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    The Aria of Valar boosted Guardian Test within the Land of Fire and Shadow

    I boosted one of my girls to 105.The Guardian is one hyper adrenaline Tesosterone rush, Charge <3

    The game-play Video of the Boosted Defender of the Free peoples. Twas painful to take down Signature mob and even two Normal foes.

    Sometimes I wish the difficulty remained.It makes you wonder,what if, I recall the Launch of Mordor expansion back in the August of 2017. A daunting and challenging Landscape levelling, Pity Characters get significantly more powerful at level 110/112+ with LoE gear.

    3rd Age 105 Non Imbued Legendary weapons without relics, Default Aria gear, no scroll and so on..

    The Last Guardian Video Battle Demonstration before the Class Revamp.

    Part I ~

    Part II ~

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    I am having a blast with a Guardian class. The Ultimate Calaquende Adrenaline Rush. Fighter of Shadow line is incredible, potent Debuff/AOE/Self heals. I suggest Guardian's Pledge investment from Blue Line.

    The Udun,Mordor , Land of Shadow and Fire. Underpowered,Aria gear, 12 LoE Landscape.

    Dungeons of Naerband Tier I {Fighter of Shadow}

    Un-imbued 3rd age Level 105 Legendary weapons. Unfinished, Aria Gear.

    ~ First boss.

    The Charge skill is fascinating indeed. Say Far-thee-well to horse. +10 Charge duration +10% out of combat speed buff/Coffee or High Elf Racial bonus. 70% Run speed for 28 Seconds. Astaldo! 60% Run speed {Default}

    Guardian in the right hands is incomprehensibly powerful and very underrated these days.

    The difficulty from 105 - 110 in Mordor is perfect, if you want to challenge yourself, do not upgrade your weapons/ Engage with 3rd age gear, Use only LoE is necessary.

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    The One Hundred LP in less than 15 Minutes

    Slayer&Skill Booster used. The Fighter against Shadow Overpowerness!

    Ultra Fast LP/Yrch Grind.

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    Vanyalanthiriel Nolofinwiel Fighter of Shadow One Calaqende Army Part Two ~

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    Light fails at dawn
    The moon is gone
    And deadly the night reigns

    Finally I've found myself
    In these lands
    Horror and madness I've seen here
    For what I became a Queen of the lost?

    I stand alone
    no one's by my side
    I'll dare you
    Come out
    You coward
    Now it's me or you!

    The Fate of us all
    Lies deep in the dark
    When time stands still at the iron hill!!

    Lady of all Noldor
    A star in the night
    And a bearer of hope
    She rides into her glorious battle alone
    Farewell to the valiant warlord

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    The Guardian is a more complex class than people think and it changes significantly depending on your trait build.

    I don't own a 2H and to get one maxed with Star-Lit Crystals would be a major investment. Since Yellow only makes sense with 2H, I have never got to try it. As a result some of the skills you are using are unfamiliar to me (the animations look completely different with a 2H weapon too).

    I see your Elf is a high end model, who can actually talk (knows a few phrases in Sindarin and Quenya, apparently). Also gets the ability to rez fallen comrades, which is handy in cases of tanking failure.

    My basic, non-verbalizing Guard does get Eldar's Grace by way of compensation, it still has some worth at this level.

    Note, despite the absence of fire and brimstone, these Dale-Land hoodlums are actually tougher than the horrors you encounter in the midst of the black land. I think it is assumed that by this point you already have Mordor gear, so the difficulty is tuned accordingly.

    Also, I mostly run red but something about this quest line got my sense of danger working overdrive. Blue it was, 5 normals and a signature !

    Elf females - Nemulias (grd) Arenor (min - retired)
    Men - Farrowden (Champ), Rhoswith (lm), Manorborn (cpt)
    In Training : Snorlin (rk)
    Tankstrels RIP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssQv83k6arY



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