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Thread: Naming Issue

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    Naming Issue

    I've had a placeholder character on a server that I made about two months ago. The other day I deleted that character, intending to recreate them as a different class with the same name, however I kept getting the error "that name is already in use", which is not the same as "that name is taken", which is what I would get if another player had taken that name. I had a friend check and they confirmed no character by that name exists and that it was actually a "that player does not exist".

    But this has me quite frustrated, because I kind of really wanted that name, I was allowed to make a character with that name not long ago, but now I'm not allowed to have it for some reason? And I have no idea why. I've since tried again, only to have all the same messages.
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    I think it means that the name is either off limits because they don't want anyone to have the name (perhaps a NPC already has the name, perhaps it is considered naughty, perhaps it is prominent in the lore, perhaps it is prominent in some other game or book or movie lore) or it is reserved for future use by someone at SSG or one of their friends. I could be wrong about this.

    Why you could get it a while back but not now I don't know - perhaps they put the restriction in while you had the name but did not go so far as to take names away from existing characters.

    Check other servers and see how they react to the name.

    Put a ticket in asking to get the name back - the worst they can do is say "no".

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    This happened to me just two days ago. I had a character that had been on my account for about two years but barely played. I decided to take him out again but I wasn't happy with some things so I deleted him and remade him. Suddenly the name that he had had just minutes ago was no longer valid. I got the "that name is already in use" message. When I tried a different spelling, I got "that name is taken." I assume the "taken" message means "by a player" while the "already in use" message means an NPC has it. So apparently some NPC now has that name and while the previous character was grandfathered in, any new ones aren't.

    I'll admit I'm kind of surprised they lock down NPC names. There are so many NPCs, can you imagine how many names that is? I can see them taking very important character names out of circulation, names like Broin and Nar, or Horn and Nona. But if it's just NPC #578, you'd think they'd be more lenient.

    In case anyone is curious, the name that is no longer allowed was Raithgeir. Thankfully this was only a goof around character that I didn't have any attachment to yet, and I was able to get Raethgeir instead.

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    Don't they hold the data for characters that have deleted for a certain amount of time in order to allow for character recovery? Maybe that's why the names are being reserved?
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