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Thread: How to DPS now

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    How to DPS now

    In what we may call the "old days" prior to Mordor, I used to select red tree, but trait very deeply into yellow to get the Bring on the Pain skill. I didn't even use a lot of the more damaging single target skills. My LI legacies generally focused on boosting AOE skills. I just AOE'd everything to death and didn't use skills like Brutal Assault or Overwhelm very often in favor of faster ones like Sting and Stagger.

    In Mordor, my play style changed a bit, but I didn't change traits or LIs at all.

    Now with the extensive class changes, I would like to know if traiting deep into yellow is still a viable idea, or are we now much better served by going deep into red? Basically I am looking for advice from more experienced guardians on how to best DPS now.

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    Guard DPS now is based on applying the 3 new bleeds, associated to brutal assault, thrust & sweeping cut. Then you use overwhelm to convert thrust bleed to a more potent version (same concept like bleeds pre-HD with Salt the Wound). The key is rotating through skills to maintain them up the most time possible. Use Hammer Down when off-CD too, high damage skill, and crit over 100k damage.

    You will want to trait deep in red line, just avoid Thrill of Battle, To the Rescue and Honourable Combat. Also, you don't need more than 3 ranks in the trait that reset the CD of Brutal assault if you cycle trough parry response skills constantly, it will reset very often. Take 2 ranks of Power restoring trait if you find you lose power too quickly. From yellow tree, you will want to trait War-Chant (with max targets), Incoming healing and 2 ranks of Ignore the Pain. With this you have a good base for a good red build.

    After this, if you have enough trait points, you can chase after +AoE dmg deeper in yellow line (is possible to max it with 89 trait points). Or you can go instead for guardian's pledge in blue line if you want to have a panic skill

    Have fun!

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    Thank you for the detailed information. It does seem like it is more viable now to just go for raw damage rather than trying to use as many self-heals. I did some testing and saw Hammer Down crit for over 100k, which was quite a surprise, so this will be interesting to say the least.



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