Over the years I have found a few good ones - but they all seem to eventually get Discord or some other voice chat and typed chat dies. I've tried all the servers from time to time.

I recently decided to try one final time - starting over on Arkenstone. If it doesn't work I'll just use world chat <shudders visibly< or finally get around to trying The Gorgon Project until Pantheon comes out (Gods willing).

You can tell me all you like about how much better voice is, but my old weak ears won't listen to you. Or to Discord or other voice chat. So typed chat is needed.

I'm not looking for a raid kin - we have some good ones and House of Lords matches my play times very nicely but I know good hearing is needed to raid these days and they don't much want people that cannot raid.

I have 4 characters all of whom will be reasonably high level within a few weeks. A smaller size kin is fine I don't need crowds - as long as there are often at least some people on.

Reply here or by forum message - thanks.