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    Quote Originally Posted by Ethrildar View Post
    Wardens just need survival skills that match that of Guardians, and bosses need to be BPE'able (albeit pass through a substantial portion of it).

    Warriors Fortitude is hilariously more potent than Never Surrender, can be popped on demand, has an attached 30k(+) bubble, and leaves a permanent-in-combat buff on the Guard. Catch a Breath used every 25-35 seconds heals more (by a fairly substantial margin) than Persevere line heals (all 3 simultaneously) and is an immediate clickable rather than 25+ skills you have to play pre-emptively.

    Warden just isn't geared (skill wise) around being a main tank right now and it needs to change, the best way is for decent survival cooldowns to be implemented (clickables, NOT gambits), decent group utility to be added (gambits, NOT clickables), and self heals to be percentage based but kept at a reasonable level where Wardens are NOT making healers redundant.

    Regarding people soloing 3 and 6man content, it's been that way forever for almost all classes if played right, couldn't care less, it takes absolutely hours and is a complete waste of time. This is said as someone who's wasted countless hours soloing (or attempting to) many instances, including (successfully) Flight to the Lonely Mountain on-level back at 100. It takes so long it's better to do the content with a group.
    Pretty much sums it up.

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    Yeees, what was just said...

    I picked and play warden cause it should be tank class... It's so screwed now that I rather play dps wherever I can these days... (I played also tank in some smaller t2c or thrang, it was succesfull in the end but it was so much pain.. I had no desire to repeat that before fixing blue)

    I think I have nothing more to what was said, but want to add my voice. Tank wardens still wait and hope. !


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