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    The future of t2c Scaled Instances can be bright.

    This thread summarises my personal opinion on t2c scaled instances and a couple of suggestions on how to make them really worth running.

    I'll start by saying that the recent challenge featured instance addition is a great step for whoever is interested in t2c content.
    The grind is not bad at all , 5 coins per run , 20 per armour piece , 20 per pet , 25 for mount.
    People on evernight already do multiple runs per day , now that Bells is the featured instance!
    I won't comment on the new vendor loot itself , as i realise this is a test thing for SSG and feedback will define whether to continue featured challenges in the future or shut them down.
    ( If you need further proof on the test part , check the max level on the gear - 119 , meaning it's going to last 2.5 months until U23 )

    If you include court of seregost and dungeons of naerband , Lotro has over 40 scaled instances available , which can and should be used in future level caps as worth running content to provide the game with more end-game duration.
    In short , provide people in end-game with MANY things to do , while using already developed content with minimal extra work.
    That was the initial purpose behind scaling after all right ?

    Problem is , unless you run the featured challenge instance , the loot in scaled instances is outdated and mostly obsolete:
    a)Some low ixp runes , like 50k or so , while mordor instances award ~ half a million runes.
    b)Relics that no one on level cap uses/needs anymore. ( very limited exceptions ) Only real use is sending to lower level alts. Even shard system has become mostly pointless...
    c)Outdated armour pieces , of which only a few were actually useful on mordor launch and lasted very shortly.
    Assuming next level cap will include new decent shields ( unlike mordor launch ) and have better stat contributions , like finesse on will gear etc , those gear drops will be obsolete.

    I have 2 suggestions to make.

    1) Add a Meta deed for completing all scaled instances.
    Split the meta deed into 3 parts : complete 3mans , 6mans and raids on challenge mode , on level , starting with U23 and level 120.
    For completing the entire meta deed ( it's going to take a while ^^ ) ,
    add a total reward of 3 boxes ( 1 per lesser deed ) including bound to character AND unique 3-set jewellery items : 1 earring , 1 bracelet and 1 ring.
    Give those 3 jewellery a high item level bonus , something similar to ilvl 340 on Mordor standards ( newest raid gear is 345 ).
    You can add a 2-set bonus for people that are only willing to complete t2c 3mans and 6mans deeds ( and not raids ).
    As a 3-set bonus , i'd like to ask for something special , it can be utility or it can be combat bonus , i am fine with either , as long as it's unique and makes you feel proud you got it through good old instanced content.
    There will be 0 RNG involved , just pure team effort and in some scaled instance cases , a really decent ammount of skill and teamwork involved.

    The reason i suggested earring , bracelet and ring as candidates is because we can wear 2 of each , and thus , adding a unique alternative won't allow the players to completely bypass newest on-level instanced content for best-in-slot end-game gearing.

    You can repeat this process for every future level cap , with the same jewels , only scaled further.

    2) Scale and bring back the revered gold items from Riders of Rohan.
    Examples :
    Add them on the challenge chests on a very low drop chance , similar to as it was back in RoR.
    Ideally on a box to pick the item you need , for a class of your choosing. ( Bound to account )

    Is it just me that finds the idea number 1 so great ? T_T
    I came up with it while drunk -_-
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