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    Audio Skipping (+Lag Spike)

    Since the newest patch, I've run across an issue where my audio skips and restarts entirely without fail about every 15-20 seconds. It sounds like audio skipping, but then the music just loops back over completely. It wouldn't be that bothersome to me if I could just mute the game sound and wait for a potential fix to pop up, but every 15-20 seconds whenever this skip occurs, I get a brief but powerful lag spike, that can sometimes yank my camera view 180 degrees. Anyone know any potential solutions to this problem? Or is anyone else experiencing something similar since the newest patch? I'm just frustrated because it's almost unplayable unless I want my immersion to be disrupted every third of a minute.

    Thanks for any answers.

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    Started today for me

    I am experiencing the same thing. It looks like a lag spike but my ping doesn't seem to be affected. It is more like the whole game pauses for about one second, and the in-game music restarts the music loop at the beginning. If I turn off "in game sound" in the Options-Audio settings, it does not pause anymore. It is hard to play a Warden that way, as I listen for Warden's Taunt while I'm doing my gambit builders, to know where I am at in my gambit sequence. I put in a bug report tonight. I have also done a clean boot to Windows 10, and turned off all my services and it did not help. I also ran the repair tool LOTRO Live, and it did not fix it either. I'm going to try to open port forwarding on my router for Port 80, ports 9000 to 9100, and ports 2900-2910.



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