I know the update's tomorrow- just a quick suggestion for any future improvements in further point-updates- for Ered Luin in particular.

You know how, in the Dale-Lands, there's a smaller version of a Dol Amroth ship sailing-out on Long Lake?

Well, how about a small ship with white sails, i.e. Elvish-style, just patrolling the River Lune between Celondim and Duillond? It's a beautiful visual- and while its true that Mithlond's / Grey Haven's a ways away, it would help lend some extra visual excitement to Celondim's opening quest-lines. After all, much of it is about gathering materials for ship-building as well as wine-casks for the journey.

So I'd say that it would be cool to have a white-sailed ship patrol from the Celondim docks up beneath and beyond the Dwarf bridge, stop just short of turning the bend toward Kheledul (i.e. so that it goes past Duillond at least), then turn back around and sail southward, back to Celondim, etc. Just like the Cape of Belfalas and Long Lake ships.

If this is technically possible, please consider it