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    Dec 2017
    Boston, MA

    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 64

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    Rock and Roll! Thanks for the update.

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    Jan 2013
    Mithlond, Eriador, Middle-Earth, Arda, Eä
    My dwarf is working on that dad bod lol

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    Nov 2015
    Stocking up on other tokens to trade for summer tokens.

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    Sep 2008
    checking out older summer festival rewards to decide which to aim for, and hoping for great new pets and housing items!
    ... though in all lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.

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    I won't do much. Fishing takes too much time, and several of my characters already have all of the special fish. Also, it doesn't look good on a female elf, if she starts to puke...

    Greetings, Polymachos
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    How are you preparing for the Summer festival?

    Cleaning inventory bags for to get space for the new iterms...

    Sergio :-)
    Moved from Riddermark to Landroval on 2/10/1015!

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    stockpiling tokens

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    Doing stomach warm-ups so that I can crush the eating contests... if my elf puts on a few pounds, it'll all be worth it to show up those hobbits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Avedram View Post
    Stocking up on other tokens to trade for summer tokens.
    Thats what I'm doing too. Hope there's plenty of new stuff to catch my eye.

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    I just got my sister to join me in playing Lotro this week!

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    Going in blind. This will be my first time participating in the festivities. I assume I need a towel and maybe some sunscreen.

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    Looking forward to summer festival, love it being maybe my favourite and cant wait to see the summer instances as well, hopefully Thrang will be epic!

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    Aug 2016
    no preparations, busy with anniversary festival

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    I eat right and do lots of finger exercises. Almost pulled my thumb, better cut back on the exercises.

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    Summer Festival?

    I always review prior year steed rewards first. then I pick which race or characters I may want them on.

    Lastly, I figure out if it's faster to earn tokens via Inn League, or Festival quests.

    Although, this year I will also be preparing for the new Summer Festival raid =D

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    Waxin' those mankini lines

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    Saving the date in my calendar now....June 28th, 2018.... done.

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    How are you preparing? Eh, nothing...
    Or what are you preparing for? I’m preparing for the incoming money!

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    Apr 2012

    How are you preparing for the Summer festival?

    I've been doing spit-takes at sentences that are only mildly surprising, just to get the practice in. I need that fountain emote on several more characters.

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    Me? I'm stockpiling all those fireworks from the Anniversary giftboxes, seeing which toons still need to join Inn League, and maybe hitting https://lotro-wiki.com to find out what to expect. And crossing fingers for some LP's for posting.

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    I don't see the "question" in the very first post. Is it there? I had to scroll through the thread to figure out what it was.

    As usual for me, the summer festival lands right on a very busy time for me. Always. I never get much done at the summer festival.

    This time, it doesn't even start until I'm away on vacation for 18 days (no opportunity to play while i'm gone). It will almost be over by the time I'm back, and I'll have to do catch-up on everything that didn't get done while I was gone. :-(

    I will miss the new festival instances, my kinnies will do them WITHOUT ME! SOB! But I will be very grateful for the Summer Festival encore. Hopefully, they won't be so bored with them that they won't do them with me. Maybe I'll finally learn to love Summer Festival, though the fishing bores me silly, mostly. Lately I've been doing festivals to earn Universal Solvents. And with a level upgrade (120) coming later, I'm thinking about stockpiling some more crystals for my LI's. And I have a LOT of toons with LI's (seven at 115, and one at 106!).
    Linden Starfall, Leader of Mithril Crowns of Elendilmir and Arkenstone

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    Dec 2015
    I have replied, hooray!
    Ealendil of Doriath, composer and member of Lindamar, Vanimar

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    I don't usually prep for festival, but I'm excited! This will be my first time at Summer festival!

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