I'll start by saying I did the high level scavenger hunt last year on my 100 level hunter along with my husband's end cap burg. We liked that we could pick and choose what quests we wanted to do from what year and were both very happy with the rewards, including the majestic white stag. So when I saw that there was a going to be a low level scavenger hunt I decided to do it on my 55th level mini and "finished" it. Or at least I thought I had. I was bewildered that I finished the 11th year and got the dreadful Gollum mask but was baffled why as to why I had not received the majestic white stag for when I first took the quests there was no indication of what the requirements were other than finishing the 11 years of quests. Baffled, I hunted on line and discovered one lone posting on Lotro-wiki (and that I only found by that by "back dooring" the Journey Through Eriador) and was quite taken back at what I discovered. When I started the low level scavenger hunt I did not expect to earn all same the rewards that the high level one does, I know how much work that one is after all, but by that same token I was stunned to see that while the high level players (At least as of last year since I didn't do the high level this year) doing the high level scavenger hunt could pick and choose what quests from what year they wanted to do to get the rewards, if a low level scavenger hunt player wanted to get the white majestic stage,the required the fulfillment was doing all of the 22 quests, no picking or choosing. Which left me wondering why. Why were the requirements different for low players as opposed to end cap players? Why was there no heads up warning that if you wanted the stag, never mind the dye and the tokens, you'd have to done all 22 quests? Why the difference in treatment? And why no warning of what would be required?