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    Artisan Tailor's Superb Hunter's leggings recipe

    I can' find this recipe in the auction house nor in the Lotro store - does not exist in there today on my server and Lotro-Wiki and other sites state it should be in the store but is not.

    I then went to a couple of skirmish camps and have spent a small fortune in marks on the artisan tailor scroll cases and now have over a couple dozen to sell on auction house.

    None of the are the one I'm needing.

    So I was wondering when the Lotro store will have this item again? Or better question would be does the Lotro store reset daily, or what is the reset day?

    Any help would be appreciated - thanks ahead of time.

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    Looking at the https://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Tai...n_Recipe_Index, I see that this piece is a one time use recipe. Can it be that this means you cannot find it in the skirmish camp?

    And why are you looking especially for this one; does it look different from the Exquisite Hunter armor recipe, that can be bought from vendors? The crit version has exactly the same name.

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    I'm a tailor, and when I went to look at making a set today I saw I had (2) recipes for medium armor level 40 Superb Hunter's helm and shoulder guards.

    As far as I can tell, these are part of the superb hunter's armor and are not a separate purchase because it is produced only when you use an Artisan tailor's journal for each piece made while crafting a Superb Hunter's piece.

    I still would like to know if anybody has any information on when these recipes may show up in the Lotro Store again ?

    I did go to the skirmish camps - it seems the leggings may be very rare, or almost never drops.

    so now I'm selling about 2 dozen recipes for Artisan Tailor lol. It'll be awhile.

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    For cosmetics they look the same.

    I have full sets of every one shot recipe up to Wildermore for Light, Medium, and Heavy.

    There is one difference in this, the old recipe vs newer one's. The minimum lvl for mine is 40. In the link above it says those are lvl 41 minimum. Maybe a typo idk.
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    Ok I did notice that. I don't know why the legs would be 1 level higher for a level 40 set.

    Guess I will have to go with the level 38 legs for that set which is skirmishers - and I only have 1 of that set at the moment. Geez - spending tons of money to outfit toons.

    I don't see those in the lotro market either.

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    I'm pretty sure that Turbine changed the way recipes are sold in the store quite a while back. These days I think you can only buy an item that gives you a complete set of recipes for each tier and not individual recipes. This may be why you can't find the recipe you want in the store.

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    ok - I just figured out which 'exquisite set' you are talking about - Polymachos - you are talking about the Tailor guild set which I seem to have completely ignored!

    I believe this set will work fine - wish I would have figured this out before this whole thread!

    Thank you everybody.

    But it does seem from everybody's comments that there may be no dropped recipe for the Superb hunter's level 40 set.
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