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    strange problems like slow launcher,forums and 50% loss ingame!

    since yesterday evening i have some strange Things appearing.

    1:lotro Forum is super slow for me while other Internet sides are totally fine.
    2:the launcher is super super slow sometimes i have to Close and restart it 5 times till i can Login if i even can.
    3:loading Screen can be stuck,sometimes even before character selection Screen.
    4:if i get ingame i had 3 times now 20-50% loss and was not able to Play or even move.

    everything else in the Internet and stuff is fine for me and other People in this house using same Internet.

    any ideas?

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    Not just you; it has taken me 5 minutes and multiple reloads to get this far in answering.

    The game is running "OK", although packet loss is running a bit higher than usual, and suffering unexplained slowdowns.

    Ré the launcher.

    The last update gave us a new launcher, however it HASNT replaced the old Turbine version, so the scripts to block splash screen downloads arent working.

    If you go to the LOTRO install folder, you will find a new "LotroLauncher" .exe, place a short-cut on the desktop, then use the same nosplash script. Test to make sure it works, then delete the old "Turbine" link.



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