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    Suggestion for combating Gold Spammer via /tell and email

    Since they've moved to /tells now and have always sent emails:

    I think a VIP-only whitelist for sending tells or emails would be appropriate. Premium and F2P first have to send a permission request to the player to grant that kind of communication (which could still be sent if the recipient were offline). It could be a one-time process like adding to the friends list and is account-wide for that player, meaning if allowed then he/she can send to any toon on the account.

    So if you get a request from Asfliqhribak requesting to talk to you, you just say 'no' and there you go, they can't msg you in any private way.

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    If I am remembering it correctly we already have a good way to handle personal tells. You can disable all incoming personal tells unless they are coming from a kin member or a friend.

    The more difficult problem is how to deal with all the global chat spam in something like world.
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