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    Silvan/Sinda Nameing help for a Mirkwood Elf

    Hey Everyone!

    Recently, I've taken a liking to the Sinda name Aemelorn...however I do wonder the true defined meaning of this Neo-Sindarin name.

    I was able to come up with "O' love of trees" Or "Lover of Trees".

    Hopefully there is a Sinda-Master among the host of this community as Im sure there are.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Also any recommendations to make this Mirkwood Elf's name better would also be welcomed!

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    Well, let me see here... I happen to have a little nifty Sindarin dictionary app on my phone. So let's see, you'd like something akin to lover of trees?

    Lover: Melethril (noun) literally indicates a female lover. Melethron (noun) means male lover. A third form of Lover would be; Seron

    Love > Meleth (noun), Lovely > Mil (noun), Melui (adjective)

    Of > ned (preposition) = of time (giving a date). O > (Preposition) used sometimes before words beginning with vowels, especially o. Uin > (preposition) means of the en (genitive article)

    Tree(s): Galadh (noun) plural: Gelaidh. Brethil (noun) means beech or Silver birch. Ereg (noun) a Holly tree, plural: Erig. Eregdos (noun) holly-tree. Doron (noun) oak tree, plural: Deren. Fer (noun) Beech tree (noun) any large tree plural: Yrn.
    Lalf (noun) an elm tree, plural: Lalven, Lelvin, Lalwen, Lelwin. Lebethron (noun) a black-barked tree used by Gondorian woodwhrights. Mallorn (noun) golden tree of Lorien, plural: Mellyrn. Tathar (noun) Willow tree. Thon (noun) a Pine tree. Toss (noun) low lying tree /bush/. Tulus (noun) a Poplar tree, plural: tylys.

    Now since you want more Mirkwood/Greenwood specific names there's also these words:

    Wood(s) > Glad (noun), Taur (noun) a great wood, Tawar (noun) a great wood, Erin (noun) woods (a plural noun used as singular.) Eryn (noun) woods (a plural noun used as a singular)

    Out from these words, you should be able to put together a good name for your character. Also the app I'm using is called Sindarin Dictionary by Robot Apps.

    I am no Master, but I do hope this helps you along the way.

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    Hi! I am no master, but when I need name for my elven characters, I usually visit https://www.elfdict.com/, https://realelvish.net/ and for rules how to create sindarin names http://sindarinlessons.weebly.com/37...e-names-1.html. There is Lover of Trees name https://www.elfdict.com/w/gelennil, but it seems its from older version of language.
    I hope you find it usefull, good luck creating name



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