• Terrible Wound was incorrectly being spread by Radiate. It is no longer affected by this trait.
  • Hemorrhaging Wound and Terrible Wound damage over time has been reduced.
  • Unimbued Legendary Item area of effect damage bonuses have been reduced.
  • Honourable Combat now properly heals for each Bleed removed.
  • Sweeping Cut's base damage has been increased.
  • The skill description of Overwhelm has been fixed.
  • The trait description of Hemorrhage has been fixed.
  • War Chant now does physical damage.
I tentatively say that I'm alright with the changes in Update 22.2.2.

From what I can tell Sweeping Cut base damage has nearly been doubled, say 80% larger? That is a very welcome change and should hopefully help to bring it a little closer to Whirling Retaliation. Before there was just such a huge disparity gap between the two.

Terrible and Haemorrhaging Wounds deal something like 4k less damage per tick but I think they are still good in my personal opinion anyway.

War Chant damage type got changed from Tactical to Physical (melee) but maintained its Light Damage type so I am happy about that.

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Update 22.2.2 screenshots...

Light-damage reads as Light Damage and is registered in CombatAnalysis as Light Damage.

The only hint towards Physical Damage that I can tell is that that damage is calculated via Physical Mastery rather than Tactical Mastery. Could I please get someone more knowledgable than me to confirm this?
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It's melee skill instead of tactical skill it used to be.