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    Happily Confused, Q's about instances

    Coming back to LoTRO after a LONG break. My highest level toon was lvl 50.

    I purchased the Mordor Expansion with the free lvl 105 boost. So now I am running quests with my new high level Burglar in the Waste area just outside the Black Gate--loving the attention to detail!

    But I am a little confused on a few things...
    1. How do I get into instance groups? I join the instance finder and hours go by without anything. I see people in World Chat talking about forming groups but I don't have the decoder ring to understand what they are talking about.
    2. When I left LoTRO before, I was just getting into Skirmishes. I tried to do a Skirmish with my Burglar and it was VERY hard. I have a protector companion--but he is VERY bad at holding aggro (like 1 bleed tick pulls aggro back on me). Are Skirmishes still good for Marks? Am I doing something wrong? I tried to join a group, but see #1. BTW I am red-line Burglar.

    Does anyone else play solo and just pug group content? That has usually been my style since my free-time is highly variant.


    I am on Landroval with Bogomil the friendly Burglar

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    The best way to get into a group is through LFF or world chat. FIs are very popular. They are also called box runs and most players on Landroval run them at lvl 100-105. This instance changes every week and is normally on top of the specific list. Another instance run often is CoS (Court of Seregost) but you must have discovered the entrance in Mordor for that. Most skirms are run at cap level.

    If you need help, I play on Landroval with Wispsong.

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    Nobody uses the instance finder to get a group, therefore is no use trying that way.
    Asking in World chat or LFF is the best way. If you do not understand all the abbreviations used, then ask.

    I haven't tried skirmishes at level cap, but have you leveled up your companion? You do that using Marks in a skirmish camp.

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    As others have stated the Instance Finder is rather useless now. It never really was that great upon implementation so just ignore it for the time being. Use World or LFF chats. They have a "fix" in the latest Bullroarer build to change the Social panel in an attempt to make finding groups easier... which will be a nice addition.

    Join an active Kinship on your server and that should also naturally help to find groups too. Are you on Brandywine by any chance? I am still leveling my character so it is only level 69 but I would be happy to help if you were on my side here!
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    You will probably a fair number of calls for "box runs" or "FI runs". This is for the Featured Instance. When you open your instance panel, the featured instance is highlighted at the top. Every Monday, a new instance is picked as being featured. If you complete it at level 100 or higher, you get a box of goodies (hence "box run") and at level cap (115 right now) you get a better box of goodies. I'm on Landroval too and there is some pugging going on there. Finding groups for stuff that is not end-game instances or box runs can take a while though.

    Up to level 105, skirmishes are quite easy. At 106+ they get rather difficult. Mordor substantially increased the difficulty of monsters and such. If you set your skirmish to level 105 (or lower) you should have an easier time. Adjust to your liking, though you'll get less marks the lower you go. If you see a "Thorog farm" advertised, that's the quickest source of marks. Running the Helegrod Thorog dragon raid over and over, though you'll need to unlock the earlier wings if you haven't done it before back in the day. I did one last night and in 90 minutes I got 20,000 marks (you could get 40,000 if you buy a skirmish mark booster from store), 3000 medallions and 100 seals.

    Have you spent marks upgrading your protector at the skirmish captain? If not, that may be the problem, though all skirmish soldiers are semi-incompetent no matter how much you upgrade them. Herbalists are most popular since they don't charge out and draw aggro while keeping you alive to do your thing.

    And welcome back!

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    Good to know the Instance finder tool is dead. Chat method is old school--which is fine by me. Thanks again, everyone!



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