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    Question: Mordor vs. "classic" relics

    Greetings LOTRO-community,

    I am tweaking my LI (and in some cases making swap/other sets) and I have a few questions about relics:
    • while for all non-tanks the Setting of Endings/Three Hunters is kind of "must have" due to +7,5% dev magnitude, what setting is preferable for tanks?
    • what gem is better for tanks - Abyssal gem of vitality or gem of faith with +4% Partial Block Mitigation&+2% Partial Parry Mitigation?
    • what rune is better:
      • for induction based classes: Rune of the White Mountain/Wisdom (-2,5% induction) or runes of striking/binding/enchantment?
      • for tanks: rune of courage (+4% Partial Evade Mitigation&+2% Partial Parry Mitigation) or Last Alliance/Vanguard/Abyssal runes?

    Thank you very much in advance for your imputs

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    for tanks, it depends on what you are facing. nearly all relevant bossmechanics ignore avoidance, therefore avoidance is mostly pointless for bosses, just helps for autohits.
    For trashmobs, avoidance reduces damage quite a lot.
    So, if you create different items for trash or bossfights, use vitality for bosses and avoidance for trash.

    7.5% dev mag converts to less than 0.4% dps increase (dev chance is 10% and devmag already is >200% without any bonusses to it).
    finesse bonus or something like that is stronger, but usually high enough from other sources of highendgear... so, only for highend gear and classes that dont need huge amounts of finesse is the devmag better.
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