fraori said that Roy was on his way, but stopped at Needlehole to visit relatives. I’m going to try to convince Sagla and Twostep to come with us. Sagla can carve her way through a gaggle of goblins without much difficult, and she seemed bored just listening to the tellings of old stories.

    I haven’t actually seen Twostep since I got to Bree . . . but she’d be more at home on the other side of town among the ruffians, and would likely be in hiding anyways. She keeps speaking about some sort of bounty.

    That’s it. I just thought I would let you know that I’ll not be in Bree much longer. We’re likely heading out on Saturday. Iffen you see Mr. Sweetweed about, tell him I’ll ship him back some of that Moria ore iffen the dwarfs are sharing – which they should, since we will be helping them and all – iffen only he will continue to send us them breads and jam he makes so well and other provisions he thinks we might need.

    Until later

    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow

    I want to stress that people should consider themselves free to . . . encouraged to . . set up smaller groups for pursuing their own parallel stories as they please. If a group wants to set up regular adventures for a Wednesday evening (European time), feel free. Or, like Erikin, venture off somewhat independently for a while for their own story.

    Aug. 21-27: I’ll be wandering about Bree as time allows, heading out on skirmish and siege trainings. Eclairians can head out as they choose in larger or smaller groups to head to Rivendell. Hedgerow will head out to Rivendell 9:00 AM Saturday Morning and Alphred at 8:30 Monday evening.

    Aug. 28-Sep. 3: We’ll be in Rivendell, visiting with the elfs, who will no doubt tell us that the Dwarven expedition to Moria is a poor idea and be full of discouragement. Why we are stopping there, I do not know, but it will be the last safe place to sleep, eat, and provision before the true adventure begins. Hedgerow will head to Echad Dunann at 9:00 AM Sept 1, and Alphred will leave at 8:30 PM Sept. 3.

    Sep. 4-14: We’ll be at Echad Dunann. NOTE: There is an Infused Garnet Level 54 quest “Flight of the Drakes” (small fellowship) to participate in at Echad Dunann. Both Hedgerow and Alphred would be pleased to do this at least once, and will need 2 other adventurers. There is also a Level 57 and Level 60 quests – but they will be beyond our reach at Level 50. There is also an option of walking down to the Library and School of Tham Marain to rescue some more books. Once people enter Durin’s Threshold, patrolling around that camp can begin as well. Some folks are already inside, and there is no rule prohibiting venturing within even today. But, for my characters and their story:

    Sept 8: 9:00 AM – Hedgerow will enter Moria. Level cap will go up to 51 for those who enter Moria.

    Sept 10, 8:30 PM – Alphred will enter Moria (will remain at Level 50 until this happens).

    Sept 15: 9:00 AM: The Moria adventure truly beings.

    We’ll pack up that morning . . . put on our armour . . . gather our weapons . . . check our supplies . . . leave Durin’s Threshold behind and venture into Moria. Hopefully, we can reach Dolvin’s View. Either way, we shall not expect to see sunlight again for a long . . . long . . . time.

    (At Level 55, I will like to do the other two small fellowship shard quests at Echad Dunann, but may approach those as “stories” told around the campfire as we stay at the twenty-first hall.)
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    ((Club Eclair)) Gathering Support


    Yes, I am gone again. Off on another foolish adventure.

    I am heading to Moria to help the dwarfs there defend their home. They helped me defend the Shire and keep you and the girls safe. Now, I owe them a favor in return.

    We're just getting ready to leave Bree. I'm sitting here by the post box nearest the south gate of Bree waiting for folks to show up. They're scattered about town. I'll drop this in the post box just before we leave.

    We're heading to Rivendell first. Others, I think, will meet us there. Then, it is south through Eregion to Echad Dunann. That's where the gates to Moria are.

    I hope I can get letters to you when we get into Moria proper. According to what I have heard, from posts from Erikin and from talking to Jaytull - a hobbit friend who went to Moria and came back - the dwarfs have a base camp built just inside the entry, and some other camps built further in. However, the goblins are so thick and fierce that it may not be able to get from one camp to another.

    This might be like Angmar, where we fought our way to Garth Forthnir deep in enemy territories. The Rangers always had a way of getting posts in and out, though. Mayhaps the Dwarfs will also.

    There's also stories of a beast, Durin's Bane, what lives within the mines. I worry that this may be the source of their problems. The Dwarfs told us about it when we were down there last.

    But I will keep you aware of how I am so as you won't worry.

    Oh, gad! Father, you know that special spear I brought home, the one I name "Frog Catcher"? I try not to call it that in front of the dwarfs. I fear they may think it is disrespectful and such a fine instrument deserves a more . . . honourable . . . name. I tried to think of a more fitting name, but this is the name that came to mind and it has now stuck. Funny how things work out sometimes.

    Well, anyways, it was the dwarfs of Moria that gave me Frog Catcher when they wanted help slaying the monster what protected the entrance to the mines. Granted, they ended up defeating the Watcher by themselves - only Erikin were about to offer them aid when they made the attack. But they let me keep Frog Catcher.

    There's definitely naught to worry about at the moment. The road to Rivendell is mostly tamed on account of the battles we had fought before. Besides, there's a group what already headed that way what will clear the path for us. Jaytull, Hedgrow, Roy, Bohunc, Sagla . . . and a hobbit and another dwarf I haven't met what came down from Othrikar . . . headed out a couple of days ago.

    That means that Thorcundo is still about town, though I haven't seen him. As well as Thirdall. I don't know iffen Twostep is coming with us. I haven't even seen her, and rumours that she is about Bree may just be rumours. Fraori and Kestril are about and I expect them to be showing up.

