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    A change in ILI legacy replacement

    I would suggest to change the way ILI legacy replacement works. In the current game legacy replacement is considered as rare and unneeded, which is hinted by the limited access to replacement scrolls. Currently these scrolls are available in throne bartering, the store, rare drops in FIs and a few in quests (ignoring secondary store users that buy with gold).
    This means the only reliable ingame sources are raid farming and gold farming. IMO quite restrictive.

    On the other hand we have a game that evolves over time, which has a strong impact on the benefit of our legacies. A (possibly incomplete) list of reasons for imposed legacy changes:

    1. changes of single skills. Skills can become more/less effective, pushing another legacy forward or making a currently neglected legacy fun to play.
    2. changes of trees. Many single skill changes can make a previously boring tree interesting again
    3. changes in the game can enforce choosing a mixed build or different tree. (e.g. static DD vs. making kiting more important, importance of CC skills)
    4. changes in main stats. The value of main stat legacies is fixed numbers, not percentual numbers. The benefit depends on current game design.
    5. changes on secondary stat bonuses on legacies (secondary stats). Same as 4.

    All of these changes have an impact on the benefit of our legacies, but reacting = store or raid farming. The question there is also a long term one. We could possibly accept the one disadvantage today, but the other changes 3 and 5 game updates later could change our mind.

    In this context the post of Vastin is quite interesting:
    Quote Originally Posted by Vastin View Post
    I encourage people to simply play the game, try out builds and new play patterns and see what works best for you - or ask others for advice. If I know anything about our more experienced players, it is that they are more than willing to give you any and all the advice you might need to get your build working effectively. I tried to balance the skills to a point where several different builds should be functionally effective within the hunter trees, so there should be plenty of space there to explore.
    There is a difference between advice from another player and trying a build. One is copying the play pattern and/or the build of another player and the other one is finding out what fits to your way of playing. In fact this renders the exploration space quite useless for those that don't have the resources.

    IMO there are several ways to solve the problem, but they depend on design decisions. The easiest solution is to give us easier access to scrolls, but this would invalidate the idea that ILIs would typically not change. Another one is to be quite conservative with class changes that impact legacies, but we're already beyond that point.

    (This is not about the current class balance pass, but about the general game concept. This will sooner or later affect all classes and builds, we just need to wait for long enough.)

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    I agree completely. I've had my main hunter for 7 years and with the update I have legacys I cant use. I spent a lot of time doing smiths and builder for the empowerments and now its all wasted. I would definitely work the same way for a legacy replacement or 2. Theres just no reason they should be so hard to get.

    And if the suggested idea of trying new builds is the only option then of course that still leaves the need to change the legacys with the traits.



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