Hello brave warriors,

during our adventures through the Middle-Earth we come across several bad guys, of course. Usualy, our deeds make them pay for their crimes against free people. But few of them look like they have escaped their punishment. So far I found two of them, but I am sure there is more of them. Please, feel free to add more if you know some of them.

SPOILER alert!

1) Flint Ironheart
He is a half-orc who leads Saruman's forces in Dunland capital of Galtrev. You help Galtrev people to overthrown him and his forces. You challenge him in instance called "The Meaning of Alliance". Galtrev people finally realise their are only slaves to Saruman and they act quickly. But, during the fight Ironheart escapes and you never ever meet him again. Or do you?

2) Eastmund, leader of Langhold brigands
Once you get to Rohan for the first time, you enter city of Langhold. It is a small settlement on the north border of Rohan, which is threatened by brigands. Their leader is Eastmund. You find out that Eastmund is in fact in league with the Reaver of Khand, one of the Nazgúls. During instance "War comes to Rohan", Langhold is destroyed, thane Utred is killed by Eastmund himself and you are forced to flee to Harwick. But what about Eastmund? Will he never pay for his crimes?

These are first two. I add more if I come across some...