    Anyways, I am not expecting this trip to be at all eventful.

    We'll be staying at Rivendell for a week or so gearing up for the trip south. After all, once we leave Rivendell we'll be far from civilization.


    Alphred Troute

    The trip to Bree took the Saturday group 2 hours. Since the Monday group has less time available, it will be leaving from the South gate and we will be leaving promptly at 8:30 PM without delay.

    Week of Sept 1-7: From Rivendell To Echad Dunann

    Week of Sept 8-14: Level cap = 51 - Patrolling in and around Durin's Threshold

    Week of Sept 15-21: Durin's Threshold to Dolvin View

    Sept 22 to Oct 12 (Estimated): Patrolling about Dolvin View.

    Week of Oct 13-19: Dolvin View to The Deep Descent
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
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    To: Odo Pipes
    c/o Bird and Baby Inn, Michel Delving, Shire.

    Dear Pa,

    I meant to write when we got to Bree, but I got busy at the Prancing Pony. They say you can't get on the roof anymore, but I didn't have time to try it. Remember the parties we used to have up there shooting of fireworks! So much fun.

    Got into an argument with Barleyman - again - he thinks that the ale there is the best. And of course I know he stole his recipe from Granny Smythfoot, but there is no telling him as he denys everything and I did not bring proof.

    Anyway, we started marching toward Rivendell. It felt like marching due to the amount of fast footed hunters we had with us boosting us along. We got there in record time and even Alphred was surprised. A horse would have been faster, but the conversation was lovely. There were 3 hobbits and… well a lot of dwarves. More than are in Swest's family… least I think so. We keep getting more and more. I'm surprised though that I haven't see even one dwarf who took up an instrument. Lots of sword dwarves and rune dwarves and now bow dwarves. It's been fun meeting all of them and I feel very protected, so don't worry about me. They seem to be a good bunch to have round when the chips are down.

    When we got to the Ford in the Trollshaws, I took off Zordan's boots. I agree that boots are good when you are in areas that are not as nice as the Shire, but the fast pace was making them smoke. I cooled my feet in the river and then when both my feet and the boots had dried, I put them back on. The path up the hill was treturous and had some weird grasses. You never know if any of it is poisonous. I know there are a few other Hobbits other than me and Zordan that prefer boots, but at least I won't be forgetting to take them off and scuffing up the floor of the Bird and Baby anymore… least for a while. I have a spare pair of Swest's boots as well if needed.

    I need to commission Western to get me some more food before we set off, but I keep forgetting. I hope I remember in time. If you see him in MD, please let him know I need a bit more and that he should make extra for me and Bert who's grown tired of the food he's eating. Then again he's a bear, so just ignore that last part as bears eat anything… or do they?

    Anyway, as you can probably tell by the stains on this letter, I am writing it while I am eating in the Hall of Fire. Next week on to Moria. I'll try to write when I can, but you know it's difficult when they do not have the good post system we have in the Shire. Maybe they should come up with a Pony Express extension for these far lands. Maybe when I retire, I'll set that up.

    Anyway hugs and I will always have the image of you on the roof hiding etched in my memory.

    Your traveling daughter,

    Z.Z. Kestril (Kes)
    First came the elves... next came the men and dwarves... then came the hobbits... and finally the line of Beorn... yet all are Tribesman and cousins.
    Play when I can but real life gets in the way.

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    ((Club Eclair II)) Erikin, We're Coming to Help!


    This is just to let you know that I am coming – and I’m bringing help.

    Granted, this is no army of 500 dwarfs like Dain brought to the Lonely Mountain, but it’s help. At least you won’t be patrolling alone anymore. Except when you want to be.

    I got Sagla with me to take care of any goblins what might be causing you trouble. And Jaytull is here. He’s told me all about the goblin problems you got, stopping supplies from getting from one camp to another. Roy is here as well. He made it out of Needlehole where he had stayed for a bit.

    Alphred and Thorcundo and others are coming along, though they may be a couple of days behind us, as I recall. Thorcundo went back to Thorin's Hall to look into a few matters and is helping escort the group back to Moria.

    There’s folks you might not know coming along with us. Felsan, you don’t know – unless you recall meeting him at Othrikar when we stayed there helping them against the Dourdwarfs what lived in the ruins and mountains to the north. It may have been the case as he doesn’t like the mines and such and preferred the outer doors. I don’t remember him . . . though I spent a fair amount of time at Othrikar.

    And a new hobbit lad name of Stummel. He’s new to adventure so we have been pointing out all of the sights along the way, like Weathertop where we fought the troll and then there was that big musical celebration right after to celebrate our victory called Weatherstock. Folks say the party weren't about us and they'd been holding the celebrations annually anyways. But if that were so, then why was the party formed right after we defeated the Troll? Nobody ever answered me that question.

    And we pointed to the ruins where we fought the Redrobes and there was that magical white horse what showed up and watched over us - though we did not go there. And we mentioned that cave that you lead us to looking for the Blackrobe and where we found that mysterious relic. And Bilbo’s Trolls.

    I don’t think Stummel is believing any of this.

    Jaytull and Sagla battled a fierce wood troll on the High Moor. It was a short distance off the road and Jaytull found it as he patrolled on ahead of us. Sagla rushed up when she heard the sounds of battle. They drove it off before Stummel had a chance to see it, and he laughed at the mention of walking trees.

    Indeed, the lands about seem to have grown unusually wild and fierce since we were here last, what with bucks charging in at us from all sides unexpectedly. Mayhaps it is mating season. That could be it.

