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    Finally some changes...wait, what?

    Greetings fellow Minstrels.

    First I want to say that I think the main problem of the currently divided minstrel community concerning the changes is the difference in skill they’re dealing with.
    I’m not talking about the minstrel player himself but the skill of the whole group.
    When you have a raid where all members are familiar with the mechanisms of the fights and have a good level of movement and general awareness of what’s happening a minstrel is still able to heal sufficently because overall everyone is taking less damage.

    Before the changes a good minstrel was able to outheal a lot of mistakes by tanks or DD’s.
    But now since the changes and the overall reduced amount of healing the minstrel is less powerful in groups or raids where people are not super geared or experienced with their class.

    Was that the purpose of these changes?

    What about some other things they wanted to adress?

    Raise the Spirit was never a viable option when compared to Bolster Courage.
    Is it now?
    Basically nothing has changed in the use of skills except that you buff your group with 4 anthems and call to greatness prior to a fight.

    But otherwise what’s different than before?

    You still spam bolster courage, you still cut the animation with soliloquy of spirit and/or Chord of Salvation and refresh inspire fellows.
    I know this is not everything a minstrel does in a fight but when I hear the phrase „class changes“ I expect a bit more than just reducing heals in general and buff 2-3 skills in their healing amount so they actually matter.

    „Legend of Helm Hammerhand“, a capstone skill in the blue line is a skill no minstrel in the history of minstrels has ever thought of investing one skill point in there. What about that?

    „Shield Focus“, the new trait that increases block chance is a waste of skill points even if there was no movement penalty attached to it.

    These are just two examples of traits (mainly in the yellow tree) which are so ridiculously weak or useless that investing trait points is out of the question.
    How about a trait that actually increases the amount of healing done by raise the spirit?
    Or something like "If raise the spirit is a critical hit your next inspire fellows has no induction (or can be cast while moving)".

    I would love to see some changes for the minstrel that makes the class more versatile, more interactive to play where multiple possibilities exist to trait a minstrel.
    And I’m not only talking about changes to the minstrels blue trait tree which is actually the only one that is even playable in a group!

    I’m not asking for huge changes but how about fixing some long overdue issues and make the minstrel a class that is not only played because it’s the only possible healer in the game.
    This class needs some love from someone who actually plays the game AND cares.

    Best wishes,

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    Well put, it would even be acceptable to hear "This was a first pass at the minstrel revamp and we are planning some tweaks to what has been changed" As of now it completely reworked things that didn't need to be reworked

    -As you stated, still a useless blue capstone, also have multiple traits that increase x for bubbles that are useless because they only mitigate 1% of current morale

    -Anthems and the way yellow traitline worked for anthems was perfect and needed no change to the current awful way it is

    -Bolster nerf was welcome and even minis wanted a change from the ezmode, but at least buff our main aoe heal(Inspire Fellows) to be something besides an incoming damage buff, it should be our high power cost OH SHEET heal when TS is on cd

    But look at the bright side, our healing is broke but at least we aren't RK healer status....
    Bace- R14 Suicidal Minstrel and Kamikaze Karaoke King, Firefoot

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    i wanna give my opinion aswell.

    Before the update, when follow up was able to stack, you were able to see a skill diference between minstrel players. It was about getting all the skills in between the bolster rotation to get -100% induction time, or at least as many stacks possibible. The problem, it didn‘t mattered that much because bolster
    Healed so much that others skills weren‘t rly necassary. You just saw it in the HPS numbers. It was possible to heal the raid with 60k but you were able to have 120k. Even the numbers say it. That you are able to heal a T2C raid with half or even less HPS of what was possible shows hiw ridicoulus healing has been!

    Now after the patch, in my opinion you aren‘t able to see a huge difference in the skill level of a mini. Follow up isn‘t able to stack anymore, and even after the lowering of healing you don‘t need to spam all the heals to keep you‘re group a live.

