So whenever I watched Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" trilogy, I always wished he'd not done about 2/3 of the things he did. I never liked Azog as a character in these movies, or elf-dwarf romance. Or wizard-elf romance for that matter. And a number of other departures he took from Tolkien's original work to add into his films. I wanted something tighter and leaner, a little more like his LOTR work, which I'm a huge fan of, yet still with Jackson's flair for background and performance.

Fan edits have come and gone over the years attempting to accomplish this goal, but never to my particular taste. So for the past six months, I've been trying my hand at excising those parts of the trilogy I didn't enjoy, yet still trying to make it a coherent and professional looking and sounding film. I completed my goal and thought I'd share it. If you're interested, I've split the film into two parts, but it's made to be watched contiguously. It'll take you about the time it takes to watch a football game. I hope you enjoy it.