    Anyways, I have been pouring over maps and plotting our route to Echad Dunann from here. I was thinking of going through Giant Valley and south as a short cut, but I do not think it will be all that much shorter and a bit more dangerous, as Eregion is not fully tame yet.

    Instead, I think I am going to try to talk Sagla into having us go back to the Ford of Bruinen and head south. We can follow the river to Garbert’s cottage . . . remember, where you chased that odd creature what was going to snatch their baby. We can take the ford there and then go up to Gwingris, then take the road to Echad Dunann.

    I am telling you the route in case you or anybody else what you might find company with might want to meet us along the way, or meet us when we get there. It is certainly going to be nice to see you again . . . even if it is at this Dolvin View place. Are you still there? Will you leave note with the dwarfs we can find you iffen you are not?

    I am going to be sorely tempted when we get near Mirobel to go over and rescue some more books and maps out of that old library. But I fear we will be tired by then so we’ll likely head east to Echad Dunann to set up camp.

    Truth be told, I am not planning to enter Moria right away. I fear that when I step into Moria, I am likely going to want to start exploring and not have any interest in sleep. I remember what it was like when we looked inside them many months ago. Some folks wanted to head up them big stairs . . . and I must say that I felt the pull of curiosity as well. Indeed, it were the strength of that pull that warned me not to go up there, else I may never turn back, and we had work what needed doing.

    Instead, we will rest up some at Echad Dunann - get some sleep and a couple of meals - and head into the mines when rested and ready to put in a full day.

    Well, that’s our plan, then. Echad Dunann on September 1.

    I am quite confident we will stick to that schedule. Though, I am not so confident that I can keep the dwarfs and others out of Moria until we've rested. Some may find it hard to stop so close to their goal.

    Well, you must take care of yourself until we get there. Keep yourself safe. Don't go be charging into any goblin villages without help.

    Your friend,
    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow
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    Dear Reader:

    This thread exists here primarily for advertisement reasons - as an invitation to folks to join the adventure.

    We Eclairians will try to keep you entertained and informed of our adventures with our letters home and reports. However, you may want to get yourself included in the story.

    We have a user channel we set up in the game for talking to each other. "/joinchannel club-eclair".

    And, actually, if you enjoy roleplaying without adventuring, there’s no level restrictions. If you want to show up, say hullo, that’d be great.

    If you want to play a Moria dwarf who interacts with us from time to time, or a Lothlorien elf who is trying to restore peaceful relations, feel free.

    However, when we go out on adventure, to help make it an actual adventure, we respect the level cap. In fact, we usually adventure in areas 3-5 levels above the character level cap. We will stay at Level 51 all of the way through the Redhorn Lodes in Moria (a Level 56 region). Thus, Moria will get increasingly dangerous the deeper we go.

    If you are well below the cap, that’s fine, too. We’re escorting a Level 1 character to Moria as we speak. It’s just . . . battling with folks above the level cap is a bit "not-quite-an-adventure".

    Another option, which some people currently use, is to have a character that does not go through all the roleplay landscape stuff. However, when the group approaches an instance or other group content, they show up, and help us fill out our groups. These auxiliary characters are useful, quite welcome, and made it possible for Eclair I to finish The Rift and Helegrod.

    Yet a third option, form a parallel group with a few of your friends. Set up an adventure at a time convenient for you and your friends and let us know. Some of us may migrate to your group time. And, of course, some of you may come over and adventure with us.

    On the other side of the game, if you want to do anything that characters at our level can participate in, feel free to ask for help. We have no rule against players using their characters however they please in the off-time. For example, if you and a couple of Level 50 friends want to try The Rift or Helegrod – and want some reinforcements – give us a shout.

    Also, there’s a Club Éclair Second Servings that is a few levels back – currently level 41 and starting Angmar. So, if you wanted to go through Carn Dum, Urugarth, Helegrod, Annuminas, and the like “at level” (or slightly below), that is an option.

    Anyway, you have options.

    Hope to see you about.
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
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    ((Club Eclair II) Final Days of Sunlight


    I am writing this as I prepare my supper over a fire at Echad Dunann. This is a campsite in Eregion near the entrance to Moria.

    I am here with the musical hobbit Kestril, who played songs for us in Rivendell while we waited for the dwarves to show up.

    A lot of the dwarfs who had come to Rivendell with us weren’t about for this part of the trip. However, the elfs were having some sort of celebration at the time and there was mention of a feast. I’m suspecting that they stayed behind. And one dwarf, I learned, charged up ahead. There was news of him running around looking for us shortly after we arrived. He couldn't find us since we had gone ahead and taken a peek inside of Moria.

    This is on top of the group what arrived two days ago with Sagla. They were either asleep when we got here, or off hunting drakes. There's news of some drakes what come out of the mountains for feeding, as the mountains are suffering from a most fierce storm.

    Kestil, the three dwarfs, and I took the quick route here. We went as straight south as we could, across Giant Valley (though we saw no giants), and then through the wilds, up and over mountains, and even through a warg den.

    Not to worry, father. With three hefty dwarfs along, we carved our way through that field of wargs with little difficulty, and arrived at Echad Dunann in good time. We arrived early enough that, after a short rest, we went ahead and took a step into Moria. But it was only for a moment. I'm back at Echad Dunann now, as I said, preparing supper and getting some rest 'fore doing the real work.

