So i have being waiting to see Warden changes ever since Mordor released changes, a class where it doesnt know what it wants to be, a class in need of changes where more then 80% of your skills are USELESS.

I have being waiting for changes for so long i was excited when i saw on Bullroarer Warden changes untill i read that most of them were affecting a spec that has ZERO reason to exist ever since the trait tree system came with the Helms Deep expansion.

After all this waiting i just cant sit by so lets talk wardens and why atm they should be of high priority even Higher then Beornings!!!!!!!!!! why they need changes asap and why it needs to happen before another instance release.

Wardens at the moment have bad skill scaling so bad that on of the strongest gambits like "Restoration" is so bad that it barely heals any morale out of 100k this skill doesnt even heal 10k morale where most orcs trolls and all manner of beasts hit for more then 60k Morale!!!!!!!

They have so many defencive skills that offer nothing of value that are so bad you might as well dont use them like whats the point of Shield Mastery?? or the point of Shield Tactics????? awesome cool skills BUT DO NOTHING!!!!

And the problem is there are more skills that do pretty much nothing such like Defencive Strike or Fierce Resolve skills that do NOTHING and if that was not all we have another problem......

Skills that go against the design of a warden,we have so many stupid skills that do alot BUT are not on the gambit system skills like Defiant Challenge and FOUR!!!!!!! Javallin Skills!!!!!!!!!!! on a class that Builds its skills with a gambit we have 5 powerful effects become seperate abilitys and the worst of it is the skill Never Surrender a skill so powerful that its pretty broken and i have to ask WHY

And if that wasnt enough someone on Standing Stone games(Prior Turine) decided that Wardens should have lower Mitragation cap then any other tank class as well as have mobs and boss fights that IGNORE the only defencive stat Wardens have more then the other tanks effects like Block Parry and best of all Evade -.- making lackluster stats even more bad and making the Warden a class that can solo old instances a Class that dominates World Mobs be a complete Joke!!!

And i have to ask Again WHY whats the point of all this? whats the point of block parry and evade if its pretty much ignored? whats the point of 4!! javallin skils when you have an ENTIRE SPEC focused on it whats the point of stupid skills like Defiant Challenge where you Aggro mobs as well as give you Mitragation stats that ironically MATTER and not be a part of the gambit system ?? and the most important of all Why are most Gambits so bad and they arent being Focused??

All this does is make the Warden the laughing stock of raids(and recently 6 mans-.-) and this has being going for years where skills like the Broken OP"Never Surrender" were brought to ease the trouble Wardens have but now it does nothing,dont tell me your gonna buff that skill cause its stupid and i am gonna explain why

Never Surrender is a skill that gives you a passive and its on a 10minute cooldown the passive will heal you to 50% morale and power once you reach 15% of your morale and thats not all you can use Never Surrender 2 times in a Fight,this skill by design is stupid,you see a tank if he ever reaches 15% or 20% or 30% of their Morale or Health that means their BAD.Tanks PREVENT or RECUDE damage taken if you get that low on morale it means there is something wrong so you will see in cases where the warden does fine that this skill NEVER ACTIVATES and in cases where the warden cant do much it ACTIVATES in other words TOO LITTLE TOO LATE its that simple the skill is powerful BUT it has zero effect on how you tank other then stop you from outright dying with how stupid the warden works atm.

Then We have the Yellow spec which you can notice is bad by looking how little animation the warden has for Javallin skills other then a simple throw and then see how many separate skillls exist for the simple reason of throwing a javallin...likes what does it do?reduce enemy defence??? if thats so then make the gambits while on that tree do just that why make seperate javallin skills that are not on the gambit system that the class spec is focused around-.-

And Last but not least the "Red" Warden while it has an identity it suffers as well where there is no point playing it like why does it gain a skill that debuffs the enemy and with a javallin instead of a skill that instantly deal the bleed damage? simple cool stuff you create a wound and then you hit it HARD instead of a debuff like what Yellow wardens will become.

To End if the warden isnt fixed whats the point of playing the class? and whats the point of people like me staying doing instances where we pretty much do nothing cause someone decided so? why should i buy the new Northern Mirkwood areas if the class i love the most sucks? i already spent 100+ euros for mordor and i cant do 2 out of 3 instances that came with them and someone also decided they are working as intented -.- and your gonna release more instances like mordor -.-.

In Short Wardens need BUFFS!!!Direct or Indirect!!!