Hunters of Combe are a friendly, helpful and fun kinship.
We have one rule - We are family act like it.
The kinship chest is for all, as is the kinship house.
We offer tours that will introduce you to all the hidden gems, easter eggs and teach you about the lore of the various areas.
We have weekly kinship parties, with snowball fights, sinister keg runs, music, dancing and fun.
We do raids/instances as often as people want - Setting specific times often leaves some out, so it is as you need it we quickly organize and get it done.

We are a bit goofy, have discord and forums, and are here for fun and enjoyment.

If you are a hard core raider or want to be, we may not be for you. We are here for fun, not to work lol, though we do raiding and grinding, it is not a focus.

If you are new, or a returning player you are welcome, any levels, any classes any races, as long as you are here for fun and to enjoy the world Tolkien created we are the one for you.