    We will likely first see iffen we can drive away them drakes I mentioned. With all of the dwarfs inside of Moria, there’s few about outside to take care of the drakes, so we'll do that favor 'fore taking up chores inside the mines. But them who came here before us such as Hedgerow, Roy, and Galdhron had been out hunting and say that these drakes are a bit fierce. One wouldn’t send out a drake hunter alone but two or three working together can handle them well enough.

    We did some chatting with the dwarfs that were here when we got here. They’re not saying anything about troubles further in the mine. They talk about bedbugs and forging weapons – just as Erikin said – and don’t make mention of why they might have called for help. Mayhaps they are talking with the dwarfs among us, but the news isn’t reaching my ears.

    Whatever is waiting for us is waiting deeper in Moria, I suspect. The dwarfs near the entrance have been told to be tight lipped so as not to spread rumours of what is inside. The call for help was certainly genuine. We’re just going to have to wait a bit to find out what it is about.

    I can say that the dwarfs do get messages out. While we were at Durin’s Threshold, there were goats coming in from deeper in the mines carrying parcels and messages, so I have little concern that I can continue to write.

    You should expect to be hearing from me.

    Alphred Troute

    On Saturday and Monday, I will bring my characters in early for a drake hunt if folks are interested. Even for those who show up on time, we will wait about Echad Dunann for folks to get their drake hunting done before we go into Moria. You will need a shard for drake hunting, but I will bring enough if anybody needs to borrow.

    An individual can only start the instance once per day, but can follow others in if those others can start the instance and want help.

    Once drake hunting is done, we will head to Moria and spend the rest of the time about Durin's Threshold. Plus there is a set of quests that require a foray into the caves just beyond the threshold - putting one's toe in the water as it were. Hedgerow will want some company has he starts mapping.

    The day ends with taking the quest "A Watchful Glance". This quest will start us on our way to Dolven View the next week.
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    ((Club Eclair II)) On the Threshold of Greatness

    To: Daffodilia Wildfeet
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire, Addernotch Station


    Erikin is missing.

    We’ve moved into Moria, and there’s no sign of Erikin. None of the dwarfs here know where he went. I checked in at the forge master where Erikin showed he had helped forge some weapons, and the forge master didn’t even know who he was. Dwarfs show up for a day, help out, and then they’re gone, and he scarce gets a chance to get to know them.

    Others say he went deeper into the caverns a few days ago and never came back. And there’s goblins along the path! He might have been eaten!

    I’m fretting.

    We’re all busy getting ourselves settled in. We spent the day drake hunting and, as evening came, we moved into the mines. Sagla and Phad and I went to one of the drake feeding grounds where we found a few dozen of the beasts roaming around. They were vicious, to be certain . . . and there was some true battling to be done. Roy and Tubli and Andwil went to another of the Drake feeding grounds. Andwil is new to our troop. Dwarfs have a special antipathy towards drakes I hear. Reminds them of dragons.

    With the drakes chased back into the mountains, we were ready to go into Moria. I know, I kept saying that we had best get an early start on Moria as I would certainly want to spend the whole of the day on exploring and mapping. Yet, we entered at the end of the day anyways.

    There was a fair group of us. There was me, Sagla, Roy. Galdhron was with us . . . it was good adventuring with Galdhron again. Andwil, as I said, was new. Jaytull esorted us about the parts of Moria he’d seen before, including the goblin camp what near had him for dinner. Phad came along . . . he’s a tall person. An animal handler, like Thorfaniel. And Tubli – a dwarf from the Blue Mountains what gave up his cave claw training career.

    We still did a fair amount of work helping the dwarfs. It did not matter that it was night outside – it was naught what we could tell from inside the mines. It was dark either way. Mostly dark. There’s some glowy crystals that provide some light, but it is mostly dark.

    With lots of steps.

    Up and down. Up and down. Gad, my legs will be as thick as a dwarf’s if there is much more of this.

    I was surprised at how quick things went. The dwarfs just as we got in set us with some chores just to get settled. But they were done with us quite soon. We were still awake enough that we opted to visit Jaytull’s goblin camp – the one that blocked his way to Dolven’s View. With our army, we had no difficulty chasing the goblins back into the darker corners of Moria and clearing the road. Not that the goblins stayed hidden for long. They’re like ants. You can kill them that are milling about the ant mound, but there’s a whole underground colony still waiting to come out.

    And we found one of Erikin’s glowy white spiders. Only one, mind you. But, like goblins, iffen you see one, you can be certain of more lurking in the dark. It was in a room full of books. Old books, many laying about on the floor needed to be picked up. I wanted to read them, but I couldn’t make sense of the language. Still, I can copy them and send the originals to Elrond. Only, mayhaps the dwarfs won’t want me to.

    Then we settled down to rest and wait for our equipment to come into the mines behind us and those we left back at Echad Dunann to get moved in. This included the extra provisions I had brought down on Pie, my pony. But they wouldn’t let Pie into the mines. Anyways, we’ll spend a few days hauling in supplies what we can use as a depot as we continue our adventures.

    Towards that end, after everybody settled down to rest and we were dismissed from our duties, I went mapping. It weren’t all that dangerous where I went. I stayed away from the goblin side of the caves and stayed only where there were a few bugs and cave bear like things and a lone goblin from time to time. I found a big underground hill and was surprised I could climb all the way to the top. There were a lone goblin scout up there, which I dispatched too quick for him to notice. And I found a really pretty glowy stone in the middle of what seems to have been a town square, what with multi-story dwarfen homes (I think) build up on three sides of it.

    I made four mapping trips, exploring just a tad bit further each time, until I am comfortable I got the place mapped proper.

