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    Dec 2010

    How are you staying cool during the Summer Festival?

    By Sitting under the shade of trees.
    Pontin Level 115 Hobbit Burglar Kinship Second Breakfast Crickhollow Server. Staff member of the Lord of the Rings Discord Server, and Owner of Middle-Earth Lore discord.
    Alts: Legoan Elf Hunter, Belladonea Hobbit Minstrel, Unnari Dwarf Guardian, Jorunn Man Captain, Sallyberry Hobbit Warden. Laurelin Server, Edwell Man Hunter.

    Here's some of my Screenshots Throughout Middle Earth. Also can follow me on Twitter for Adventures in Middle Earth and more!

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    Nov 2015
    By swimming around at the Taste of Hobbiton pool!

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    Staying cool by looking cool in my new peacock outfit.

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    Apr 2012

    How are you staying cool during the Summer Festival?

    We stays underground, now, doesn't we, Preciousss? The nasty face burns usss...we knows better and we hides, doesn't we?

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    Feb 2007
    Sarasota, FL, USA
    I am staying cool by camping out in the town of Forlaw.
    << Co-founder of The Firebrands of Caruja on Landroval >>
    Ceolford of Dale, Dorolin, Tordag, Garberend Bellheather, Colfinn Belegorn, Garmo Butterbuckles, Calensarn Nimlos, Langtiriel, Bergteir

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    How are you staying cool during the Summer Festival?

    I have "[30 Frosty Beverages]" in my HugeBag. That should definitely help. ...except for the Sneezing part.
    "I heard a good deal about a ring, and a Dark Lord, and something about the end of the world..." [Samwise Gamgee]

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    Jun 2011
    Manchester, UK

    Ice, ice, baby

    The high elven fire runekeep casts a withering glance at the idiot posing such a ridiculous question and very pointedly refuses to dignify it with a response.

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    Jan 2017
    Fishing for mathoms and delivering ice blocks to the sweet cream maker!

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    Buying up big on frozen sweet-cream, emptying it all into a giant bath tub and then jumping on it.

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    How are you staying cool during the Summer Festival?

    jumping into the fishing pond of bywater, staying fresh and spook the fishes away to annoy the fisher(wo)men.

    Yes, I like a good laugh.

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    Chilling in my hobbit summer cottage on a new modern rug , drinking Shire spice ale and smoking my favourite bubbling fish pipe while staring at the most beautiful Shire landscape, thinking about all those deeds i've done in the Middle-Earth.

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    I'm drinking lots of frosty beverages left over from Yule.

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    Jun 2011
    "How are you staying cool during the Summer Festival?"
    By drinking cold beer.

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    Aug 2016
    I sit between the ice blocks at Party tree and watching heat wawes wandering around.

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    Feb 2016
    Boristown, Oabular
    By wearing sunglasses...
    When Life Gives You Rotten Lemons, Your Lemonade Will Taste Horrible !

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    Dec 2012
    Playing slow-pitch softball with the locals in the Giant Halls. They're still a bit weak on the rules, and insist the Giant's Needle is the pitcher's mound.
    Immigrant from the City of Paragon. We are heroes. This is what we do.

    Founding member of Mornost Gwend of Gladden. "We shout a lot!"

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    Dec 2012
    Taking a seat in the pile of ice blocks!

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    Chilling and smoking in mount doom . FOR GONDOR !!!!
    Argohald 115 Champion(main), Phokalin 115 (Guardian), Helectra 105 (Warden) Aegean eagles kinship in Evernight
    Aleziana 105 Lore master, Ellinas 100 (Guardian), Armonia 65 (Captain) in Landroval

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    enjoying doing nothing

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    Jul 2010
    What is a Gondor Deed Tome? from the sale?

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    Paddling down to Frogmorton looking for an Adventure!

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    I just am cool. That's how I roll.

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    I keep cool by attacking the fire with an axe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

    Fishing from a shady spot.

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    Inn League quests! Every time I pop into an inn for a drink for someone else, I grab something for myself, too. (Except at the Forsaken Inn. Finished the challenge and I'm never touching those again.)


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