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    Why do kites still fly INDOORS?

    I didn't much care for kites anyway, but it REALLY bugs me that they still fly when you are in an enclosed area. Couldn't you at least make them similar to mounts and 'dismount' when entering somewhere?

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    I wonder if they are technically the same thing as pets.
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    For the same reason that birds fly: they're not really flying. They're resting on an invisible column of air that disappears temporarily when they rest on the ground.

    If you watch crebain for a while, you'll notice that if one flies over a meter-high wall, it'll rise another meter into the air and down again, because its supporting column had to lift its base over the wall.

    I took one look at the swan-kite and put it in my vault. So I haven't observed it trying to go over a wall, but I bet if you jumped over a wall with your kite, you'd see the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nymphonic View Post
    I wonder if they are technically the same thing as pets.
    They are. Which means just like any other cosmetic pet, they will trail after you desperately trying to keep up when you take the slow pony from Michel Delving to Hobbiton. (My poor bunny is VERY tired...)
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    Because these players just intend to let them fly indoors! They are to blame!

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    It's the same reason our cloaks billow all over the place indoors.

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    Perhaps the air conditioning is on too high; that would explain the cloaks as well.

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