    I did have one scare. There was one of these cave bear type things what I shouted at . . . and when it looked at me . . . I suddenly realized it was a lot bigger and a lot fiercer than any cave bear I had seen before then. And as I planted my feet and prepared to kiss the warg . . . that’s a Bounder phrase used at Addernotch Station, in case the reader wonders . . . well, it ran off and disappeared in the darkness. That was a relief!

    Well, the dwarfs here want us to go find a camp set up inside called Dolven View. There’s a windy path to follow. I’ll post this report, then get some sleep, and we’ll be mustering for the march. Hopefully, we will find out what all of the fuss is about and what they wanted help with. In the mean time, it is really a wonderful place to map, so far as I can tell. I can see wonderous structures off in the distance in the pale light of glowy crystals. I just can’t get to them yet.

    Bounder Hedgerow Shrewburrow.

    From our experience on our first trip into Moria, I think that this is going to go much faster than I originally expected.

    Week of Sept. 15: I am expecting that we can make our way to Dolvin View and still have time left over to attack the goblin camp nearby (Gazatmur). If we can clear out Gazatmur, I’d argue for letting folks work on their solo quests during the week, and be prepared to go to the Deep Descent the week after.

    Week of Sept 22: Travel to the Deep Descent, then attack the nearby Goblin caves . . . maybe spend some time exploring. I think we need to find an item (a drop) and return with it to get the Forgotten Treasury quests. The quests are listed as Level 56, meaning Level 51 will be required.

    Weeks of Sept 29, Oct 6, Oct. 13: Camp at the campsite outside the Forgotten Treasury. Spend group times going into the Forgotten Treasury for the instance quests and deeds. This will be at level + 5. Folks can spend their free time exploring the Silvertine Lodes completing the solo quests. (Hedgerow would like company.) Instance slayer deeds will require repeated visits to the Treasury, so we may stay long enough to “clear out the several vaults” within.

    I would be pleased iffen we could make a trip to Old Silvertine City in roleplay mode before heading out to the Chamber of the Crossroads.

    Next: The Chamber of the Crossroads is going to be a problem. The Epic Quest chain seems to have one of those yo-yo quest chains. (Out and back and out and back and out and back and out and back). I fear we are just going to have to endure it for a day.
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    Lightbulb ((not sure if this works, but if you wana read...))

    ((hey all, I've been trying to find a place to put all the info about my characters in one place, and I think I found it... I'm making a section just for Kes's adventures in Moria and figured I would share. I'll still try to post letters and such here, but I'm usually dead after the meeting and go straight to bed so I don't get this updated when I want to. Anyway, hopefully this website will work. Love the adventures and love all the Eclairians. <3 ))


    Greetings from Z.Z. Kestril. Swest is making me write a journal with sketches, and so I figured I would share it since I'm not very good at putting down personal stuff. She says it sounds more like a record of adventures, so I hope you enjoy them. I'll still post letters here to my Pa so he can get them while I'm in Moria.

    *hobbit wave and cheer*
    First came the elves... next came the men and dwarves... then came the hobbits... and finally the line of Beorn... yet all are Tribesman and cousins.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swest2biz View Post
    ((hey all, I've been trying to find a place to put all the info about my characters in one place, and I think I found it... I'm making a section just for Kes's adventures in Moria and figured I would share. I'll still try to post letters and such here, but I'm usually dead after the meeting and go straight to bed so I don't get this updated when I want to. Anyway, hopefully this website will work. Love the adventures and love all the Eclairians. <3 ))

    Very nice. And I like the fact that you include pictures. It'll help folks get to know us a bit better.

    Please remember and come back here and remind us where it is as you make updates.

    And the floaty names are sometimes useful, so readers can see who we are.
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    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swest2biz View Post

    Greetings from Z.Z. Kestril. Swest is making me write a journal with sketches,
    Good for Swest! I like the journal and sketches and look forward to more!
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    ((Club Eclair II) Dolven View


    This is my first letter from the dark interior of Moria.

    We left Durin's Threshold a couple of days ago. I feel bad. Kestril tried to play us a song . . . but time was short and I feared we would not get to Dolven View iffen we did not start promptly. There should be time for musics and such. I'll see iffen I can make it up to her.

    I am amongst ruins that I can imagine to have once been a great city - one that would have taken a great deal of work to build. One thing to say about dwarves, they are hard workers.

    I can imagine the corridores filled with pedestrians and even goats pulling along wagons, shops along the side of the road, and workrooms where they no doubt built many of these dwarven wonders - jewelry and artiworks out of precious metals and rare gems.

    It would not have been dark either - much as I would have imagined.

    All my life I thought that dwarfs lived without a knowledge of the difference between night and day. Yet, that is not true. I see now that they lit their homes with a series of mirrors put about what harvested sunlight while there was sunlight to harvest, and used it to illumunate the whole of their cities. At night, their streets were lit by the dim glow of crystals - orange and blue - scattered about that shined from their own light. All totaled, they would have no trouble knowing when it was day and when it was night. When the skies outside were clear, their cities would be brightly lit. When the skies above were cloudy, their cities would have glowed dimly.

    It was a surprising discovery.

    We've not seen much in the way of what worried the dwarfs enough to ask for assistance. We've taken the whole of this region where this city used to be - a place called The Great Delving - and helped the dwarfs get a firm foothold here. Mostly, it involved clearing out some dangerous bugs and a couple of goblin camps. We've attacked the goblins with enough force to drive them into their holes, and cleared the area of many of its bugs and burrowing cave bears.

