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    Smile Want Help With Creep Strategy? or Leading Advice?


    I mostly don't play this game anymore but in the time i did i acquired a lot of knowledge on how to dominate with a group of players on both sides of the game. I played for about 7 years and 5 of those years was spent pvp leading on both sides of the game. I was one of the founders of a 6v6 community that existed for about a year on brandy and then landy and played with players who liked to push the limits of lotro coordination. If you are interested in discussing creep strategy specifically or want tips/advice on how to dominate as a creep or freep leader i wouldn't mind trying to help you out. I have a channel in my discord devoted to lotro creep strategy. May do one for freeps too.

    I've personally lost my motivation for continuing to play this game apart from the odd random log in but i understand players will still have their reasons for staying in lotro. So add me on discord if you are interested in discussing anything pvp related and i can get you a discord server invite if you would like one.


    Good luck out there peeps
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    For what it's worth, this dude knows his stuff, and is a classy, kind man to boot.
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    Good to know, perhaps some of these 'jaded' old schoolers should emigrate to low pop servers and help out Creepsides there?...I'm railing against the 'semi-forced' migratory path to Ark that SSG are keen on, lets revive other servers first and foremost, and that starts with old players logging their monsters again.

    Glad too see you pass on your wisdom anyway 8)....new creeps can only benefit.

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    good stuff

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