Bullroarer has been updated to build 2202.0059.9612.4231.

• Featured Challenge Quests are available for Tier 2 of Featured Instances. Please try these out and let us know what you think!
• The Rescued Steed of Agarnaith now actually has 250 morale.
• Racial Travel skills are now usable whilst mounted.
• Eriador Anniversary Scavenger Hunt Quests:
- These quests are now open to players of all levels as we have removed the level restriction
- Quest objects will now appear properly

Class Changes:

• Burglar - Skill - Clever Retort --> Enrage trick bleed now increased by the trait Honed Wit

• This update pass ended up actually being more substantial than the first.
• Focus generation heavily tweaked. Traited Precision stance generates less focus than it used to, and Deadly Precision is now much further up the Red line.
• To balance this, quick shot inductions shortened to 0.5s, and Swift Bow Induction shortened to 1.8s - this allows for a faster cadence of manual focus generation in either build, though red relies on it much more than blue.
• Skill damage changed more or less across the board to accommodate the new focus cadences.
• Pen Shot now applies a 10s debuff to the target's Inc phys damage, True Shot now traits it to add an additional ranged crit vulnerability on top of that.
• Pen Shot base damage decreased.
• Upshot's damage and damage multiplier per focus increase considerably. Now hits like truck. Cooldown reduced to 15s.
• Press onward and bonuses rescaled as a % health effect. Induction reduced to 1s.
• Heartseeker armor set bonus now has a 30s cooldown and a reduced proc chance (15%->10%)
• Heartseeker now has a long term bleed effect.
• Heartseeker will now consume 3 focus IF you have it - but does not require focus to fire or benefit from it. Kind of an odd experiment.
• Barrage now has a 2s cooldown per shot, and a 15s reset cooldown. Barrage 3 also hits brutally hard.
• Exsanguinate can now be traited to a 100% application chance (same trait cost).

• Wizard's Fire is back.
• Flanking bonuses for Wizard's Fire (heal & power) have been improved.
• Wizard's fire no longer has a dot component or interacts with burning embers (too many interaction channels)
• Gust of Wind can now be traited to upgrade 2 embers 100% of the time.
• Gust of Wind's induction has been reduced (2.1->1.5s)
• Upgraded damage of many dot & ground effects.
• Various forms of embers stack properly again.
• Lightning cashout for burning embers has been increased.
• Power of knowledge is back. It is now a shorter, high intensity lightning damage channel & self power restore - the power drain component has been removed.

• Changing Minstrel Anthem default duration to 60s
• Inspiring Cries and Calls cooldown increased to 30s
• Trait "Inspiring Cries and Calls" increases application chance by 10%/20%/30%/40% ranks 2 through 5
• Trait Follow up - Rank 2 induction reduction decreased 20% --> 15%
• Trait Follow up - Effect duration increased from 6s --> 20s
• Minstrel - Imbued LI - Healing Skills Power Cost now increases Fellowship's Heart healing after rank 59

• Warden - Light-damage Imbued Legacy now properly enhances all appropriate skills
• Warden - Imbued LI - Persevere Block Rating Imbued Legacy now affects Persevere
• Warden - Marked Target and Diminished Target debuff bonuses from items has been reduced to 5% from 15%. Bonuses no longer stack with each other. Items Affected: Featured Instance gear, Revered Warden's Earring

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