    "Cave bears" is just what we have taken to calling one of the beasts we find in the cave. I think they are "cave claws" according to the dwarfs. Tubli . . . one of the dwarfs with us . . . was a cave claw trainer. I wonder iffen he'd like to train one of these. Anyways, they look like bears with beaks, and are near the same size as one of the smaller Shire bears, so that is what we call them.

    There's a lot of work for the dwarfs to do before this place will be much like its former glory. They need to repair the mirrors I mentioned. We were able to clear out a "cooling chamber" where the dwarfs apparently captured the steam from their forges to capture the water.

    Kestril was questioning how we would get enough water to drink. Then we came upon whole underground rivers and falls coming out of high walls and falling into bottomless pits. Granlief tried to help open up some waterways what would get water to Dolven View. But the gates were broken, so Dolven View will have to continue to haul its water by the barrel.

    With this foothold secured, we are preparing to move further into the mines. We have a strong sense that, the deeper we go, the more dangerous things will become.

    I am going to take a few more patrols about the Great Delving for the next couple of days. But I think we've got this place quite tamed. Folks want us to go south into a place called the Deep Descent. That place is not so much ancient city as it is ancient mines, or so I hear.

    Anyway, do not worry. There's lots of hard work, but none of it is at all dangerous at this point - not with the good company I have.


    Alphred Troute

    Folks should finish up the Dolven View quests as we prepare to move on to the Deep Descent.

    Alphred is going to go on a patrol tonight, starting about 8:00 PM, iffen anybody wants to go with him. It'll just be a walkabout to make sure we get the quests and such in The Great Delving done before moving on to the Deep Descent. There's a couple of landscape quests to pick up, so Alphred will wander into the cave bear library and visit the mirror. (I've done these quests, but, if somebody wants a guide, I'll be heading that way.)

    Sept 22, 24: We'll muster at the goat stables at Dolven View and wander over to the Deep Descent (a short walk). We'll chat with the dwarves there, then enter the Silvertine Lodes for some exploration. We'll return to the Deep Descent with our loot, (hopefully) pick up the Forgotten Treasury quests, and then hike through the Silvertine Lodes on our way to the Forgotten Treasury.

    NOTE: These are Level 56 quests, so Level 51 will be required.
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    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
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    The adventures of Stummel, part 1

    Stummel is a Level 1 Hobbit from Waymeet.

    He heard that some adventurers were going to Moria and decided to join them and go on an adventure himself. He had never left the Shire.

    There were wonderful sights along the way and it was the biggest adventure of his life. He saw wolves and bears and the big town of Bree, with the biggest Inn he had ever seen.
    And he saw Weathertop and a half naked man-like creature walking in the brown grass, which he was told was an orc. When they crossed the Last Bridge, he was wondering if there really were no bridges after that one.

    He was scared when he heard about the trolls, and happy that the sun was shining when they traversed the Trollshaws. The wildlife was really wild though, and several deer attacked. Stummel thought they may have smelled the carrots he carried in his backpack.

    And when he looked down into Rivendell, it blew his mind away.

    Here are some of the paintings he made after his return.

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    The adventures of Stummel, part 2

    After one week, they left Rivendell again. They walked along the Bruinen River to a solitairy cabin and up the far shore, and across a tree laid over a chasm. Then through a spooky forest, where he saw a walking tree. He had always laughed at the others' stories of walking trees, ghosts and undead dragons. Now he wasn't so sure anymore. They crossed Eregion at night, he enjoyed it. There was no moonbow though, and he so hoped to see one.

    But when they reached the Walls of Moria, the dwarves wouldn't let him in. Said he was not worthy. Maybe it's true, he just cooks sometimes and tends to his mother's garden. The entire walk he had not done any fighting. Maybe the dwarves just thought Moria was too dangerous for him. Stummel was devastated however. When he woke up the next morning, the people he travelled with had left.

    He wanted to follow and show the dwarves his worth, so he went and challenged a warg. He was badly mauled, but an elf who had watched him came and saved him. They brought him back to Rivendell and healed him. Then he joined a trading caravan and eventually got back home. All the while he was thinking about the people he travelled with, them whom he admired so much, wondering what fate had in store for them. What other adventures they were having.

    He decided to make something more out of his life and to join the Bounders of the Shire.

    PS. Thanks to everyone who accompanied him on the trip, making sure he survived
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    ((Club Eclair II)) The Great Delving and Silvertine Lodes

    To: Daffodilia Wildfeet
    Chief, Bounders of the Shire – Addernotch Station


    I am so sorry. I just looked in my mapping stuff and I saw a report that I had thought I had sent to you over a week ago. You were prob’ly fretting sick that I’d been hobbitnapped or worse . . . EATEN!

    I’m fine. I swear.

    Erikin is fine, too. That report what I thought I had sent started off by reporting that we’d found Erikin. Or, rather, he found us. We were leaving Durin’s Threshold bound for the darks of Moria when, there he was, standing on the trail right before us. He showed us a faster way to Dolven View than the one what the dwarfs pointed to us. That route took us winding our way like a drunken river to and fro before getting to Dolven View. Erikin took us a direct route.

    I had a lot to report about in that old letter but it is all old news now. There’s this big cave what is called the Great Delving what was once a dwarfen city filled with tall buildings – yes, even inside a mountain – these were 3 or 4 stories tall what where dwarfs lived. There were walkways and pathways and well lit courtyard – one of which has a map in its center built on the outside of an egg-like rock what has crystals inside. The dwarfs call it a Bolide . . . I think.

    One could tell it was once a grand city, but it is now dark and dirty and dusty and filled with beasts and goblins.

