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    The LOTRO Beacon: Issue 61

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.

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    What are your favorite quests or quest lines in LOTRO?

    My favorite comes from the Shire, quest chain "Spectre of the Black Rider" hobbit scaring people at night as a joke.
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    I can't pick just one. That's like asking a parent which child is their favorite.

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    my favorite is the epic quests in Angmar

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    Anything Bingo Boffin related.

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    Starting out as a dwarf quests!

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    I will admit I am a sucker for love stories...

    Wynmar/Noriel quests from Thinglad
    Eldo Swatmidge/Asphodel Froghorn quests near Staddle

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    Quests to prepare for Northcotton farmer's market in Evendim.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveYew View Post

    Thanks for reading! Don't forget to reply to this post, we will pick a winner next Thursday afternoon.
    I love the whole Grey Company quest chain. From gathering them all up to journeying all the way down south.

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    My favorite quest line is the Black Book of Mordor. It was epic! Entering the black gate and adventuring through Mordor was the best thing ever. The atmosphere, the music and the views is stunning especially in Talath Urui and Agharnaith.

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    I enjoy quest in which I can find references based on the original book

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    Haven't finished it yet but I'm enjoying the bingo boffin questline so far

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    Gah, I can't pick just one! The fake Black Rider in Budgeford, the whole Lake-Town story, Bingo Boffin, Ashes and Stars, Battle of Pelennor Fields, Lhan Tarren in Dunland, Woodhurst, the quests in Grimslade with the twins that pretend to be one person... I'm sure I'm forgetting a ton. So many great quest lines!

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    My favorite Quest Line would probably be the Wildermore line. I just got to the end of it (for the first time) and am really glad not all is lost. (I'll leave it at that to avoid spoilers :P)

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    I'd have to say the two quests/quest lines I enjoy most are the Bingo Boffin quests and the quests at Yule Festival. I've logged in with multiple alts (more than half of my 13) just to do those quests.

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    my favorite quest is The Last Treasure. I love riddles :3

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    My favorite is still the The Tomb of Elendil quest chain in Evendim in which you have to retrieve the Silithar for Aragorn. Currently enjoying the Rust and Rime series.... we should consider giving us 2-3 episodes when it goes live...

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    My favorite is and will probably always be Narmeleth's redemption at the end of the Vol. I epic. It was Epic in every sense of the word. I loved its tie-ins with book lore, in the deceiving of the High Elves by Sauron and the revelation of the fate of Earnur. But I am also a fan of silly hobbit quests, from running pies, to Northcotton Farms, to Bingo Boffin's adventure.

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the Southern Mirkwood Epic, from landing at the Mirk Eaves, to escorting Mazog with the Hidden Guard, to attacking Dol Guldur itself!
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    my favourite questline is the epic story :P

    if thats too big, I think, I'll choose pelennor fields battle.
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    What are your favorite quests or quest lines in LOTRO?

    My favorite Quest and Quest-line is from the "Halflings in the Hills?" series in Maur Tulhau, Gloomglens.
    Depending on your race, the subsequent quests illustrate how keen Stoor Hobbits take to outsiders with hilariously memorable lines like:

    "A giant! Fearsome tales have we of your kind! What do ye want of me? Are ye going to eat me? Though to be truthful, I would have expected a beast of greater stature...."

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    This won't be popular.

    But I loved the Stoke story and quest line in West Rohan.

    Love, murder, betrayal, espionage, torture of innocents, and false prophets. Man, that story line was amazing.

    So many good stories in lotro, but I'll remember that one for a long time.

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    I remember some quests that you can jump to take a shortcut.

    Back when we were picking flowers I would jump through the waterfall and revive after getting the quests.

    Candaith sent you to scout the weathertop, and after you’ve done it you can jump.

    Also in the lone-lands there is a quest that you have to kill mobs to get to the boss, but after you got to the boss and killed it you can jump.


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    My favorite questline? Northcotton Farmer's Market. It never gets old. The quests are not your traditional "go kill x amount of creatures" quests. I do those quests on all my characters.
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    Not necessarily "favorites", but some quest lines involving lost/injured animals. (They always seem to be smarter than lost/injured humanoid NPCs)

    The Cat's Meow


    The Ailing Hound

    ... & suchlike.

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