What they may not know ... in addition to the new seasonal instances, there are 2 new Vendors near the Party Tree nuo and the Skirmish and one for the 6th instance.

The vendor of the Skirmish Sesonals will sell cosmetics, pet and barter mounts with tokens that will be completed by completing the skirmish.

Some prizes are also present in the usual vendor in the festival but some as the furniture for the home or the horse will be solaborre through the new token of the sisonal istance.

The vendor of the instance from 6 instead will give the possibility of bartering pieces of armor for his class with tokens specific to that instance, the droop rate I have no idea what it is but I think it's the stat that the bonus sets are still Work in progress, the Hunter, Minstrel, RK and Lore master armor sets are still missing.

I really like the idea, and this makes it even more appealing to the LOTRO players to do the festival, a good job for the SSG...

One thing I would like to say about the 2 new cosmetic helmets, could you make them colored? at the moment in Beta I can not color them only the new cosmetic outfits are colored.