Update 22.2 comes out Thursday, and destroys all of my Grand Relics (+125 healing and +125 tactical damage). Because I don't have premium wallet, I don't get any tokens to replace them, and now I'm just supposed to sit here and twiddle my thumbs while the Devs try to figure out how to fix their screw up? This is 28000 ash worth of relics we're talking about here... HOW IS THIS OKAY?! I submit a ticket and all I'm told is "We're working on it". Well I know you have the power to give me the relics and/or the tokens for said relics, but instead I'm just supposed to sit back on a gimped character and either A) Be the weak link in my raid and cause the group to fail repeatedly, or B) just sit back and not raid until this is fixed or I can Pay-To-Win myself 28000 ash.

Please stop sitting on your hands devs and let the GM's replace the tokens that have disappeared. If you don't have a way to track exactly what disappeared, then what? You just say sorry you're up #@$& creek? You're gonna have to find some acceptable replacement in the mean time, like 2 tokens per character or ANYTHING to help make the wrongs right.