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    The Hunter Update 22.2 Quick Analysis The new Devilry

    The Forces of Angmar are in need of rapid update. The Red line is truly terror. The attack speed is insane. Damage over time, debuffs , Press Onward heals 30% morale every 45 seconds.

    I have not tested a Guardian.

    A high ranked Well geared experienced hunter will be nigh unstoppable.

    CD's reduced. Up shot damage indeed is massive. The attack speed is incredible. Hunter is a new ranged burglar. Now it is my far the most dangerous class, You will be executed in blink of an eye. Critical attacks are even easier to land due to pen shot debuff.

    Logged in within the realm of Arkenstone first. First blood. 2 shooted Rank 15 Beast. Ultra glass Canon Build. My setup and New Bow-master Spec. The rest invested to deal maximum possible damage. Rank 13 reaver burned down, Could not withstand the onslaught and tis me Rank 8 only with 18,5% mitigations lacking any of the Northern essences and additional more potent buffs/Devastate potion/Top gear.

    My crtic chance is 26% , not 30% My mastery can rise up to 240,000+. Twas 222k.

    To put it simply the damage ,bleeds and attack speed are unreal.Now hunter has the incredible self heal as well.

    Bear in mind I was solo which means no additional buffs ,For instance captain,Nothing, I have not engaged from Stealth, No devastating hits/+40% magnitude potion devastating potency.

    The intoductions are shother, Heart seeker bleed is much longer and brutal. Up shot hits thrice tougher with 15 seconds CD. The only "nerf" you will notice is the Pen shot direct damage. Matters not.

    Warg Stalker at slugs 311 Renown. Pen shot + Crtical heart seeker was enough to fry it down. Rank 15 warg.

    Ultra Damage build i Personally use, notice the Heart Seeker damage and Terror bleed.

    Reaver bleed out out after several seconds.

    The reaver used Tome of defence and possibly had tactical mits also the Physical/Tactical Buff on full morale , Heart seeker still went over 50,000 Critical. The reaver was on full morale.

    And that's it for my Ultra glass canon build, The freeps will be dominating once more. The monsters are in need of urgent update or they wont step foot outside of Primary base.

    Extra: Yellow /Blue line were not tested.

    Posts your hits/Videos or Screenshots, do tell us your opinions, Honestly Devs what were you thinking, By high ones of Arda. I m one level short on my high Elf Guardian, to hit 115I have a distinct feeling they will dominate Ettenmoors once again.

    P.S Strength stance damage. The crtic are higher in the Precision stance, +37% multiplier.

    Vanya Sulie
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    A lot of DPS but without movement, if you get stalked by 2-3 warg, you can run ...



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