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    nvm, I figured out the answer to my question, and I don't know how to delete this post, so carry on!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FaeWytch View Post
    I dunno if anyone else caught this or not or posted, if so, I apologize for duplicating. But when I was running the anniv fest series, for the "A Yearly Yield Intro" quest, which requires you to perform 3 days worth of 7 quests each day to complete, one of the rewards was a universal solvent. I was looking forward to completing it for that reason. I finally completed that on a char, and got...a bunch of rewards, but not that. Then I went to another char who had yet to finish it, and saw that that reward was suddenly missing from her stated rewards.

    So what gives? Am I seeing things? The universal solvent (in my warped mind/eyes, at least) was clearly stated as a reward for that quest. Not intermediate, but intro. I SAWS IT!!! And then...it's suddenly gone. WHY????

    Update: so I think I'm going nuts. I know I saw that reward. I've checked the scavenger hunt, and the main anniv quests, and of course the wiki. I'm not seeing that reward anywhere, and yet I KNOW I saw it! So what am I missing? Any insights appreciated, thanks.

    It was listed as a reward. I can't tell you why you don't get one.

    You receive a universal solvent after completion of the final quest.

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    Hi sneakers, yep, I misread it. I thought it was a reward for one of the stages, specifically the intro one, not for the final completion. Got it figured out now, thanks! Happy festing

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    Ok, this is good to know, I was wondering this too. Failure on reading comprehension on my part!
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