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    Installation Woes

    So, nightmare of a day, 3 hour installs because theres no access to a full installer and every time something goes wrong you have to install from scratch because there is no file list for simple checking.

    Anyway, i was switching from the steam version to the non steam version just to see if the constant crashing and other nastyness would stop, also to switch to the SSD which i refuse to let steam have access to.

    On the 2nd to the 4th install, i kept getting the 201 error, tho i dodnt get the 201 error page link until teh 3rd install (thx to Pontin vis discord, these guys are really nice and helpful even to very frustrated and angry gamers). I did everyhing the page said, no dice, so installed for a 4th time, this time in all the default folders, same problem, fresh install, refused to work. Because one of the solutions was to copy the files from the backup folder into the main folder, i made a full copy of the game folder on my HDD.

    When i ran the launcher on the HDD version, suddenly it found there was a missing file, client_cell_1.dat, it downloaded, patched and the game ran. I ran the launcher on the original install, and it didnt even check for the missing file, which i now know is missing but didnt before hand because theres no list... So it doesnt check, doesnt download, doesnt patch, just pops up the nasty 201 box.

    So using my trusty beyond compare software i update the two files that were different from the original install folder, a patch .bin file and the missing file. and the game runs as expected.

    I am posting this here because at least three times the installer failed to correctly install the correct files, and then failed to notice there was a file missing and patch it, and ended up giving the horridly vague 201 error box, without listing any details\of the error. Had it said cannot find filex at least 8 of these hours could have been saved, along with much sanity and stress.

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    I'm very glad your experience with the community's Discord server was a pleasant one and a member of Staff was able to assist you! Thank you for being a part of our community as the community would not be what it is without members like you!



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