Times: Laurelin – August 11 {2:30 - 4 PM}
Brandywine – August 11 {5:30 -7:00 PM}
Crickhollow – August 11 {8:30 - 10 PM}

Location: Pond in Staddle (Little Staddlemere) 31.2 S 49.4W

Organizer: Purple Pipeweed Parlor Band

Come join us for our special summer event!! Cool yourself in the refreshing Little Staddlemere Pond located outside the eastern gate of Bree in the midst of Staddle. Wear your finest swimming attire, fly a kite in the summer breeze, fish, lounge, launch fireworks, have a brisk swim, dive from the wooden platform and dance 'till your toes turn green while listening to 90 minutes of our finest tunes. We are going to liven up the quiet little village of Staddle (at least for one afternoon). Little Staddlemere is a landmark within Staddle.
This pond is a favored fishing and swimming spot for local Hobbits. {Pet friendly}

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