Here's a poem I wrote about Lotro! Any reviews or critiques would be highly appreciated. :)

Lord of The Rings Online,
a pleasant waste of time,
if you've nothing much to do.

There's quests of every kind,
deeds for you to grind,
and loads of running too.

You should talk to him,
no wait go talk to her.
On second thought,
why don't you fetch some heaps of matted fur?

Kill say 30 wolves, maybe a few more.
Now slay another 60 just to even out the score.

Oh look another escort quest
with slowpoke NPCs!
Keeping them alive,
gee that'll be a breeze.

Lets head over here, next to all these enemies!
Not the brightest bunch
those slowpoke NPCs.

Oh boy another festival!
I can get a hat!
I collect cosmetics,
cause fashion's where it's at.

Mounts are good as well
if you never get them wet.
On auction you can trade and sell
and buy cosmetic pets.

I have lots of pets you see,
they're swell and pretty great.
I also have a house in Bree that I can decorate.

Want drama, spam and politics?
World chat's got you covered.
Kins are pretty nice though,
from what I have discovered.

Want to play a different class?
Just make another alt!
Bonus! You get extra bag space and another vault.

Though the game is far from perfect,
and it has its faults,

all and all
I'd make the claim
that LOTRO is... an okay game.