    We’ve done our fair share about the Great Delving. We have driven the goblins back into their holes and hunted the cave bears and chitterbugs and giant earwigs what filled the area. We’ve discovered some really grand libraries what would take me the rest of my days copying down the dwarf writings . . . though I can’t read any of them.

    Mayhaps one of the grandest things I have seen here is their cooling chamber, where they cool the steam coming off of forges and return the water to the cave so the cave don’t dry out. It’s got a big whirling whirlypool like you get from the bathtub when you remove the stopper at the bottom to drain it – only this tub is the size of a hobbit village and the whirlypool fills the whole of it.

    As I said, the Great Delving has been cleared of goblins and bugs and so we headed south into the Silvertine Lodes.

    Gad, you should see what these dwarfs can do with stone. On our way to the mine we have to cross a bridge across a deep chasm. As you go across, you are being stared down upon by eight great dwarfs – statues what go all of the way up the wall – with long beards that, in many cases, are falls of water coming out of holes what are the dwarfen mouths and falling into the everdeep of the canyon.

    It were truly a sight. I wish I had the artistry of Erikin as I could send you pictures of the egg-rock map and the dwarfen bridge carvings. I cannot describe them in a way what does justice to them.

    And our third wonder were the Silvertine mine itself. It goes deep, deep, deep. But it is not black at its bottom. It is, instead, glowy, though I can see nothing down there but a fog of sorts. I tossed a rock over the edge near 10 days ago, and I have not yet heard it hit the bottom. I should not have done that. I don’t know what is down there that it might hit.

    There, we discovered why the dwarfs called for an army.

    Built into the side of this mine shaft there’s an area with a set of vaults built up long ago where them dwarfs hid their treasures, and the orcs got into them. And since these areas had the greatest treasure, it held the biggest and most powerful of the orcs.

    There were so may vaults to clear out that we split ourselves into groups to work on many vaults on the same time. I went with Sagla, Erikin, and Bohunc. Jaytull came rushing to catch up after we got started.

    The dwarfs had built this elaborate machine to keep their treasures safe, but it didn’t work. The orcs had figured it out. Or . . . actually . . . I think they were orcs. They were particularly big for orcs. And they wore a magical armor. There was a glowy part on the front and when it was yellow the orcs were vulnerable to our attacks, but when they were purple we could scarce do harm to them.

    These were the leader orcs. The follower orcs were no mere minions. After cutting through them three goblin camps, we had near Forgotten what it was like to battle folks what could fight back. These were some serious battles.

    But they could do harm to us. One of our battle groups what near got overwhelmed by the orcs they battled. The orcs knocked their minstrel Amio for a loop, even though Alphred struggled to get their attention, and then dropped Zubrette and Roy, before Amio was back on his feet again. But, they were able to hold it together and defeat the orcs and revive their fallen friends. Another of our battle groups what was lead by Galdhron got ambushed by a big pair of trolls on their effort and were nearly driven from the vaults, but they perservered.

    Anyway, these biggest orcs were guarding the secret way into the dwarf vault so, first, we had to clear the place of all orcs and ghosts, then we had to figure out how to get into the vaults. At first, I just wanted some light on account of it being dark and when we entered there were dwarf statues shining light onto a middle crystal using a mirror. So I turned a wheel what turned a dwarf statue what shined a light on a crystal.

    It was Jaytull what mentioned that if we could get all the dwarf statues to shine their lights on the crystal that we could get the vault door open. But we had to do it in the right order, else bad things happen. I was near one of the statues when I heard a scream. I found Bohunc sizzling and smoking and recognized the smell of acid so I soaked him in water to wash it off and tended to his burns.

    It took a bit to figure out the right combination, but when we got all the lights – and that is where we found the leader what was hiding amongst his big stack of treasures. Sagla took on the villain while the rest of us helped. He were an even stronger version of the glowy-armoured orcs guarding the engine to get into the room. But, he were alone and we had him outnumbered so we were able to defeat him and take the treasures – at least that what we could carry.

    There’s still lots of vaults here for us to clear out. We built up a campsite just outside the door to the treasury where we will be staying as we deal with this menace. It may take a few weeks. When we are not clearing out the treasury, I am hoping to get opportunities to map and explore the Silvertine Lodes. For the most part it is a rough-hewn cave. However, I have heard that there are remnants of a great city to the south – Old Silvertine. I am anxious to go down and get it mapped proper when I get some company what can save me from the villains.

    That should get you caught up. Sorry for the delays. I promise I will write in a more timely manner in the future.

    Bounder Hedgerow Shewburrow

    Hedgerow and Alphred are still staying at Dolven View. All of the adventures are within walking distance, and Dolven View is a more comfortable base. Group times will be spent going into the Forgotten Treasury until those who wish to do so get their deeds and quests done.

    October 27/29: By my calculations, these will be the days when we will muster at Dolven View and head north to the Chamber of the Crossroads, and then do the Volume II, Book III quests when we get there.

    November 3/5: March to The Door to the Clouds and Tharakh Bazan – where we will spend a week.

    November 10/12: March to the 21st Hall, check in, and then “backtrack” a short bit to Jazargund and the Fanged Pit. I do not know what we will find at the 21st Hall – particularly for Level 51 characters (though almost all of the quests should be available – since this is a Level 55 area). I’ll look about when I get there and see what is available. If anybody has any suggestions, please forward them.
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    ((Club Eclair II) The Vault


    We have found the reason why the dwarfs wanted help. It seems that a group of orcs have broken into a vast, ancient Dwarfen treasury. With all of the treasures found inside, certainly the most powerful of the orcs were not going to leave this to the weaker orcs – what are forced to live outside in the caves. Those are the ones we saw when we first arrived – in a camp near Durin’s Threshold, a village near Dolven View, and another a short distance from the Deep Descent. These were the orcs and goblins not fit to take the Dwarfen treasures, which is why we found them so easy, I am certain.