    As a good group you can avoid a lot damage making the life of a mini a lot easier. And since some classes do more damage, the self healing through the healing mark of the captain is very efficient.
    I agree, that a good group is key but what the minstrel is doing right now is not actuall healing?!

    And yes the rotation of a minstrel has changed (maybe not at AoM id2) in most situations. Bolster is not the strongest skill by far anymore. I never tried it, but i think id 1 is probably possible without even touching bolster. Why? In the case that someone gets teleported on the desk or one of the supplicants make it through you‘ll probably use chord and perfect end (or whatever it’s called on the english client) but out of that you’re Minstrell experience is called the soliloquy of sprit simulator. Even if you spam bolster and doing you‘re old rotation... if soliloquy isn‘t the top heal in you’re combat analysis you’re doing something wrong.

    To the rest @Tawari0n said i can only agree.

    in the end i ask my self if the T2C is currently to easy. Not in the way on how much damage you need more like how much damage was dealt by the Bosses and other mechanics.

    I still think T2C shouldn’t be possible for everyone. If you want to successfully accomplish it you need to improve. I liked the idea of Throne of dread terror were in T1 you got a less powerful armor set. This should be a thing and T2C needs to be harder otherwise it has no purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fureo View Post
    It was possible to heal the raid with 60k but you were able to have 120k. Even the numbers say it. That you are able to heal a T2C raid with half or even less HPS of what was possible shows hiw ridicoulus healing has been!
    The job of the healer is to keep the group alive, not abusing every mechanic available to get the highest possible HPS.

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    First, I have to say since the update the way of healing changed quite a bit. I like the fact that it's more challenging now.

    What I don't like are several bugs which exist for quite a long time and still nobody seems to address them.

    - The Trait "Raise our Spirits" is still bugged. When using Raise the Spirit you get the same one time groupheal as from the improved Chord of Salvation. No Heal over time.

    - The Trait "Resonant Piercing cry" in blue line is bugged since the Introduction of Skill Trees. That's the trait which after scoring a critical hit with piercing cry creates an area around the target in which Bolster Courage und Raise the Spirit should get a small bonus added to their healing. The area is created, you get the buff while standing in it, still no bonus is applied to Bolster Courage or Raise the Spirit.

    -The skill "Call to Ioreth" which makes your next healing skill crit still doesn't work properly. The Animation for the skill is still too long. Also after pressing this "instant" skill it takes like half a second for the buff to apply. so if you're too quick with cutting the animation with chord of salvation, it doesn't always crit and in some situations you need the crit from chord of salvation to keep the Tank alive.

    - In yellow line you gain the setbonus "Song of Restoration" which alters the skill "Story of Courage" so it removes one ADDITIONAL poison, wound, fear or disease effect. The only thing that this setbonus does is that Story of Courage removes still only one effect but now even AFTER the animation. So basically 2,6 seconds for casting the skill PLUS an additional 2-3 seconds for the animation to end and then you remove the effect...

    Still there are some issues I mentioned before which are technically not bugs but raise the question if the developers even play the game.

    -Minstrel bubbles are far too weak. You might as well remove the traits for enhancing the bubbles and replace it with something useful.
    ATTENTION THOUGH: Giving the Minstrel a trait that increases block chance while decreasing run speed by 30% is NOT USEFUL.

    -The yellow tree needs some major revamp. It tries to create a playing style where you're damaging skills synergize with your healing skills but the endresult is that you suck at both. And the group benefits for traiting yellow are far too weak to believe that yellow minstrels offer some useful support like a captian, lore-master or burglar.

    I hope some other minstrels feel encouraged to post about the bugs they have discoverd and maybe somehow we will get a real class update...


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    Add cries and calls cd to 15s but change the silence immunity to 5s this promotes coda usage more often
    remove 3 minute anthems and make them like 45s
    this is what I want to see as it promotes skill and movement rather than standing still



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