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    Reprice Class Deed Tome Please

    It is about 3,000 LP now - this gives the traits for the class deeds. A fair price when it was last set.

    But the Aria of the Valar isn't that much more - 5,000 LP - and includes level 105, the class deeds AND some other things.

    I think it is time to reset the price for the Tome so it isn't nearly as much as the far more valuable Aria.

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    Good point. It kinda goes with my point of the cost of Helm's Deep (4295 LP) when compared to Mordor (2495 LP).

    There are few store items that need adjustments (like the Turtle becoming Account Bound because it is VIPs that need it the most and we already pay monthly and often buy things like Inventory and Wardrobe Slots).

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    Cool Deed Tome Availableility at Class Vendor

    Hallo. ALSO, the folks who bought Blessing of the Valar (before Arias came out) should be able to get the deed tomes for class points and rohan at their class vendor. Right now, in game, these books are unabailable to the Blessing purchasers, although at the time we got them the deed times were not (as far as I know) available) to get OUR trait points up to 70-75, which we ALSO need and aimed for when we bought the Blessing of the Valar jump to level 95 package,



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