    These orcs are not so easy, though.

    I don’t know how many Dwarfen vaults there are in this treasury. As of this writing, we have cleared out 8 of them . . . I do not think we are quite half done yet. One that just got back a few moments ago – with Hedgerow, Thorfaniel and her bear, Bohilin, and Twostep.

    Oh, Twostep came to Moria. She heard there were treasures about. We left her in Bree where she was hiding from Angmarfolk. Apparently, news that there were treasures to be found here along with the fact that no Angmarfolk are to be found here made her reconsider her decision to stay behind.

    She went with us to clear out Vault 7. I also helped in the clearing of Vault 4, and will be entering Vault 9 here in just a few moments.

    Anyways, as I was saying, only four folks went into Vault 8, and they got bashed around pretty badly by the trolls that were there. They got thrown around and bashed and smashed and, three times – maybe four – they were forced into retreat. This allowed the trolls, too, to get a chance to rest and regain their strength. As much as I find it hard to believe, it was Hedgerow that rallied them after they failed for one more attempt, and they went along with him.

    They won, but it was at a cost. Brohilin got smashed quite heavily by one of the two trolls and was laying there as a broken wreck. Twostep got smashed against a rock and was a crumpled heap. Hedgerow, apparently, had trolls chasing him around in circles while Thorfaniel did what harms she could do against them until a Troll cub caught Hedgerow under his ribs on the right side and left him gasping for air. It were then Thorfaniel’s pet bear what mauled the last of the trolls and was able, in fact, to bring it down. Then Thorfaniel went about tended to each in turn getting them to their feet and claiming the last of the treasures what they could carry.

    I hope that this is how one spells his name . . . referring to Brohilin. I do not fully recall. I’ll learn it shortly – just don’t say anything until I learn to get it right.

    Brohilin were complaining about how poorly the dwarfs are paying us for our efforts. Indeed, there are piles of gold and other treasures in this treasury, but we get a few dozen silver and a couple other small trinkets. But it is not as if I am in need of the money. You should be seeing the delivery of another small chest here in a few days. I hope you don’t mind so much that it still smells of troll.

    If we are, indeed, half done with the vaults, then we should be leaving here shortly to go deeper into this Dwarfen city. We’ll likely clear out vaults 9 and 10 here in a bit.

    When we’re not assaulting the powerful orcs in the vaults, we’re patrolling about the rest of the Silvertine Lodes. Saturday, two full groups easily assaulted and finished Vault 5 and Vault 6, then went down to Old Silvertine City to clear it of pests so the Dwarfs can move back in. It were infested with cave bears and dragonettes – what some of us call “flappies”. I went down there myself . . . and found access down to an underground river what flows near the village. I had my fishing pole with me . . . of course, why would I not? It turned out to be some of the best fishing I have seen. Near every fish I pulled from the stream were a trophy-sized fish or a fish fit for a frying pan. And one goblin skull – but we won’t mention that.

    I was exploring the old city when Roy showed up, so we teamed up for a bit and were able to clear out a lot of the vermin in the old city.

    Roy said that there was mithril in the rocks that the city was carved out of. I had to believe him – I know nothing about mithril. But he seemed quite excited.

    We’re planning a final charge against the orcs of the Treasury next week. Then, the dwarfs are intending to send us further into the caves – a local hub of sorts, so I here. Rumour has it that Bosi is there. He’s the dwarf that we dealt with outside the main door what we worked for in getting into Moria to start with – so many months ago.

    Please stay well and I will write to you when I can.

    Love, Alphred Troute

    Week of Oct 13: We’ll try to finish up with the Treasury. We’ll try to make two visits during the regular session (it takes about 1 hour each time), now that we know what we are doing), and have a couple of other opportunities through the week.

    Week of Oct 20: Muster at Dolven View and go to the Chamber of the Crossroads. What to do when we get there, I am at a loss. The Epic Quests involve a great deal of walking through uninteresting terrain (the Great Delving), visiting places we have already visited. Perhaps some people can return to the Treasury or sit about the Chamber of the Crossroads and tell stories (e.g., visit the School, Library, or whatever else they may like), while Hedgerow or Alphred and those more interested in roleplay head out to visit the libraries and find the notes.

    Week of Oct 27: Keeping the Chamber of Crossroads as the hub, continue to let folks who want to visit instances do that while Hedgerow/Alphred go about on mapping expeditions and patrols to finish the remaining quests from this hub.

    Week of Nov. 3: Muster at the Chamber of the Crossroads, travel to Zirakzigil, and do the quests there. (Some roleplay to be done here.)

    Week of Nov. 10: Muster at Zirakzigil, travel to Jazargund, completing quests along the way, particularly in Tharâkh Bazân.

    Week of Nov. 17: Muster at Jazargund, visit the batfolk.
    Meadowlarke Sweetweed on Landroval. Also nephews and Bounders Ayrhawk, Wrennsong, and Little Meadowlark Sweetweed
    Club Eclair roleplaying group working our way through Volume II. We are currently at Level 60 roleplaying our way through Mirkwood. (Alphred Troute, Hedgerow Shrewburrow). https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...-II-Into-Moria
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