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    Lore-Master is a great class! One thing I never really tried or got used to with the Lore-Master until this year was the animals' side bars with all of their skills. It took me a couple times trying to click the right targets and then the right skill (it probably takes some people a lot less time to figure out how to use it), but once you know what to do, it helps a ton!

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    hi! welcome!

    there are a few instances (like the actual private encounter, not just any old thing) where there will be lots of enemies... Weathertop is a big one... so you want to have a fellowship around those kinds of things, it helps a LOT. Believe me, I know.
    range is good if you are soloing, since ranged PCs can take out the enemy fast enough so that the enemy doesn't get close. Unless it's one of those pesky archer style guys. Those are annoying.

    If you want to level up fast, do tasks and little quests on the way through the epic quest line... and do LOTS of crafting... maybe get into a guild, sell your stuff in the auction... good ways to get in-game money and some XP. Go on hunting runs, were you look simultaneously for crafting resources and enemies.

    And stay away from roving threats... they're usually big and scary looking and have a purple nametag.
    hope this helped!


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