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    Unhappy The Phantom Riders of Rushgore - Memorial Service for our Fallen Leader

    It's with a heavy heart that our Kin Leader, Dhardan (or Dhar for short) has passed away on Wednesday, June 6th, 2018.

    We will be holding a memorial service at the Funeral Pyre located at the hill behind our kinship house at Tol Lochúl Island, Arvirion, Belfalas Homesteads on Saturday, June 16th, 2018, at 5:00 PM Server Time.
    Everyone on the server is invited to come by and say a final farewell to a good friend and player.

    Hope to see everyone there.

    Rest well dear friend, may you have a fruitful journey into Valinor.

    -Bluezombie, humble kinsman of the Phantom Riders of Rushgore
    Last edited by BlueZombie6; Jun 16 2018 at 06:17 PM. Reason: Changed my mind, and decided to make it remain open.
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    Really sorry to hear this. He was a great friend to me om Riddermark. He will be greatly missed.

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    Deepest condolences. I knew Dhar when he was with Order of the Ebon Hawk on Riddermark, and we kept in touch when he decided to start his own kin. Heh, he even asked me to make him a cosmetic shield before he left for Gladden, to remember me by.

    I was just thinking about him the other day, strangely enough. Perhaps there was a reason why...

    With a heavy heart... Blunte

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    I am sorry to hear this. I will be there to pay my respects and say farewell.
    . Aradaen of Gladden, Level 115 Champion-Brothers in Arms
    Danrath of Crickhollow-Casual Wanderers

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    I came to express my sincere sympathy to our friend and The Phantom Riders of Rushgore Kinship. I am terribly sorry for your devastating loss. Tis not only loss for the kinship,but the entire Sever and community. We shall feel the enormous impact of grief and sadness. The intensity of pain will increase over time. I know what I speak off because I have lost my father/grandfather and aunt in the within one year. You have to stay resilient in the Dark times ahead.

    The words cannot express the sorrow and bitterness I feel in my heart. I shred a tear, Our friend is at the better place at least. I have have the privilege to be the part of his kinship and I spoke to him on several occasions.His kindness and warmness of the soul was extraordinary and unique. Or last conversation was cheerful within Real of Gladden and I always knew him as a very Tolerant,Patient,Modest,incred ibly humble and fair. He was compassionate to me,always ,since the Day one. A light in the Darkness and Hope for the Hopeless. I knew it from a moment I "met" with him, Such quality of character is very rare and I will tell you openly now in the end of ballad it takes immense strength to forgive one and take the rough handling with ease.

    Dhareen was the one who invited me in the kinship and gladly accepted my alternative characters and he also gave me several items and asked nothing in return. Dhareen have had the Heart "bigger "than Deluxe Kinship Premium house" He did indeed. Every time I spoke to him or crossed the path on my Elven characters I felt high spirited as he was imbued with certain Magical aura of great spiritual power. I do not know the details surrounding his death, nor It is my right to ask , but I am sure he fought with courage,determination and last molecule of power. Dhareen was deeply loved and he will missed more than certain people can still imagine when the first shocking phase ends. It was only possible to love him.

    The death in the current life is nothing , but another road to immortality, Tis not the definitive end. The Blessed Realm of Aman shall gladly embrace the "fallen" leader, Fallen in this mad world, certainly ,as Tolkien once wrote "This a fallen world"

    Victory in Death, Dhareen, we shall meet one day , sooner or later. It is inevitable and shall ride together upon the plains of Valinor.

    As for the rest, Do not fear death. never give up, even when faced with incredible odds,look for the radiance amidst the gloom. Always live like today is your last, but live with hope too.

    Kind Regards,

    Vanyalanthiriel Vanimelda ~ The Radiant Star Queen of Calacyira ~The Flame Imperishable Greatest of all time for Ages&Arda beyond.
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    So sorry to hear this.

    I would warn you, though, that I've attended a memorial for a player that was publicized (as yours was in the LOTRO Beacon) and it attracted several griefers who took great pleasure in repeatedly rushing into our group and disrupting the service. It almost seems inconceivable that people could be so cruel and petty, but it's a real possibility. You may want to take the precaution of having the gathering move indoors to the kinhouse where you can lock to doors to uninvited players, should that occur.

    I hope nothing like that happens at your memorial and you get to share some nice memories.

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    On behalf of the Rangers of the West, I offer our deepest condolences to you and your kin.

    Dhar, having touched the lives of some of our members through his kindness and generosity, will be greatly missed.

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    Hey everyone, as of this post, the Memorial Service is concluded. HUGE thanks to everyone who attended as well as send us their best wishes. Really goes to show how awesome the LotRO community is.

    With Much Love from the Phantom Riders of Rushgore! <3

    Rest in Peace Dhar... You'll be missed by the kin and by the server, as well as the whole LotRO community.


    Bluezombie - 115 Captain, Kogasa - 68 Guardian, Yamame - 109 Hunter, Doremy - 48 Beorning, Susumu - 38 Champion, Suwako - 30 Warden, Tewi - 25 Guardian

    Proud Member (And Discord Admin) of The Phantom Riders of Rushgore - Gladden

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    I am glad you decided to leave the thread open. Sometimes folks don't find out about something until much later, and it hits them/us as if it happened that day. It will be nice for them to have a place to pay their respects...

    I had to work, otherwise I would have rolled a toon just to attend. I found myself thinking of him often in the last few days. He helped many people, and I know I learned a little something from him over time.

    Regards... Blunte

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    Miss you my friend

    I'd like to pass on my sincerest condolences too, he will be missed.

    Your friend,
    Radicus Hood

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    Lost a good one!

    I am so sorry to hear of Dhar's passing. I was fortunate to have had a chance to meet Dhar and have some very nice chats. I was away for a few days and just learned of this tragic news today. I am very sorry I couldn't attend but please know my thoughts are with Dhar's family and friends. Gladden's charm is it's community and we lost a good one when we lost Dhareen.
    -Memosa (Red Wedding Catering Co.)

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    Sorry for your loss.
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