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    Need help with my Loki themed character

    Hi guys n gals.

    I am making a yellow, mischief maker burg with an alternate Loki name as I am heavily into my Norse mythology.
    I have played since beta 11 years ago but have never really been bothered with outfits much since their introduction.
    Thus creating a Loki themed outfit is hard to find/put together.

    If ananyway offer up some ideas, as there may be a lot of cosmetics Im unaware of or armor ive simply overlooked from quests.

    When I say Loki themed, I mean from mythology, not the Shambolic marvel Loki

    Thanks for any reply/help

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    Forod orchall
    But there are several different "Loki"s in Norse mythology, which might potentially impact the direction you're aiming at Loki the trickster, Loki the dark-ominous-spawner-of-monsters, Loki the shapeshifter who seems to prefer borrowing Freyja's wings a lot... You could go for lighthearted troublemaker look, or you could go for serious and evil, for he is a force of chaos.

    First thing that comes to mind: if anything, try Visage of the Goat from Lotro store - it looks like a Venetian ballroom mask with horns. Simultaneously playful yet dark.

    For more lighthearted, try Spring Flinger's Hat - it's trickstery and fun-looking.

    For extra villain vibe, try Champion's Orthanc helm, the teal version, if you have access to a high level champion and wardrobe. It looks like an iron crown of blades. Everything from Orthanc raid armor sets in teal variants has a black - silver - red color scheme, somber and low-key violent.

    Remember that even the most serious outfits tend to look somewhat less serious on hobbit frames, so experiment even with pieces you wouldn't ordinarily consider if you know them only from how they appear on full-size toons. Results may surprise you...
    "Leaving the game plan is a sign of panic, and panic is not in our game plan." - Chuck Noll

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    Mischief with Dark Intentions, I think.

    The guise or mood he was in when curiosity took his fancy on how to harm/kill Baldur.

    And I doubt I could used the goat visage, I personally want to stay away from horns, I dont want to look like a Marvels LokI fan-boy

    I much prefer the evil Loki, after all he brings about the twilight of the gods, though whether you can say that it is truly intentional is another matter

    Thanks for the tips, and yes I have the orthanc raid sets on like 6 different characters in the bank along with most other raid sets
    Was never really a fan of them, but they could work, ill have a look and try mixing some up




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    Quote Originally Posted by Eowene View Post
    When I say Loki themed, I mean from mythology, not the Shambolic marvel Loki
    I can see your problem. I wanted to check a few ideas myself, and found the internet swamped with references to the film character. My idea was to check Arthur Rackham's illustrations, but what I found was that he simply dressed Loki as a Norseman without armour or adornment, and made his hair look like licks of flame instead.

    However, Loki was the reputed inventor of the fishing net. The reference may be oblique to the casual observer, but you could perhaps kit him out with the Fisher's Backpack. The good news is that it is a Skirmish Camp item rather than Store, so cheaply bought.

    For simple Norse dress, I would try for a tunic with close fitting leggings. I can't think which would best serve, but I think they are going to be classed as a hauberk in the game. There is also a crafted set of leather boots wrapped with leather straps ... I'll go have a rummage and hopefully come back on the boots at least.



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