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    Other players are spitting water on me every few seconds. This is not what I had in mind!
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    Nov 2017

    How are you staying cool during the Summer Festival?

    By not getting upset, every time I get attacked by a Heat Demon! (Especially in The Perfect Picnic.) ...Oh wait- That's how I am KEEPING my cool.

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    keeping cool

    I'm keeping cool by running barefoot. Elven feet are so pretty, except when we step in someone's pets filth!
    I guess it could be a good experience. Some people pay big money for that kind of treatment!

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    I like to help myself to a refreshing 'payment' when I'm scooping out frozen sweet-cream from Tansy.

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    Air Conditioning

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    Apr 2017

    How are you staying cool during the Summer Festival?

    By staying close to the blocks of ice at the Party Tree!

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    Jun 2011

    Cool How are you staying cool during the Summer Festival?

    If it's too hot, I go to my House and play with the Snow in my Snow-Arena

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    Why is the Beavon Issue 67 not translatet in German and French - there also no Thread for this Question ;-(
    Es grüsst

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    Jan 2013
    Mithlond, Eriador, Middle-Earth, Arda, Eä
    I'm staying cool with some nice and cold ale and the occasional water spit from the fountain emote lol

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    I like my personal, mobile, air conditioner

    Greetings, Polymachos
    Treufried, human Level 115 Lore Master, formerly from Maiar (DE), now on Belegaer
    Räuberhöhle auf Belegaer, Breelandsiedlung, Ochsbott, Lange Straße 5. Vorsicht, Fallen!
    Alexophor, human Level 115 Hunter, formerly a Nimrod, now on Landroval
    Awkward Animal Arena in Breeland Homesteads, 6 Long Street, Ersward (Landroval) - Minas Tirith under attack!

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    I am spitting on hobbits, of course!

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    Jumping into every body of water I come across.

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    Apr 2012
    Oregon City, OR
    I am staying cool during the Summer festival by living in the Pacific NW! Honestly, I don't know how people survive the humidity and heat on the east coast!

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    AC in The Lonely Mountain.

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    Summer Days!

    Drinking a big mug of Mid-Day's Cider and washing that down with a cold glass of Summer Perry's Porter, while hanging out in an excellent fishing spot, in the middle of Thorin's hall, bagging a lot of Gold Fish, looking for those trophy Amberjacks!

    PS. I keep forgetting to cast my fishing rod... No worries... I can't see the bobber move anyhow.. everything is too blurry!

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    I drink lots of liquids...

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    Jun 2011
    Swimming by the shores of Forochel while drinking a cool hobbit-made mead helps me to chill a bit :P

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    Aug 2013
    Smokin' da coolest pipe weed
    of da whole Middle Earth ...!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    Drinking cold hard dwarven ale!!!

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    I'm as burnt red as a lobster rn.

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    Skinny Dipping in the swan fountain in Dol Amroth.
    Grinthalion of Landroval

    Author of useful Sindarin phrases for travellers in elf-lands:

    "Aniron galenas" = "Would you have any pipeweed?"
    "Im innas úgar sen galenas ten rhibi!" = "I will not buy this pipeweed, it is scratched!"
    "Im na alanann gwaur" = "I am no longer infected"

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    May 2014
    East coast
    Fishing in the Shire. Still the best fish yield out of all the fishing holes!

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    Riding in the Wilderness and enjoying the landscape

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    How dost thou stay cool in the Summer Festivities this Year

    I stay chill by hanging out in the cold realm of Minas Tirith (because it's so well done I have to keep my computer over a large pile of ice). Also by hanging out in the dank caves of Moria.

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    Oct 2015
    I Stay cool by running all over the Shire with blocks of ice

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    Its a tough question. Usually when im too hot after summer questing, i milestone back to Forochel. Lol. Then i map back to the party tree


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