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    If few hunters play the yellow line, why is it there?

    Started with red line years ago, then switched to blue line as it was more defensive because you can move around (especially in Mordor). Lately I've been exploring the yellow line. It's defensive yes, but it needs a lot of love (which it hasn't gotten in a very long time). Cool downs are too long, traps need more staying power and damage. If you catch a bear in a steel trap, it's gonna hurt them a lot and they ain't getting away. The upcoming update did almost nothing to the yellow line (AGAIN)!

    If so few hunters (if any) play the yellow line, why is it even there?

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    Most hunters I know use the yellow line as a pre-cursor to switching to another line. So for example you want to take down a roving threat? You start by laying down all your traps in yellow line. Then switch to your preferred line for the pull. Although I just noticed in U22.2 that the cooldown between switching trait lines seems to be longer (I may be wrong).

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    Cordovan has said that more changes are coming.
    Hopefully yellow line will get some love in the future.
    I would love to try a workable full trapping build.

    He also said that cooldowns for changing trait specs was increased on purpose.

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    Yellow line is situational.

    I couldn't use it while leveling, because there were no trees back then, but in some situations, lets say the Library instance in DA, I used it a lot while getting better equipment.

    Generally, it's not something you will use a lot of the time, but when the going gets tough it's a nice way to deal some hard fights.

    Personally, I don't want everything to have a predetermined and fixed use, having a trait tree that needs an unusual way of thinking and planning for special cases is very fine for my playstyle. Same goes for most the 3rd trees of the other classes.
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