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    New Gondorian Neighborhoods needed on Landroval

    Came back to the game after about 3 years and was excited about getting our old kinship back together and buying myself a house.
    Bought VIP and was surprised
    no stately Gondorian houses are available.
    Anyway to open some new housing instances?

    I have been checking for a stately house 5 times a day for a week with no luck

    Also my kinship was hoping to purchase a kin house but the island ones seem to be rare and all taken as well.

    Any plans on new housing instances? pretty please?
    Azulia|Azabella|Azzaya|Izarah| Azza|

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    The house allocation is way off, at least for Landroval. For our server population it should be three island kin, one mainland kin, half as many large, 50% more small houses or so, based on what's sold and the grumbling I've seen (and done a fair bit of myself). Is there any way this can get some developer attention? I realize they won't redesign the zone, but there needs to be an exception made for how new neighborhoods generate, because the system in place is not working.



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