I would like to join a kinship, mainly for crafting and the good community of course is also important. I would really need armour and stuff for my currently lvl 42 warden with barter or something as it is possible (of course I don't want to just ask for items for myself, I know it is not free). I am an armsman (only a master prospector, expert weaponsmith and apprentice woodworker), so I would mostly need cloaks and medium armour. Quest items are way weaker than the crafted ones, and they took much more time to get all piece. For example I am still wearing a trash as helm from Lone-lands, which is very very annoying and a big drawback, plus it has ugly looking too... Are there any suggested kinships on Evernight, which would worth it to join? So can you tell me some active and good kinship which has a lot of members?